Dollar Tree DIY Fall Decor 2019 Candle Holders – Farmhouse Decor and Glam Decor Styles

Dollar Tree DIY Fall Decor 2019 Candle Holders – Farmhouse Decor and Glam Decor Styles

in this video I’m going to show you how
to make these unique glam and farmhouse candle holder decor pieces if you want
to learn how I made them well then follow me what’s up glue dots I’m Elaine the
midnight crafter and well I’m finally breaking down and doing a little bit of
fall decor DIY stuff I like going out kicking and screaming from summer let me
just tell you anyway I hope you like these it kind of came to me randomly
while I was walking through Dollar Tree looking at things I don’t even know why
it came to me but I’m excited to show them to you because it’s a little
something funky and different so before we get to the project though I would
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your recreations of the projects you learn on my channel so without further
ado let’s do the project first thing we’re gonna be doing on this
project get started is we’re going to be painting the glass candle holder any
color you want but I’m choosing to do mine white and also we’re going to be
spray-painting this but we’re gonna do that afterwards I just want to give a
good head start on this glass piece to dry so I usually like to use a paper
towel and some alcohol to clean off my anything that I’m gonna paint that’s
glass or anything like that so you can either do that or wash it with soap and
water whichever you prefer so what we’re waiting on that to dry
what we’re going to be doing is cutting out the flat part of this tray and there
is already a ridge line in there so you’re gonna do as best you can and cut
it out as straight as possible and be careful because this metal is a bit
sharp so if you feel uncomfortable you can use some gloves it’s not like super
dangerous but you don’t want to slide along it either a small little tip that
I discovered is to not close not allow the scissors to close all the way cuz it
leaves like a little funky little marking in there so by just going along
and open your scissors really wide you get a nice even line now you want to
save these side pieces because we’re gonna be using a couple of those you
don’t need all up on that just set those aside for now so what we’re going to do
is find the center point and we’re going to cut directly through the center of
those circles trying to go if you keep in the center you’ll get a pretty
straight line okay so now what we’re gonna do is we’re going to shape these
into our cylinder so if you happen to have one of these Dollar Tree vases
great if not and you have maybe a drinking glass that is more kind of
straight up and down it will be helpful to use just something to give you that
curve so that you don’t get any weird dents in your form
so I’m just gonna take this and roll it around there just to help me get that
nice smooth cylinder shape then decide how big around you want this to be so if
you’d like it to be really large that’s fine the only thing with that is because
this is so flimsy it will be a little more delicate I’m gonna go for a little
smaller because I feel that it will be a sturdier that way what you’re gonna do
is you’re gonna then overlap your pieces and line up the holes to make it
whatever size you want and I’m actually overlapping three of the sections there
I think that’s a nice diameter for what I want so you can use a bit of a six
thousand and your hot glue for this you just have to be a little bit quick once
you put that that hot glue on there you don’t want your glue to ooze out so try
not to use too much just a little bit should do it and we are going to be
taping this in place as well and you don’t want to overlap your hot glue with
your e6000 or gorilla glue or whatever you’re using because otherwise it won’t
stick so a lot of times you see crafters do that and it looks like they’re
putting both and sometimes they are putting it on top of each other but it
won’t stick all right lining them up really well and I’m going to just stick
those together the the hot glue is not sticking all that great so I’m going to
be using my scotch tape to help hold that so a little piece on each end there
wrapping it over the edge and just folding it down and it really doesn’t
show once you’ve painted and the other thing is our trim is going to go around
this top part so it won’t show at all that you have tape there the next thing
we’re going to be doing is going out and spray painting these now I’m gonna do
mine white you can do whatever color you like to suit your decor and I will be
back so while we’re waiting on those to dry we’re going to take our adhesive
diamond wrap that whichever style you chose this can be used for both the glam
design one and for the farmhouse-style one so
because you can decide which way you want your acorns to go so if you want
don’t mind your acorns being sideways you’re going to cut this strip long ways
and if you want them to be facing upright you’re going to cut your strip
this way so we’re going to be cutting this in such a way that the extra will
fold over the top on the sharp part so how we’re going to do that is cut so
