DIY CEMENT PLANTER | How to Make a DIY Concrete Planter + Candle Holder ✨Alejandra’s Styles

DIY CEMENT PLANTER | How to Make a DIY Concrete Planter + Candle Holder ✨Alejandra’s Styles

Hola my name is Alejandra and I really like todays video because it’s a Holiday Room Decor Idea I am going yo show you how to make a DIY Planter and Candle Holder I actually have mine right over there and love how they turned out so if you try it, please let me know because I would love to see them too. since both of these projects are done
exactly the same I’m only going to show you the process of the planter the
main materials you will need are concrete, containers, water and paints and
here I am using Martha Stewart Vintage Decor Paints from Michaels and you can
choose from 22 colors I chose this pastel ones and they all dry in a matte
finished look the first step is to place one cup of
the cement in a bowl and add one third of a cup of water and what I’m going to
do is pour the water and mix it all together until I have a cake mix
consistency so depending on the size and shape you
want your planter to be, choose a container and a drinking cup, now apply cooking
spray to the outside of the cup and the inside of the container as well and this
will help to prevent it to stick to the cement next pour the mix until it reaches halfof the
container and I recommend doing it slowly so it doesn’t get to messy place the cup in the center and you will
notice the mix will go up I also added a couple of coins inside the cup
to keep it in place and let it dry for 24 hours and once it was completely dry I
removed containers I want to make color block design so I chose my
favorite colors of these Martha Stewart Paints for the top I used the wedding cake paint
and for the bottom the antique sky color finally all you have to do is add any
type of flowers you want and you’re done for the candle holder I use multi
surface paint in copper and I added a tealight I think these are great gift
idea to get your friends and family or use is as room decor, so let me
know if you like this project and I wish you all happy holidays

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