DIY Lip Balm – vegan vs beeswax – recipes for both

DIY Lip Balm – vegan vs beeswax – recipes for both

Hello everybody, welcome to Break + Remake. I’m your host Joan. Today we’re gonna make these Little lip balms. Big shout out to Julia Payne for suggesting this video on YouTube. I made a vegan one and beeswax one I like making my own bath products because I know and can control what goes on and in my body Mhmmm The recipe for this is pretty easy. If you’ve been joining me on my wax adventures Then you probably have most of these ingredients in your supplies already. Now I’m using these cute little jam containers Thank You Casey! If you don’t have these, then you can use other things. You can use a tin The recipe makes a lot! If you disinfect these by boiling them Then you can use whatever you want to use, as long as it’s food safe because it’s going on your lips two tablespoons Candelilla wax two tablespoons cocoa butter three drops Vitamin E oil So now we just stir this around until it melts and then we can put it in our pourable container Our wax is clear. There’s no cloudiness. I think we’re ready to transfer it into our pouring vessel Two tablespoons beeswax two tablespoons cocoa butter 1 tablespoon coconut oil plus one Teaspoon of coconut oil Three drops Vitamin E oil. Now we stir this until everything is melted I’ve kept the recipe for this pretty simple because I wanted to test out how moisturizing each one of these was Well the beeswax one Delightful. Super moisturizing. The vegan one needs a little bit more work I think I need to put more soft oil in it, but it’s pretty darn close. This is delightful I love the way this one smells It smells like flowers because they use the Candelilla wax. You can also add essential oils Or part of a lipstick to give it a tinted lip balm. Oooh! If you do that Let me know in the comments below: what you added, how much, and if you’d liked it Thank you so much for watching! If you like this video please subscribe I love getting greeny tips and hearing from you guys and seeing what you guys are up to as far as screening goes See you next time! Bye. Some of the recipes call for shea butter, but I think shea butter smells like butt.

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  1. Thank you Julia Payne for suggesting this vid!

  2. I'm so glad you did this. You taught me how to pour!!!! We were honestly probably making lip balms at the same time this past week hehe 😂

  3. Candelilla wax is harder than beeswax. You could try using less.

  4. Delightful video. You’re upbeat and fun.

  5. Shea Butter DOES smell like butt! 👍

  6. So is the wax for candles as well the wax for lip balm all the same types of wax.

  7. can we use soy wax insted?

  8. Thaaank you for sharing love!

  9. Your can use beetroot juice to make it a red-tinted lip balm organically

  10. “I think shea butter smells like butt” 🤣🤣

  11. Thanks for the recipe!

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