hi everybody my name is Rhys barber I’m
the audiologist here at audiology associates thank you very much watching
our video today if you’ve never come across one of our videos before or if
you haven’t looked at the channel before what we do here is post ear wax removal
videos we post new ones every Tuesday and every Friday so if you have any
questions about the video that you go to watch then pop them into the comment
section below and that way then the most popular questions we can answer at the
end of the week so enjoy the video and I shall see you at the end so ever now that wax from all the video
for you today guys you can see that we have some very sort of wet wax on the
outer part of the ear canal there this patient this lady actually has come
through having some difficulty hearing on this side no paying no other
complications there at all I mean using a little bit of olive oil
and some drops in there just which is what softened the the outer part of this
ear wax up so we’ve got the standard size on the tube here just trying to take some
of this ear wax away you can see as we start to take away some of the initial ear wax
that the wetter softer ear wax you’ll see that behind that then is a much thicker
stickier layer of ear wax so you’ve got to remember when you use things like drops
it will only soften while it comes into contact with so if you’re looking at the
front end they the drops are always going to soften that the top edge of the
ear wax so it’s not unusual to get different consistencies as you start working away
that the the outer layers there and see just so sticky it’s not so much hard but
sticky you can see as we get a grip on it with the suction we’re effectively
just just moving the ear wax around in there at the moment so best thing to use for
this kind of ear wax is the Jobson horn or accommodation Jobson horn and micro
suction um if you do like the video guys don’t forget please like share and if
you’re not subscribed already subscribe hit the bell and you’re gonna
notification every time we put a new video on so you can see we’re starting
to take some of this ear wax away now it’s not hardened up ear wax as you can see it’s
it’s really soft and sticky ear wax so as we’re pulling through the center of it
here sometimes the ear wax can be sticky enough that as you get into the bottom
of it and bring it forward you can bring a whole big chunk out with it but as you
can see it’s just breaking away little pieces at a time okay so we’ve taken a bit away with the
Jobson horn what you tend to find with that is it tends to tics is with this
type of ear wax anyway it takes the center of the ear wax away so what you end up with
then is a lot of sticky ear wax all stuck to the ear canal walls so what I like to do is
use the jobs on horn for a bit then go back to micro suction just to peel some
of this ear wax away from the ear canal wall so it’s not so uncomfortable for the
patient and then we can go back in then and use a little bit more we’ve put a
bit of olive oil in there as well which helps to reduce the stickiness you can
see you’re just suctioning away some of the olive oil it reduces the sticky
tacky nature to the ear wax and makes it more pliable and easier to come out you
can see we’re just peeling away from the right hand ear canal Ward moment they were
just switched over to the left then lift him from the bottom always looking to
see whether you get some movement to the ear wax when you lift it because it can mean
that that plug is just loosening enough to be able to get a large piece out just
getting a little bit off the top of the ear wax they’re coming away our aim is to pull all that the edges of
ear wax into the center so we can get a really good grip on this see we just
start to get a bit of movement to the ear wax there you haven’t checked us out on
Facebook guys pop on Facebook have a look at audiology associates one drop us
a like on the page if you don’t mind as well that would be fab you all start to
peel away just like no guys there’ll be no subscriber questions answer video
this week I’m getting married on Sunday so as you can imagine it’s very busy
here on our end so we’re gonna postpone it for a week or two and then we’ll
start it back up then a couple of weeks time the ear wax instruction videos
though will still be going on every Tuesday and Friday except prepared some
for you guys so you don’t you’ll miss out on that I’m really getting a good
wiggle to this ear wax now you can see it all pulling away from the ear canal wall
it’s done it get some really good suction grip on it maneuvering this to
the outer part of the ear canal you can see how stretchy that ear wax is as as we’re
taking the suction tube off its you get these long protrusions of ear wax it’s
because this sticky tacky kind of ear wax but almost like toffee or taffy in
America is because it’s really you get this long kind of Pole to it there you go start to see it you can see
how it’s stretching as it comes out of the ear canal look there you go so as we’re
pulling this front end it’s pulling the deeper whacks forwards so something
