DIWALI DECORATION & HACKS #Craft #DIY #Lantern #Rangoli #Dipak

Hi friends Diwali is almost here Aayu should we learn? But I don’t know how to make anything We will learn then What will we learn? We will learn Rangoli Yes sister We will learn to make colourful Dipak Yes Sister We will make lantern Yes Sister So should we learn? yes, come on If you haven’t subscribed to our channel so please do it yes To make a lantern we need kite paper, popsticks glue, electric candle scissors, pencil and tape First of all we will take a popstick and apply glue on both the sides and make a frame shape with 2 popsticks our frame is ready similarly, we will have to make 5 frames we will keep this frame on kite paper and leaving 1 inch on all the four sides we will cut the paper we have to make 5 frames like these now see, the paper is cut we will keep the frame on top of paper and put glue on popstick fold the paper from the side similarly we have to fold all the 4 sides now we have covered the whole frame with the kite paper we have made 5 of these the frame that will be on top I have covered it with yellow and red because it will look good when light will shine through it now we will set these 5 frames like this and will stick it like this with tape so that they stick together now we will hold 2 frames up straight and put on tape and stick together so that they stand our small box is ready now we will decorate it For decoration we will need we will cut kite paer in 2 inch size We will fold it all to make a small part and with the scissors we will start making cuts so it looks like frills we will leave a little bit from top see the frill is ready now what will we do? put red frill on yellow and yellow frill on red we can stick lace on this too even stick some stones or you can decorate with whatever you have or you can cut frill in different designs So see our lantern is ready Isn’t it beautiful Now I will show it to you with a candle light See this looks so beautiful To make Diya stand we will need Glitter sheet, C.D. If you don’t have a c.d. use a circular carboard scissors, pencil glue candle light the electric candle light flowers for decoration or stones, whatever you have take what you already have Firstly we will cut glitter sheet in the size of the C.D. then we will stick the glitter sheet on top of the C.D. Now we will decoarte it firstly we will stick flowers on the side If you don’t have flowers you can decorate with just stones or make flowers with paper We will put the candle in centre and stick decorative flowers all around it then we will take white stones and stick them nicely on the outside they already have glue on them you just have to pick them and stick them in place then we will stick blue stones on it so that it looks really beautiful I’ve added some white stones in the centre See our beautiful Diya stand is ready I’ve put an electric candle here We can keep a Diya too For making Rangoli stencils we need any chart paper scissor and pencil Firstly we have to draw a circle on chart paper and then cut that circle carefully then we will fold it one fold two fold and three fold after making three folds we will make a design on this make a design in the shape you want as a stencil you can make a big flower design I’ve folded it once more and made a diamond shape in the middle now we will cut it It looks like this after cutting Our stencil is ready Now we will stick tape on the 4 sides then fill in colour in this then our rangoli will be ready This is really nice for small kids they can easily make rangoli with this trick See even I made a stencil like Mom I can make rangoli with this Should I show it to you? Come come it’s very easy First we will stick tape on all sides so that it dosen’t moves Now I will add colour on it from top I’ve filled it with colour Now I will take off the tape and remove the stencil See my green coloured rangoli is ready I’ll add a candle in the centre Yeaahh.. rangoli is ready You can make rangoli in your favourite colour Yes Mom made a really nice Diya I will light it up Did you see? My lantern is looking so cute and my Diya is looking so nice too and it was so easy to make them Yes you should try it too

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