DIY Candle Jar Organizer & Ideas to Upcycle Bath & Body Works Jars {Makeup organizer}

DIY Candle Jar Organizer & Ideas to Upcycle Bath & Body Works Jars {Makeup organizer}

(upbeat music) – [Voiceover] Hi guys, so
how many of you out there love candles and have a whole bunch of candle jars left over? Eric thinks I’m pretty crazy
for having so many candle jars left from my little collection. I just love the feel and
ambiance of a burning candle. But I also feel really bad to
throw away these empty jars. They’re so pretty and
they’re so many things you can do with them. So, today’s tutorial
I am going to show you many ways you can repurpose
your old candle jars to store toiletries, and
organize your makeup, or maybe your home office supplies. So let’s get started, shall we? Okay, so cleaning your candle
jars can be a bit tricky. If you have any great cleaning tips, go ahead and comment below and share it with the rest of us. Other than that, I’ll just share
with you what works for me. So there’s always a little bit wax at the bottom of the jar
when the candle is done. I like to heat my jars in hot water so that way the wax will melt and then I can pour it out. Whatever you do, do not
mix water in with the wax otherwise the wax will be more difficult to clean and remove. As soon as you pour out the wax, immediately wipe it off
with a dry paper towel. Then try to wipe it clean as possible. To remove the bottom
label simple scrape it off with a card or something like this and if it gets super
sticky, then try to hold it in some steam for a few
seconds to loosen the glue up. Then continue to scrape it off. Once all that wax is off, wash the jar with some water and dish soap. Okay, so let’s start by making
this pretty chic organizer. I just love how this look in my bathroom, it has a clean and chic design to it. So make sure all the
jars are clean and dry. You will need a high performance
hot glue gun for this. You can also use other craft
glue like Goop or E6000. I like using hot glue
because it’s easier to use and it’s efficient. Using the right glue
sticks and heat temperature will make a huge difference
with your project. All you have to do here
is line up the jars forming a pyramid. Then where the jars touch, make
a little mark with the glue, then place a line of
glue between the jars. Press the jars together. If you’re using hot glue,
make sure to immediately bond the jars together, otherwise
it would not be as effective. Repeat this on all the jars
till you finish your pyramid. (upbeat music) This next tip is a super
cute way to decorate your bathroom or vanity. It’s also a practical way to store away cotton balls and Q-tips. I found these cute little
birdies at Michaels craft store but you can get creative
and use cabinet knobs or little decorations
sitting around your home. To clean the lid I’m
using a laptop cleaner, this thing is like magic. It cleans any stubborn glass
or shiny surfaces, I love it. It’s a gel cleaner and
it’s made especially for laptops, computers, technology, et cetera. But if you cannot find
this type of gel cleaner, you can also use warm water and soap. It just doesn’t work as good. Once the lid and surface is clean, all you have to do is go ahead
and glue on the decorations with some hot glue or
whatever glue you’re using. Make sure it’s craft glue and that it’s suitable for
the surface you are using. Not only are the birdies super cute, but they make it so much easier
to open and close the lid. And it keeps the lid from sliding off too. (gentle music) I also love using my jars
to hold my makeup brushes. A pretty and affordable
way to decorate the jars is by using salt. I’m using Epsom salt since
it’s super cheap to buy and it’s easy to add coloring to it. You can also turn this brush
holder into a room freshener as well just by adding in some
essential therapeutic oils like lavender or spearmint and
it will freshen up the room as well as it will hold your brushes. To create this ombre effect,
I mix in food coloring with a little bit water into the salt. Then I mix it all in a Ziploc bag. Start with a light shade then
put some of that to the side and then add in more color if you like to create
that gradient effect. Lastly I would add some
lavender oil to keep the jar smelling fresh and clean. Okay, so last idea. If you haven’t watched my do-it-yourself natural deep moisturizing body cream, click right here and I will show you how to make your very
own natural body cream and store them in these amazing jars. Thank you guys so much for watching. Thumbs up to support my DIYs
and leave a comment below. Let me know if you will
be trying this out, which one you like and if you
do have any other suggestions for my next video. Thank you so much for watching and I will talk to you in my next video. Love you, ciao.