you’re lucky you’ll get a great big chunk will come out we will show you
what comes out at the end there guys so you’ve got a gap there to the left hand
side which we’re working on to bring there we go see it all start to move
forwards just if you’re quite lucky with this sticky ear wax it will bring the Depot
acts forwards and to move the camera so I could get that out there we up there’s
the eardrum so this is the same patient but the other side so we can see some
soft ear wax there this looks a lot softer you can see it little flecks in there
dirt and bits and pieces so we’ll get a grip on this once you take away that initial wet ear wax
at the beginning you can see that you’re left with this this stickier ear wax as with
the other side so the first thing we’re doing as we did with the other side is
just trying to pull the ear wax into the center and stick it from the ear canal walls if you imagine how sticky this ear wax is it
sticks really effectively to the ear canal walls so here comes a Jobson horn you can see where this type of ear wax where
the the center of the ear wax is really soft the jobs in the horn doesn’t work quite
so well it more spreads the ear wax around but it can be useful just to just to get
a little bit of traction and just to disrupt the center of the ear wax you might
be able to get a little bit more movement to it the seeds are so sticky
there is so we’ve put a little bit of olive oil
in here as I said overview in the video we can help to reduce the sticky nature
of the ear wax and sometimes it’ll allow us to get a better suction grip on that ear wax
as well you can see the olive oil now is is stopping the ear wax from sticking to the
ear canal wall as much got pieces of that ear wax starting to just
break away so I’ve got that to the entrance to the
ear canal so hopefully we can get up and a behind it no other jobs in Hong so see
that’s that that’s the way this little tool works but we can see is it actually
pushed the ear wax further back into the ear canal so now we have to bring it
forwards again you may have heard me saying in some of the other videos you
know we get lots of people comment and I don’t understand why you don’t just go
you know spoon it out get in there were the Jobson horn it doesn’t always work
that way because as you can see with this one as soon as you try and push
that Jobson horn in it just pushes that ear wax deeper in so we’ve got to be really
careful bring it to the outer part of the ear canal train stay close to the
top of the ear canal wall as we can to swing it behind it but there did you see it
pushed further in so that’s all you’re going to do now if you keep pushing in
there with the Jobson always push that plug much much deeper which is going to
make it really difficult to get out so want to try and get this is far out
to the canals I can almost wedge it if you like in the entrance to the ear
canal because that way then I’m less likely to get the jobs in horn pushing
it further back in so I really want to kind of wiggle it as far as okay I know
it’s not going to come out because it’s too big to fit over the ear canal but if we
can really wedge it into place it may just allow us to get enough of a
grip and see how difficult this isn’t how far in this you see as you try and
grab it it just pushes and pushes further in it’s not a wig let out now towards the
edge just throw it to the entrance to the ear canal really train that kind of
wedge this in as best I can because the suctions not going to cut it it’s not
just not gonna because there hears it there as well you can see a couple of
all here’s an stre bit it’s not allowing me to get a really good suction grip so
you can’t let the pressure build on the ear wax and then take it away so we really
have to get a wedge it into place okay now now we’re starting to get behind the
ear wax there you go the air it starts to pull out now here we up here’s the plug
couldn’t get a grip on it with the Jobson horn to pick it up there you go
that’s it all out so I’m just gonna pick that up and there’s still more in there
so we need to go in and get the remainder of this out I think we’ve
broken the back of this now though so the next piece of ear wax should come out a
little bit more easily there you go so on its way lots of wiggling to get this
out of the ear canal here we go you can see where our tiny bit left close to the
drum so I’ll just go in and nip that bit out using the suction there he goes eardrum looks good so this is what we
removed guys you can see the size of some of these plugs that came away and
the ready tone to the ear wax which is usually get with this kind of more
sticky ear wax so yep that’s everything we use today thank you very much for
watching our video today if you did enjoy the video then please like if
you’re not subscribed or idea you’d like to do so you can click the subscribe
button here if you’d like to check out some more videos there also up there now
if you want to follow us you can do on Facebook Twitter Instagram and also
check our website if you want to know a little bit more about us as always guys
until they take care

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