DIY | How to Make Scented Candles? | Gift Idea

DIY | How to Make Scented Candles? | Gift Idea

In this video I am going to show you how you
can make your own candles in just a few minutes. First you have to make sure that your jars
are dry and clean. Then take a couple of wicks. You can buy them in any art and hobby store.
Now take a little bit of blue tack and use it to secure the wicks in place. Now put your beeswax into a Pyrex jug.
And just put that into a pot with hot water. Now take a candle colorant.
I am going to use green but you can use any color that you like or you can
just skip this step. Now its time to add some essential oil. You can use your favorite scent.
I am using tea tree oil for this batch. Once all the wax has melted just pure it into the jars. Secure the wicks with chopsticks and allow wax to cool down. I’m going to decorate my candles with some stickers but you can decorate yours any way you like. Don’t forget
to trim the wicks before closing the jars. Take a piece of cellophane and wrap your candles in it.
Take a ribbon and make a nice bow. And here you have it: homemade beeswax candles!
And you can give them to someone as a present. And they smell just amazing! SUBSCRIBE

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  1. How much of the essential oil do you put in?

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