Coleman Divide+ Flashlights

Coleman Divide+ Flashlights

When the lights are out, is no time to
find your batteries are dead. With the patent-pending battery lock
system from Coleman, you’ll have the power you need, when you need it most.
With a simple twist of the bezel, you can disengage your flashlight batteries to
preserve battery life and prevent corrosion. We all know when your
flashlight is on, power is drained from the battery. But even when the light is
off, there’s always some residual drain as long as the battery is connected in
the circuit. A flashlight equipped with the battery lock system completely
disengages your batteries, so they can be stored in your flashlight for years. The
single button operation of your flashlight makes it easy to switch
between high and low light. The strong, lightweight, aluminum
construction is impact and water-resistant. You never know when you need some extra light, no matter the situation – from power
outages to roadside emergencies, a flashlight with the battery lock system
is ready, even when you aren’t.

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  1. just picked up the 600 lumen for $10 for seen it for $60 +

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