Does Dancing Increase Your Pain Tolerance?

Does Dancing Increase Your Pain Tolerance?

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  2. Am i the only one who went straight and searched the song Rhett was listening 😂😂

    Called "lazy sundays" if you were wondering

  3. 5:30 what kinda club is that
    Me – a gay one apparently

  4. 5:17

  5. Remember your kids are watching this……

    You should of danced like MJ.

  6. I’ve never cringed this much before 🤭🤭🤭

  7. What heels are the best heels

  8. by far the best episode I've ever seen.

  9. What’s Link’s song?

  10. The songs they chose to dance to in Round One summed up Rhett and Link

  11. 6:30 I need an entire video of just Shiny Dancers. Why was that part so short??

  12. And I thought my dad was embarrassing

  13. I thought rhett was having a boner in the thumbnail

  14. When I was in physical therapy, I had to have those electrodes on my ankle. I had that thang up to 32 and it wasnt high enough. 😂

  15. Me: I’m gonna go to sleep early tonight

    My last 2 brain cells at 4 am: 3:46

  16. 5:09 their dancing is everything lol

  17. What am I watching

  18. I don’t feel bad about not being able to dance anymore

  19. 5:24–5:30 best part in the whole episode

  20. Rhett’s dancing 😂😂😂😂💀😭

  21. rhett can dance–

  22. They're not very good with the safe words but I'll take more synchronized dancing.

  23. I didn’t realize until the episode was over that the title did NOT read: “does POLE dancing increase your pain tolerance?” Yesterday I ate a whole burger thinking it was a chicken sandwich. SERIOUSLY.

  24. what name the song 6:51

  25. What is the song link is twerking to


  27. “We will say ‘uncle’ when we feel pain

  28. Dancing hurts tbh. XD

  29. Omg I loved Rhett's song and his dance.

  30. how about moshpitting?
    it's still a dance right?

  31. I am the right amount of high enough to watch this

  32. Uncle and pain hmm

  33. I use a TENS all the time-4 is usually the highest I use, 6 is my highest ever.

  34. Link must be fun to hang out with

  35. Touch the membrane link

  36. I really want to see what Rhett’s reaction to seeing links first dance.

  37. I choked from laughing so hard 😂😂😂

  38. can someone tell me the name of the song link was listening to??

  39. Just take a moment to realize that someone had to choreograph that dance and have formations and everything at 6:39

  40. Watching this I realized how much you guys need to dance to Kpop choreographies, just saying.

  41. What’s for breakfast

  42. im coming to your nashville show in april 9th

  43. I really miss Mike

  44. Imagine walking in a club and seeing this 😂😂

  45. Imagine their sons watching this vid

  46. if i ever see rett or link at the club dancing like that i would run on the other hand if i found the shiny dancers at the club i would run to them

  47. 6:39 Link is so into it

  48. two broooos dancing in a dance club, unsynchronized cause they're not gay

  49. Can anyone pls tell me the link is moshing to???

  50. Mike’s havin’ the time of his life

  51. When your overqualified for a job 6:40

  52. You’ve heard of ‘Panic! at the Disco’ but have you heard of ‘Codependency! At the Club’

  53. "we almost got synced up there"
    No, link, you were almost grinding on your friend 😂

  54. I'm pretty sure the most pain in this video is watching them dance

  55. Rhett and Link dancing is the definition of my soul.

  56. Cool video My friend showed me

  57. The way Rhett dances gives me life

  58. Boy bands are immortal. Change my mind.

  59. 5:00 Dads! at the disco

  60. Sorry, but the stub toe dance is a necessity, not a desire

  61. The point of synchronized dancing is that you don't feel the pain while you're dancing because it's hard to stop… This kinda proves nothing lol proves how used to the electric pulse you became

  62. They can not dance.

  63. Touch the membrane is my new thing …lol

  64. Links tweaking 😂😂😂

  65. Rhett licks his lips an excessive amount while dancing, and now that's all I can see.

  66. The best thing I have seen this year BY FAR

  67. This was a funny episode!! 😂😂😂 Because Rhett and Link were dancing together and that was really funny. 😂😂😂 Rhett and Link were wearing dancing oufits and they were funny with that. I love this. ❤❤ I love you Rhett and Link and GMM so much 😘

  68. I love Link's dance skills!

  69. The guy in silver didn’t put as much energy into it as everyone else

  70. I think that it was just them getting used to the pain after shocking themselves several times

  71. this is my favorite thing ever lmaooooo

  72. 5:00
    Rhett does the point and shimmy and Link just goes BIG! [ plus thrusting ]

  73. If the power rangers were a dance group

  74. seeing link twerk was the sexiest thing i think i have ever seen

  75. Anyone searching for Rhett's song:
    Anyone searching for Link's song:

  76. 5:03 They are such dorks😂💕

    … I have reached the pinnacle 6:40

  77. When you synchronised accidentally I actually did a spit take

  78. Imagine them as your parents 🤔 how would you feel watching this? I love it!

  79. Watching them dance, hmmmm…and we are sure they are married?

  80. Omg I live in Oxford

  81. Watch from 3:15– 3:48 in playback speed 2 😂😂

  82. While watching your videos I literally have to fight to avoid doing a spit take with whatever beverage I happen to be drinking out of my "dink it and sink it" good mythical morning mug 🤭🤪😆🤣😂

  83. Level 7 Eurovision.

  84. i wonder if their kids watch this

  85. I take breaks from watching these guys for months at a time and I always forget just how good they are, and then I come back and its even better than I remember

  86. anyone else get a teletubie feeling from this?

  87. Youve heard of Panic! At The Disco, now get ready for Co-Dependency! In The Club

  88. Me watching this at 3 am


  89. „Uncle”?! Not „Daddy”?! Fuming

  90. How can they still look good in those neon leotards?

  91. 5:12 – The camera changed angles for a reason LMAO. 😂 Good Lord, Link. 🤣

  92. Codependency! In the Club

  93. This enters easily into my top ten favorite GMM.

  94. I laughed so hard I woke both my brothers up

  95. Link dancing vs Rhett was glorious

  96. How much you are talking 🙄🙄🙄🙄😟😟

  97. they were dancing syncronised when they weren't sposed to, they got faulty data on this highly scientific experiment now

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