Dream Urban Presents : Kendrick Lamar Experience (Snoop Dogg Passes The Torch)

Dream Urban Presents : Kendrick Lamar Experience (Snoop Dogg Passes The Torch)

[silence]>>SNOOP DOGG: What up, this big snoop dog
shootin’ a shout out to my lil’ home boy Kendrick Lamar man. Stay body guard all in the yard,
the show was off the hook. I enjoyed myself, I had to come down on stage and tell you that.
I got my moneys worth, even though I didn’t pay to get in, I feel like I gotta’ drop something
off up in the box to feel like I did what I was supposed to do. But on some real talk,
you handled that tonight. You great at what you do, your craft, your stage work, your
showmanship. You know what I’m saying, the ability to be able to interact with the crowd,
that was beautiful tonight, that was brilliant, that was excellence. The game is yours, I
promise that.>>MOS DEF: It’s a pleasure to be here with
such a talented, motivated, and fantastic young talent man. Young brotha’. God bless
you [Man speaking in the background]>>KENDRICK LAMAR: This is one of the highlights
of my life, not just a career man. That’s all I, that’s all I can say. [music]>>KENDRICK LAMAR: Are we in the mother fucking
building or what?>>KENDRICK LAMAR: I wrote this record while,
30 thousand feet in the air, Stewardess complimenting me on my nappy hair, If I can fuck her in
front of all of these passengers, They’ll probably think I’m a terrorist, Eat my asparagus,
then I’m asking her thoughts of a young nigga, Fast money and freedom, A crash dummy
for dollars, I know you dyin’ to meet ‘em, I’ll probably die in a minute Just bury
me with 20 bitches 20 million, and a Compton fitted, Hol’ up, Hol’ up, Hol’ up, Hol’
up, Hol’ up, Hol’ up, Hol’ up, Hol’ up, yea big shit poplin.>>FAN 1: Kendrick Lamar!>>FAN 2: Kendrick Lamar!>>FAN 2: Hi Power>>FAN 3: Shout out to Kendrick Lamar and School
Boy Q, I love you. Hi Power baby! [2pac speaking on t.v]>>BIG SEAN: You already know what it is. It’s
that Detroit player man, westside till’ I die man, all the way to the west coast man.
Shout out to Dream Urban for putting this on man. This real Hip-hop shit going on. It
is what it is, boy. Finally famous over everything. I do it. [Big Sean rapping] [School Boy Q rapping] [Casey Veggies rapping] [Shad Robinson rapping] [music]>>KENDRICK LAMAR: Is anybody from L.A in the
mother fucker [crowd scream] [Kendrick Lamar rapping]>>THE GAME: A yo one time for the mother fucking
man. A yo throw up dubs for Kendrick Lamar. A yo throw up dubs for Kendrick Lamar>>KENDRICK LAMAR: Yes Sir.>>THE GAME: A yo man, a I know I was suppose
to wait and shit but you start playing California Love…>>KENDRICK LAMAR: I see you got turnt’ up.>>THE GAME I gotta’… You know I gotta’ get
my shit off man. A yo… The illest’ nigga’ on the west right now is none other than this
nigga right here. [Crowd Cheers]>>KENDRICK LAMAR: Salute.>>THE GAME: And this nigga right here can
flat out fucking rap. It ain’t nobody in the city including myself that can fuck with Kendrick
Lamar… [The Game rapping] [Crowd chanting]>>KENDRICK LAMAR: Wayne taught me that, and
that’s just how it goes. Michael Jordan bitch! A yo… I think I just got fucked up right
now. [music] [Snoop Dogg rapping]>>Snoop DOGG: We watching you rock like a
mother fucker right. And we watching game, pass the torch to you, we watching all this
love. It’s a beautiful thing. My nigga you great at what you do, you ain’t good at what
you do, you great at what you do. The people out here that represent, show you that. I’mma
say this I’mma mean this… Nigga you got the torch, you better run with that mother
fucker. [Crowd cheers]>>SNOOP DOGG: You better run with it nigga
cuss’ it’s your’s. [Crowd cheers] [Crowd chants Kendrick]>>THE GAME: A yo for y’all mother fuckers
who in here, and everybody with their camera phones out, don’t understand, that this is
the mother fucking nigga. Nigga this is the mother fucking west coast! And the mother
fucking torch has been passed Ain’t no mother fucking hating Dr. Dre blood,
he passed it to Snoop, Snoop passed it to Game… You know… Pac resting in peace,
so is Easy, mother fucking J Rock doing his thing, Glasses, Nipsey. I hate when niggas
say that the west coast ain’t popping, nigga we the west, nigga. This nigga right here. This is my mother fucking
nigga. [Hiii Power drop]>>THE GAME: I told you it was coming nigga.
Before it was Kendrick Lamar, it was K.Dot, before it was K.Dot was just a little nigga
with a cool hair cut that could rap mother fucking his ass off. But see one thing me
and this little nigga got in common is compton. I mean… Yea one thing we got in compton,
is compton, nigga. Kendrick, nigga. Period. I love you nigga. Kendrick, nigga, it’s your
world nigga.>>KENDRICK LAMAR: Run it Ali. Everybody put three fingers in the air. The
wind is calling the sky is falling stand for something or die in the morning. Section 80.
Hi Power. [Crowd singing Hi Power]>>KENDRICK LAMAR: That’s why, what I’m about
to say is going to make it this much more important. Tonight was for everybody to understand me.My
plan B is to win your hearts before I win a Grammy My name is Kendrick Lamar, Words
like a sword in the hands of a Spartan marchin’ on Rosecrans in Compton You can’t cause conflict
or corrupt my spirit I’m on point like period, I been there and gone before you get near
it, Oh wee, that boy remind me of a young Martin Luther The way he peace up troopers
and round up shooters Like Malcom X did, I stand for what I believe in Family, God and
honor, From Chicago my daddy and my mama Came to Compton to accomplish one thing Raise a
king, reign supreme, named Kendrick, I ain’t lying, it stand for king and I am one My unborn
son and grandson will live royal From the cootie to the soil The meek shall inherit
the earth Well I had the this will since birth, feel the good kids hunger The crips made strong,
the pirus made stronger Muscle in my heart Stare into the eyes of Mozart and tell ’em
I’m the genius,I do my Dougie and grab my penis, Cause I means this, with all my soul,
And you can’t control greatness, unless you hatin’ with the heart of Satan, and
even that can’t stop it, I tell them nigga get out my wallet, and put passion in your
logic, Passion in your life, the Passion of my Christ is in me, And if you say it ain’t
you may offend me, Damn that boy good, I’m Bright as Thomas Edison but Gucci Mane hood.
I stood alone for so long, prolong my own career, But now I’m here, cuz Los Mother fucking
Angeles I am Kendrick mother fucking Lamar, I love y’all [Crowd cheers]

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