hi everybody this is Rhys barber from audiology associates thank you very much watching our video today we have a nice remote little ear wax video for you this ladies come through the clinic she’s very very blocked up large plug of ear wax in the ear canal no obvious gap around the the outside of it so we’re just going to use a standard sized ulna to to Fissel and try and unstick this plug from the ear canal walls so we’re just using there’s all no just to remove you can see the sticky ear wax away from the edges so we’re going to try and pull all these edge sections into the center which if we go and stick enough it around the other edge would mean that we can get this out in one plug what’s going to complicate things a little bit is the ear wax is very very sticky it’s a it’s a thick sticky ear wax that has this little tuft of hay or what looks like here strands running through the center of it which is going to bind a lot of this ear wax together see just the action of trying to pull all the outside edges into the center section just to be able to try and rule this as best we can in one go it’s all we’re doing at the moment though it seems to be pulling the ear wax from side to side it doesn’t really seem to be loosening it too well sometimes we are lucky with this here because that you know the force I can feel we’re pulling on this it looks like it’s running right through through the ear wax I’m gonna use the crocodile forceps to grip the hair and hopefully if it is running all the way through this ear wax it’ll help to pull this whole trunk out in one go so you can see just steady slow pressure on the crocodile forceps just very gently teasing this out of the ear canal and there we go I hope it comes in one big chunk and take a look at the ear canal looks nice and healthy eardrum looks lovely and shiny this is the plug that we taken out is about a centimeter and half across roughly about a centimeter wide or just under so a nice big thick plug of of ear wax and thank you as always guys for watching my video today and if you did like the video then please like and share and as always take care

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  1. So glad I have insomnia!

  2. Me two 4.48am Good morning Sandra in Ga

  3. Short but thank you.

  4. I really wish you showed both ears but maybe that's just cause I want the video to be longer lol

  5. Bet that felt better out 👍

  6. Woooo I’ve never been so early after a posting…only 20mins!!!

  7. Thank you! You make it look so amazingly effortless, takes a lot of skills to manage that.

  8. Looks like it should feel as good as taking a nice poo. Sudden relief, weightlessness, clarity…

  9. You should do a best of compilation lol

  10. Don't make man reach for his crocodile forceps. It's an audiologist's equivalent of the AK-47.

  11. Bet it’s smells horrible 😱

  12. Gross. More please.

  13. If that were gold, she’d be rich!!!

  14. Isn't a lot of ear wax caused by lackluster hygiene? Daily shampooing (it almost always gets into the ears) surely is enough to remove many of the conditions encouraging these blockages.

  15. Congrats,You Can Now hear Colors And See Sounds.

  16. Thank you for posting ❤

  17. Great one big chunk!

  18. This is all my dreams come true

  19. You have a very sexy voice

  20. Hehe knew the crocodile forceps were going to be used after seeing the amount of hair 🙂

  21. Glad your audio is up and working again 😊

  22. Most satisfying ear wax removal I have ever seen so far.

  23. Question: do your patients ever ask for a doggy bag so they can take their extractions home? If this came out of me ear then i definitely would!

  24. Is this painful for the person or does it feel good?

  25. That is the only time I've ever seen crocodile forceps actually work. Good job!

  26. Hey, when I turn my head to the left I hear cracking in my ear. Also, when I move my head slightly to the left, I hear a "wub wub" noise.. like my eardrum is fluctuating. Any thoughts?

  27. I think this is what happens when you use a nose hair trimmer for your ears. My dad also does that and I have told him so many times not to do it. From your nose you can blow out the clippings but you cant blow air through your ear.

  28. Her ear wax got earwax

  29. I love these videos. So relaxing!

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