Cotton & Microfiber Dusters

Cotton & Microfiber Dusters

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  1. Maybe a small one for the interior but no chance a duster ever touches my paint

  2. I know there's good intentions here offering 3 different tools but the only one that's safe to use on a car that's cared for is the mini duster and only for the inside, I actually have a Griot's Garage mini duster for that use and I love it and keep in my door panel!

    With advancements in waterless washes that's the best way to clean a dusty car and Griot's Garage has a great one of those, along with Speed Shine, either one gives you a clean and SAFE look!

  3. as long as your paint is well protected……. you are only dusting off the wax topping… !! 😉

  4. Beautiful young lady!!🥰

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