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  1. U can also reuse those extra wax by putting a wic and adding the waxes in one container

  2. Thanks for the vid. I used mini empty candle jars for my hair ties. πŸ™‚

  3. you could put it in the freezer and that will work

  4. Arasol hair spray helps get extra sticky labels off!!

  5. To get the stickers off of the bottom you can also use a drop of dish soap and a pinch of baking powder (the arm & hammer kind) to scrub any excess residue clean that doesn't come off from scraping or peeling the label off! I usually wait and clean a bunch at the same time and just mix a good sized amount in the bottom of my sink to work on all of them at once. Then when I am done I scrub my sink clean and it's really shiny!

  6. To get the sticker of use a hair dryer hold the hairdryer over the sticker for a few seconds or until it moves with your finger when pushed then use a card and the glue comes of straight a way β˜†β˜† your welcome in advance

  7. this is sooooo cool i just moved and i been looking for some stuff to make my room look nice …. πŸ™‚ thank u

  8. I know someone already said this lol, but put it in the freezer for 15-25 minutes, and stick a knife in the candle. Then, turn it upside down for an easy removal!

  9. I mean I just take a knife and go in a circle around the wax and then it pops out
    Pretty easy to me XD

  10. For getting the sticker glue off, you can use lemon oil to easily get rid of it!

  11. How much is EPSONS salt?

  12. could i reuse all of the wax the make 1 or 2 new candles?

  13. LOL this is great. I'm always throwing away candle jars. I'm so keeping them now!

  14. to clean my candle jars i put them in the freezer for about an hour, then i stabbed the wax with a knife… her idea seems a bit safer lol. then i just used adhesive remover to get rid of the left over goop from the stickers. i just sprayed a bit of adhesive remover on a folded paper towel & gently rubbed it in circles on the sticky goop. hope this helps!

  15. Here's another tip
    Use the extra melted candle wax and put it in small silicone mold then cool it and then pop those out , u can use them as candle melts so u don't have to buy them anymore .
    I hope that helped

  16. Put them in the freezer for a night then get a fork and pry it out

  17. i have used the hot water i find it the best for getten out the left over bits the wash in soapy Β water but i hate waste wondering what could i do with the waste bit if i let it harden again without a candle wick??

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  19. I just did this and it was so fast and easy! Cleaned out two candles in about 5-10 minutes! Thanks Anne!

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  22. I just let hot water from the tap pour over the jar until it's melted enough where it'll come out. Works like a charm

  23. freeze it and it will come out easily easily

  24. rubbing alcohol works wel to remove sticky labels, so do little hot water n' soap deep label with a slight oil n it's all a piece of cake!

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  26. put them in the freezer overnight and break up the wax with a knife. it comes right out. no mess πŸ™‚

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  28. you can also remove wax easily after freezing jar with your candle

  29. I don't have hot glue, does super glue work well or not?

  30. You can put the candle in the freezer than stab it it should easily brake and easily separate from the glass

  31. Put it in the fridge over night

  32. WD40 to remove the stickers. spray it on and leave for about 5 mins. slides right off!

  33. put the candle jar in the freezer overnight and then use a fork or knife to pop it straight out

  34. Freeze it over night then using a metal fork scoop it out

  35. Hi Ann Le I have a question about the bird figurines you used. I have been looking all over for them. Where did you get them and what was the exact name of them? Thank you

  36. πŸ™‚ wonderful idea. I'm going to store my speciality teas in these.

  37. Just freeze your jar for an hour or two, then take an old knife and go around the edge of the wax in a circle and it will pop right out. It also freezes the wic glue so that will pop out. If there is anything left you can use products that get gooey residues off

  38. What accent does she have?

  39. lighter fluid removes the adhesive from stickers πŸ™‚

  40. You are very helpful! I just Subed!

  41. put them in the freezer for about 30 min then with knife it's easy to remove

  42. Another way is to cut the wax or (freeze it then cut it) Then take hot water and dawn dish soap wash the jar inside/outside. The wax should completely come out easily. For the wick just move it back n forth.

  43. I put mine in the freezer until hard. Remove and you can easily chip away with a blunt object.

  44. Put the candle in the freezer wait 30 minutes to 1 hour and then use a butter knife of something like that and stick it into the wax. The wax will start to crack. Simply do that until all the wax is out. Hope this helpedπŸ’•

  45. For the sticker on the bottom spray winded and let it soak on the sticker then in a few minutes it will come off easily

  46. awh I feel bad for throwing away my candle jars. well now I know!

