Copper EDC mania!! The 1200 lumen Astrolux K01 Flashlight Review.

Copper EDC mania!! The 1200 lumen Astrolux K01 Flashlight Review.

To some people a copper flashlight is like
a See Doo. Necessary to existence. To other people, it’s copper, so what’s the
big whoop? And thats fine and all which is why today
Id like to review the Astrolux K01, for people who like the aesthetics of new pennies and
the usefulness of See Doos. Youre like man shut up I live around a lot
of small canals, and its the best mode of transportation. Right canals theres always a canal. The Astrolux K01 is an all copper bodied EDC
sized flashlight, that takes its cues from the classic Sipik Sk68, but its longer and
copper-er. It uses coated glass lens, an XP-L emitter
in three color temperature options mine being the warmest 5A, and a tail switch that isnt
lighted. It runs off of a lithium ion battery only,
and to take advantage of the full brightness Id recommend a high drain 14500. It will not work with a AA battery. Copper is often used in flashlights because
its a good heat conductor and helps to pull away heat from the areas of the flashlight
that generate the most of it. Flashlight modes use big chunks of copper
internally when they are turbo charging flashlight for max brightness. The Astrolux K01 has basically the same user
inter face, brightness, and modes and operation as the BLF A6, but since it has a slightly
larger refactor you get a little bit better throw and higher candela out of it. So if you have that light the reason to upgrade
would be copper, and more candela. It comes with a pocket clip, spare orings,
a lanyard, and a spare tail cap cover. While you can program the light for 4 or 7
modes, I tested the 7 mode version. My figures and Astroluxs are on screen. First is level one or something you humans
might refer to as moonlight. Then level 2, you can see the crenated bezel
sort of keeps the beam pattern from being smooth at the edges.. Level 3. Level 4. Level 5. Then Level 7. Level 7 steps down at 30 second which brings
up an important point of you want to take advantage of the copper and super charge it
you might want to change the driver. I mean you need to Unless you just want a
prettier slightly thrower version of the Astrolux A6. The UI the UI can be configured slightly By
that you can make it a 4 or 7 mode light and turn on or off mode memory. I chose 7 mode, mainly because it has the
moonlight mode and 4 doesnt I also turned off mode memory because if I use it in the
middle of the night in a dark place I mean not like a dark place but a place without
light I like to start in lowe modes and work up and not be surprised with 1200 lumen mode. Ok so click it once to turn it on and half
presses there after advance modes from lowest to highest and back again. You can also back those modes up by pressing
and holding slightly longer and thats also how you access super secret strobes. To get to these you need to be in mode 1 then
do the long presses first you hit turbo, then tactical strobe, then battery check, then
bike flasher. Cool runtimes. I did these with unprotected purple efests-
exactly the ones seen here. I did not test with protected cells, because
the light has low voltage protection. Level 7 the highest or turbo steps down at
30 seconds in. You can reset it by turning the light off
then back on as you can see with the lux meter in the frame the brightness drops over its
short runtime with the unprotected 14500 cell. 14500 cells do not offer long runtimes on
a high powered light like this lower modes are fine- the total runtime was about 20 minutes. The lights built in low voltage protection
cut in on level 7 an shut the light off, ending voltage when I checked the battery was about
3.13 volts after it had 45 minutes to rest. Ok lets do turbo also with a high capacity
protected cell. Ill do it with this keeppower, which is slightly
higher capacity than that efest. It isnt quite as bright on turbo, but its
a high quality protected cell. You get that step down at 30 second in then
it continues on until it drops pretty low with a moonlight level coming out at 34 minutes
in. The cell works fine and protection doesnt
trip. From here on out Ill use the efests though. Level 6 or the 2nd brightest mode. Since it doesnt have a burst mode but is still
bright you get about 20 minutes of runtime. Remember the lux meter in the frame is just
t here to show you how brightness in time- please do not infer any lumens values directly
from it. Youd have to do some math to assign it to
a percentage of brightness. The starting number being 100% On all the
other modes including this one the light dropped down to a moonlight level and I ended the
test all other times with light coming out. Ending voltage was about 2.95-3.0 volts. Level 5. Finally a runtime over half an hour you get
steadily decling brightness over this runtime. It has a hard bump down in brightness at 43
minutes, then bumps down to that below moonlight level of brightness at 1 hour and 20 minutes. Guess what level 4. You can leave at any time? The runtimes just keep getting longer. It hold steady with just a little bit of dimming
over the 1st hour as you can see by that handy lux meter in the frame. I want to keep calling it a light meter but
it is not an expensive light meter I dont have that kind of money. At 1 hour 29 minutes you get some hard drops. I think this time again low voltage protetction
kicked in when it finally hits 2 hours 5 ish minutes. Ok level 3 is for people who need a little
brightness but longer runtimes- for people who are novices at commiting felonies under
the cover of night. You get pretty steady undimming brightness
over 4 hours as you can see by the lux meter holding within a point of its initial reading. At 4 hours and 30 minutes you get some drops
then hard bumps down time for a new battery hopefully you have one in your all black fanny
pack. At 5 hours and 18 minutes you get sub moonlight
or level 1 levels and I let it run and it cuts off at the low level at about 12 hours
in with LVP or low voltage protection kicks in. Ok beamshots. Well do a few outside in inside. Here are the outside lights youve seen those
before. First is the Astrolux K01 I accidentally mislabeled
it on my last review these are the correct numbers, unless I screw it up again. I honestly watch my review before I upload
them, but theyre boring as hell so sometimes I dont pay full attention. Next is the Astrolux copper a throwier light
with a larger reflector and a more neutral emitter. This one is also copper. I dont think its raw copper because it hasnt
seemed to oxidize, yet. Maybe an in the know user can chime in, in
the comment section. Back to the K01 for a second. I really like the 5a tint its also available
in a more neutral 3d tint which most people will prefer, and a 1a cool whit tint for the
most maximum of output and a cool white. Now the Astrolux SS.. mostly stainless steel
but then also copper remember these are heavy lights, almost too much for EDC for people
who carry in jeans pockets or pants pockets. Whats your favorite tint in an XPL and why? It might help people decide in the comments. Now the throwy Eye of Sekhmet. remember this review? Youre like yeah idiot, it was your last one. Good memory. Now the K01 for a second. before we move onto my basement which all
long time subscribers or people who binge watched all of my reviews are quite familiar
with. Well do a few other lights all in the 30,000
candela range or less range. This will help you determine how throwy of
a light you want indoors. I like a larger less intense hotspot for my
indoor etc stuff ok just another few seconds of the K01. Now the BLF A6 again just slightly less throwy
but about the same lumens on all the modes remember they use the same firmware and driver. Now my Zebralight SC600 mkIII a bit throwier
and finally the astrolux Copper. Ok the throwiest of the 4. Wonderful. The Astrolux K01 is a nice looking light but
a bit heavy. If youre ok with that then Im ok with you
being ok with that. If you have the BLF A6.. and you use your
light indoors then maybe theres not a reason to upgrade, if youre happy with your tint. Or maybe you collect them. I dunno. Its well made the machining is good, and also
its copper. I wish the clip was a bit deeper carry, and
maybe it would be cool if the lanyard were braided copper too for extra opulence. If you like this review give it a thumbs up,
subscribe, comment and buy the light at Banggood who provided this for review. Ok thanks for watching.

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