Codex Gigas – Die Teufelsbibel [by mrss design]

Codex Gigas – Die Teufelsbibel [by mrss design]

The Giant Book The largest extant medieval manuscript in the world is about 90 cm high and it´s weight is 75 kg (165 lb) The Codex Gigas is supposed to be written by a frair who wanted to write down the total knowledge of the human race in only one night. But he wasn´t cope with this challenge so he sold his soul to the devil. The devil completed the tome and the frair added a picture of the devil to point to the real author.

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  1. und wo is die doku affe?

  2. nice, einfach schnell den Wikipedia Beitrag abgelesen ^^

  3. nicht in einer einzigen Nacht es ist ein Druck

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