  47. In the intro the candle jar middle right side it had something in it call lip butt

  48. Put the candle in the freezer over night , then the next morning it should come out

  49. How can you do all this. It's beautiful

  50. salt can damage your brushes!! be carefull…

  51. ideas cool i'm happy ! πŸ˜€

  52. After removing as much of the paper from the sticker as possible, use a bit of acetone to remove the remaining sticky residue from the sticker label.

  53. Can you do something like this but different designs with Craft mars on jars

  54. HOW WASTEFUL!!! throwing all that wax away….u should put them all together and make a new candle, or pour into smaller molds…..

  55. As others have mentioned I find it easier to put candles in freezer for at least an hour; some I have forgotten and left overnight. The freezing causes the wax to contract. Just use a knife to start making cracks in the wax and it will all come out easily. Sometimes the gluey area under wicks doesn't come off but that's OK because next step takes care of it. Now use a little (doesn't take much) baby oil on a paper towel and clean inside jar. This will remove everything. I generally soak the jar after this in some hot soapy dish water for about 10-15 minutes and wipe dry with paper towel. The soaking allows the bottom label to easily peel off.

  56. i have not seen anyone use epsom salt as filler before. i like this idea better as i'm not a fan of marbles or glass beads in my makeup brush holder. i can also coordinate the color with my room. great idea!

  57. Rubbing alcohol works really well with getting the stickers and glue off😊

  58. Use lighter fluid to get off the sticky stuff WORKS LIKE MAGIC

  59. Don't waste the wax!! ☺ The bottom wax is great in a wax burner! You may need to dig around the wicks unless you pour the wax out when it is liquid! Do it ya'll it's awesome.

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  64. Freeze them for an hour

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  67. use goo be gone on the lables

  68. You can freeze it and it will pop out easily

  69. You can put them in the freezer for 15 minutes and they will slide out really easy.😊😊 Also j have many Yankee candles and I don't know how to get the wax out of those since they have an odd shape if anyone has any tips please help me. Thank youπŸ’—

  70. I thought I was the only one who loves saving the candle jars!

  71. I would use an industrial opoxy instead of hot glue. Hot glue tends to break down over time. Also, WD40 or plain olive oil works great for removing labels. Coat liberally, allowing the label to soak up the oil. Then run the jars through the dishwasher after removing labels.

  72. I've always put my glass jars in my freezer and the wax just pops out! I have NEVER had any break on me and I've done this for over 15 years. Good luck!

  73. I like them all😍

  74. I loved the idea of putting the birds over the cap!! <3 I put away the glass candles jar too and put more candles for when light goes off again. πŸ˜€ You could buy the candles strings and try to melt all that wax completely and pour it in another jar and there you have a new candle. You can pour a few drops of a scented oil, of food color and make the color and smell you like and just a great new candle. No waste. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for sharing your ideas!! Love them!!

  75. To clean old candle jars: Stick them in the freeze for a couple hours. Stick the tip of a sharp knife into the froze wax, pulls right out! Then wash as you instructed.

  76. If you put boiling water in the jars the wax will rise to the top and dry. You can scoop the dried wax out and clean the jars with soap and water.

  77. use mayo for the sticker while dry.

  78. Why am I just finding this woman? She's brilliant! Thank you for these ideas. Peace to you.

  79. stickers and sticker residue comes off easily with oil or laundry stain remover spray.

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  81. Awesome ideas thank you

  82. Put the candle in the freezer for 20 mins and candle pops out like poke the candle with a fork done

  83. when it's at the end and hot and liquid, I throw it in the trash. then scrape off wick with knife, then wash πŸ™‚ cool vid

  84. Sticker residue is usually really easy to remove with any fat. I use coconut oil: apply, leave, wash off with dishsoap. Some residue can be cleaned with vinegar as well. To clean the jars I pop out the wax first, then melt and pour out the wax leftovers. Then I wash the jars with dishsoap and baking soda.

  85. Try to take away stickers from jars with hairdryer

  86. I tried making these on my channel! They turn out so great! Highly recommend trying it out your self!

  87. You know you can remelt the wax and make wax melts out of the wax…… You know so that doesn't go to waste either.

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  91. If you put some bleach in the dish water the stickers & glue will come of with ease.

  92. Rubbing alcohol, a squeeze of blue dawn and h2o makes a great glass cleaner as well as hydrogen peroxide will do the trickπŸ‘Œ

  93. If you pour hot water in with the wax and let it cool the wax will come out that way as well. OMG don't throw out good wax. Make tarts or just use it in/on a burner/warmer until the scent is gone.

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