DIY Cold Wax (save money)

DIY Cold Wax (save money)

Hi, guys! It’s Weditt and I’m back to show
you what the cold wax looks like. The one step that I’ve not shown is when the
you put in the one part of damar resin, add a little bit of beeswax –
that’s a little bit of your 8 ounces of beeswax – and you let the beeswax melt with
the resin and then you stir really well. Try to get the resin to mix in with
the beeswax. Okay, once that’s done you put in the rest of your beeswax, let it
all melt, stir it together, then, when it’s melted, add 8 ounces of Gamsol.
Stir together let it cool, and this is what it looks like. Your palette
knife should go in easily and you should be able to lift up wax very easily. If
it’s too hard, just add some more Gamsol; if it’s too soft, add some more beeswax
legs. So that’s what the cold wax looks like. Now I want to show what Gamblin cold wax medium looks like and I’m
going to wipe this off, then you can see it’s the same consistency. It’s nice and
soft; it’s easily manipulated but it doesn’t do anything differently. The
question is why do we want cold wax? If you do anything with oils, your cold wax lets you build up a lot of texture easily and it lets you do some
other things: you can one add texture but you can work back through it – you can put
it on in layers. I like to put it on layers and then work back through the layers. This is the way to make it; I leave it in this crock pot. Okay.
So this one (crock pot or slow cooker) does have settings. I set it on high to get the
resin to melt but if you don’t have settings you don’t have to worry about
it – it’s just that I happen to get one that did have settings – set it on high
let the resin melt into that little bit of beeswax, make sure you mix it up, add
the rest of your beeswax. When melted, add the Gamsol and voila!
You have a huge pot of cold wax that you can then use. Thanks, guys!

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  1. Got all my stuff together,going to do it,thanks!

  2. Pl. help me .Where Gamsol is available ?

  3. Pl. Whats damar resin

  4. Hi, In my country GAMSOL is not available, and it is going to be very expensive to purchase from Amazon, etc because of overseas freight cost. Can I use turpentine instead of GAMSOL?

  5. Really appreciate this tutorial. Looking into exploring the medium and videos like these let me discover new ways to make art without breaking the bank.

  6. So, this is basically encaustic medium with Gamsol added to it. Is there any reason it would be incompatible with an encaustic painting?

  7. Hello, Is necessary to varnish the cold wax oil paintings?…

  8. when you say beeswax, you mean bleached? also are you using damar crystals or damar varnish that you buy in the art store. I've only bought the gamblin brand of cold wax and would like to try this recipe

  9. What is Gamsol or Damar? It sounds very complex in terms of getting the products to mix? Especially if you are in a hurry.

  10. Cold wax is very easy to make. Combine one third natural bees wax, to one third raw linseed oil,to one third turpentine,,by volume. That was the old formula. It was easy to adjust its viscosity it was all natural ingredients and it was odiferous. If one wanted to introduce demar simply desolve the crystals in the turps first (which makes demar varnish) and add to the whole. Use a double boiler in a well ventilated or preferably outside area. It is flammable be very careful. Do not allow the temperature of the wax to exceed 170 degrees F. It will burn the wax making it less clear. Water boils at 212F so keep the water just below boiling All these ingredients can be found in a hardware store except demar crystals which are not necessary for my formula. The wax might look yellow depending how refined all your ingredients are, but it won't effect the hue of your paint. It can be mixed directly with dried pigments as well. If you don't like the yellow cast leave the cold wax in a clear glass out in the sun. This is the cheapest way to make cold wax Using bleached beeswax or microcrystalline, rarefied linseed oil or sun bleached oil and orderless mineral spirits will give you a whiter looking wax, but is far more expensive with harder to find materials And yes you should varnish all of your paintings. Use Soluvar varnish which is non yellowing and easier to remove in the future if surface grime gets on your painting. Wait 6 months before varnishing ,,longer if you use a lot of oil medium or have very thick passages of paint
    Howard Park. MFA

  11. I’m happy to say I already have this formula made up for encaustic medium. All the hard work is done. Just have to order Gamsol. Thanks for the recipe. Going to try it.

  12. Thank you. what about adding turpenoid? And do you have links to best places to order the supplies from?

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