DIY Printed Candles | ANN LE & WhatsUpMoms

DIY Printed Candles | ANN LE & WhatsUpMoms

(upbeat music) – Hi everyone, Anne here, and today I’m in Brooke’s home! Thank you so much
– [Brooke] Hi! – [Anne] for having me. So, if you guys are not
familiar with Brooke, she’s a DIY guru on What’s Up Moms and if you guys are not
familiar with that channel, they do really fun parodies over there and Brooke does the DIYs. So today we’re getting together and we’re going to make some candles! – [Brooke] Yay!
– [Anne] I’m super excited about this, let’s go
ahead and get started. All right, so we’re going to be making some printed candles, and
the great thing about this is that you can either print the designs or you can draw your own. So, Brooke, do you wanna go over the materials we have today? – You can draw your own! (Anne laughs)
I can’t draw. Yeah, so we’re gonna start
with some white-color candles, tracing paper, wax paper, and
a printout of your design. So I made some designs of my own. I made some feathers and we had the kids make
some really cute designs earlier today, right Brooke? – Yes, this is a great way
to get your kids involved. These are Vincent’s and
Lincoln’s masterpieces, I’m sure you can tell which is which. – [Anne] Super cute! All right, so the first step
is to take tracing paper and tape it onto your printing paper. It’s okay if you fold it and then tape it. So my first mistake was that I printed my image on a jet printer.
– [Brooke] Oh. – [Anne] Yeah and it turned out like this. Not so pretty. So it’s very blotchy. So then I printed it on a laser printer and it looked super good, so different.
– [Brooke] Yeah, you can see, – [Brooke] it’s so much more clear. (Anne laughs) Now we’re gonna remove the tracing paper from our printer paper
and cut out the image to fit on our candle. – All right, guys, so this next step we’re going to attach the
image, or the drawing, onto the candle and all you
have to do is cut out a piece of wax paper that’s enough
to wrap around your candle. So this is for your Brooke. – Thank you. – And what image do you want to use first? – I’m gonna do the Just
Breathe that I picked out. – Okay, perfect. All right, so take your image
and place it onto your candle and then you’re going
to take the wax paper. – You wanna take it smooth
side down and wrap it around your candle so that it
covers the candle entirely. – Now you’re going to
take your hairdryer out, and no we’re not going to do our hair, hold this about one to two inches away from your image and go in even motion. – And make sure you hold
on to the excess wax paper really tightly in the back so
that your image doesn’t shift. Now carefully remove the wax paper to see if your image has
melded with the candle. – All right, so that is it! These turned out so pretty, I love it! – [Anne] What do you think?
– [Brooke] They’re amazing. – [Brooke] I mean they look
like you bought them at a store. – Yes! These will make excellent
gifts for the holiday season or any time, birthday parties, (Anne drowned out)
– [Brooke] Teacher gifts. – [Anne] Customize this, personalize it to however way you guys like. But that is it for today, guys! What did you guys think of these candles? I absolutely love them. Don’t forget to leave your
comments below this video and give this video a big thumbs up. We would greatly appreciate it. And also, don’t forget to go over to Brooke’s channel, What’s Up Mom. – We did a really fun collab where we make candles from scratch. – So definitely come on over there, subscribe, click on the video, and also check out the
link below this video. Thank you guys so much for watching and we’ll see you soon! – [Brooke] Bye!
– [Anne] Ciao!

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