you’ll have a one row and then the two rows of the bling wrap and just above
those two rows of bling wrap but right next to the acorns you’re going to go
ahead and cut so you’re going to have a piece like this so this side that is
going to be folding over the edge that is sharp to help from it being sharp to
help from getting cut or anyone getting injured then you’re going to do the same
thing we’re going to need a couple of it I think we’re going to probably need
about three strips of those in order to do the top and bottom so you will have a
row here that has one side of bling wrap one side of no bling wrap on each side
of the acorn so you’re just gonna put that aside because we can use this for
embellishments or for other things so we’re gonna make another one of these
pieces here now and just a quick note I didn’t pay attention to this when I was
buying it but when you’re buying your little bling wrap here with the things
on it double check because there are spots that are missing stones on it and
I didn’t pay attention to that when I was getting mine so just a note to self
so my pieces are dry here spray-painted white I’m going to be doing as I said
two versions for you one in the farmhouse and one in the glam style but
so far we can still do them the same you’re going to be taking your piece
that has the double bling wrap on the top and what you’re going to do is every
couple spaces just give it a little cut through that top one it doesn’t have to
be exactly maybe every three spaces or whatever
and this will help it to follow around the curve of your cylinder so that it
lays nicely and then we’re going to peel this off here what we’re going to be
doing here is putting this trim around the upper edge you’re going to line this
up making sure that that you can see through it a little bit and if you can
see through on camera but when you look at it from the inside you have a one
layer of the bling wrap that’s sticking up up above you’re going to put this all
the way around in that same way and then what we’re gonna be doing is just
tucking down because we did those little cuts see if yours needs extra glue or
not all right so that one piece made it almost all the way around we do have one
little space left here so we’re just going to take another piece of what we
have left here and measure out how much we’re going to need and then go ahead
and just fill that in with that extra little piece it really won’t show it
probably won’t fit exactly so that you have the two rows of bling wrap but
nobody’s gonna notice that and if they do marry them because they’re super
observant or maybe you don’t want them to be super observant so you don’t want
to marry them all right so we got that filled in here and now we’re gonna do
the same thing on the bottom so here’s what it looks like having both the top
and bottom done and what we’re going to do now is do a little bit of
embellishment using some of our leftover pieces and you’re going to be cutting
out little pieces like this to use as embellishments and then you find
wherever you want to put them so there is this spot right here that is crying
out for head you can either Center it you can put it
up higher put it whatever makes you happy
what looks good to you because I’m a firstborn and I’m really like particular
I’m just gonna put mine centered I don’t know if other people who are not
firstborns are as weird as us firstborn but I can say I’m weird because I am
weird and I don’t know if the rest of you firstborns are weird too but that’s
what we’ve got so if you want to put more of them around if you want to put
one on this back side too maybe for the people that are sitting on the other
side and are going to be looking at it so for this other one I’m actually just
going to use some of these leftover pieces and do it and it won’t have as
much of the bling on it so we are going to leave that one row of bling because
that’s going to be folding over so these are both of them and you can see that
one I did a thinner trim on and then the other one the thicker trim so I’m going
to actually make this one into my glam version and this one believe it or not
into my farmhouse version what I’m going to do now the glam house one we’re going
to put aside for a few minutes but the farmhouse style one we’re going to be
spray-painting this white as well so ideally for the farmhouse one I wasn’t
originally going to go in this direction but you could have put all of this on
first and then paint it all at the same time that would have saved you some time
but I’m going to go ahead and spray this and then while that’s drying we’ll work
on the glam version so I did decide to paint this a little differently I’m
going to show you both in the end but this one I only painted from the
underside to have it just have a little bit of a different look we’ll see I
don’t know if I’m going to like it or not but we thought we’d give it a try
and what we’re gonna also another note do go ahead and glue this down this
edging down because it starts to pop up for some reason the adhesive is
separating from the bling wrap when we fold it over the bling the adhesive is
staying stuck but the bling wrap is popping up so we’re going to do next
