DynaVap Reviews The Valet Dual Torch

Respect the click! hi I’m Sheldon with DynaVap here I
have the valet dual torch lighter you can see dual torch two flames it’s real
easy just pressing a button and that engages the flame and it opens it at the
same time you know kind of a safety feature and also we have a window it’s
kind of a smaller window but I mean still visible nonetheless where you can
see the current level of your butane so if you need a refill well then you go
right down to the bottom here you’ll notice right there
we’ve got a little knob and that little knob we can go ahead and plop in our
butane and give her a press then in that window you’ll see it fill also on the
bottom there we flip that got our adjuster here we turn it one way we’re
gonna increase the flame and if we turn it the other way we’re going to decrease
the flame and now we’ll go into heating our that cap so our dual flame here there’s our quick the valet dual torch
lighter is available in black matte gunmetal and black and red and black
please specify in the order notes your preference thank you for watching this
lighter video please don’t forget to check out our other videos here here
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