Daiso LED Mysterious Candle Review

Daiso LED Mysterious Candle Review

Hey what’s going on welcome to another
Daiso product review this is gonna go on my Daiso playlist but it’s produced
for Daiso Japan and this is what caught my eye
it’s the led mysterious candle so I’ve never seen an LED I’ve seen LED candles
and I reviewed them on this channel but I’ve never seen a mysterious candle so
this one’s very mysterious you blow on it and the light goes out so kind of a
cool idea if it actually works most LED candles I’ve used have a switch
on the bottom also they usually have a remote and that’s how I control them
usually so this was a dollar-fifty die so is a Japanese dollar store if you
don’t know what it is and so it’s a very small candle look at this thing
LED in the center right here and then it even comes with batteries so there’s not
much to it there’s hardly any weight to this product it’s just kind of a plastic
little thing and that’s what it looks like let me turn off the light here but
the real question is is this thing mysterious we’ll see in a second just
gonna close the blinds alright so it’s got a nice color it’s
flickering has a flickering effect which is cool alright here we go I’m gonna
blow on it see if it goes out and you got to get up real close but it did go
on so let me see if I can get this going so I just set it down and it goes again
alright I might try this again I’m gonna blow on it here we go yeah take some
force but it definitely goes out and you just kind of tap it to the light make it
go again let me try blowing it out again yeah so pretty cool it does actually
work kind of a neat idea this is the die so
mr. scandal I like the name it’s from Daiso and kind of cool things so if you
would need a candle I could definitely see something like this and look at an
apartment or something like that kind of a cool idea
very inexpensive option to get an LED candle that you can blow out

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