we’re going to be working on attaching these two together and we’re going to be
using one of our extra pieces that we had left over from the side so they had
told you to put aside so go ahead and flatten that piece out and be careful
because that edge is a bit sharp and you can go
head and cut the ends off because you won’t need those curved ends and we’re
also going to be cutting off this rounded side here so if it’s nice and
flat and cut off this rounded side as well and what you’re gonna do is fold
down a little bit of an edge only about between a quarter and a half inch
doesn’t really matter how much exactly but we’re gonna be using this folded
edge and we’re going to be putting it inside here and measuring across to the
other side and make a little mark with your nail a little crimp in there and
you’re also going to make a fold on the other side this is what we’re going to
be putting up to attach our top here to the candle holder so fold make your
little crimp there and cut that off so that you have also a little bit of a lip
so you should have a piece that looks like this we’re gonna do two of those
pieces first you’re gonna make sure this fits in there well it should fit snugly
but not to the point where it’s distorting your shape so what we’re
gonna do now is take one of those pieces and go to the bottom side so whichever
side for me the acorns facing that way this will be my bottom side and I’m
going to go in using my e6000 and my hot glue put a little on each side and do
not put your hot glue over your e6000 or it will not stick then you’re going to
go ahead and place this inside and attach it to the sidewalls try and make
sure it’s as level as possible okay so it should be stuck in there like that
and now we’re going to do the same thing with the other piece but we’re going to
crisscross it so here’s what it looks like once you’ve got those pieces glued
in and that’s what’s going to be holding up our lampshade on top of this so we’re
going to add our East 6000 to the top part around this edge and spacing out a
little bit so that you have also some place to put your hot glue and then go
ahead and find Center and put your lampshade
top so for right now here’s how this one’s looking this is our glam version
but I’ve tried painting the whole thing on the other one so we’re gonna see we
can decide which one we like better so here you can see what the candlestick
looks like completely painted as compared to this one but anyway we’re
gonna work right now on this piece which I ended up spray-painting white which I
told you this is our farmhouse version now you can see some of these are
popping up and that’s what I was talking about as far as getting in there and
getting those glued down because the adhesive is still stuck but the darn
little bling wraps popped up so poor design on their part I guess okay so to
make this a little more farmhouse feel we’re going to be doing a couple things
first we’re going to be taking I’m just using this Apple Barrel burnt umber
paint I think I got this at Walmart and a little bristle brush here and we’re
going to be doing a little bit of dry brushing now a couple people asked me
how to dry brush or what dry brushing is so sorry I probably should have used a
different trait but you put a small amount of your paint on there and dab a
dry brush into it just a little bit and then off to the side just really doubt
that off you can do it onto a piece of paper or something but basically your
brush is fairly dry and what I’m going to be doing is going over just my little
acorn area up here and giving that a little bit more of a rustic feel as
opposed to a glam feel now you can stop with it just at that point or if you
want to you can even paint a little bit of the dry brushing on to the white part
I’m just gonna leave it I feel like not overdoing it on this one and then we’re
gonna take our either nautical rope I think this is leftover from a big role
that I have gotten at Walmart so I’m going to use this and I’m going to go
around and add little bit of this as trim to just
really kind of finish off that farmhouse look and I’m going to be gluing this
trim all the way around so just a little tip something I like to do when I get to
my ends I don’t cut my nautical rope off just straight like that I like to cut it
off at an angle because I feel like it’s much easier to hide that seam afterwards
so you can see that the seam of my nautical rope or my twine ends where
that is and you can’t even really tell because I cut it at it on a diagonal
so I’m gonna go ahead and do the same thing around this top part as well and
then I’m gonna show you these all finished up if you’re enjoying my
channel don’t forget to give me a thumbs up it really makes a difference for my
channel and for me being seen so please give a girl a little bit of help also
decide from the thumbs up leave me a comment let me know which of these
versions you prefer and how you would do them differently what you might change
on it and also join the glue top family it’s it’s fun if you don’t believe me
ask everybody else they’ll tell ya alright guys finish this up and I’m
gonna show you them all Ben you you you

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