Easter DIY – 3 different egg candles 🥚🕯️

[music] The first candle I’m going to show you how to
make is an egg shaped candle made with a REAL egg. You will need: a stove, a fire blanket
for your safety, something to protect your table with, an egg, a bowl, play dough, a
thin and a thick needle, candle wick, a wooden spoon, 2 pots that fit into each other, a
pot holder, a strainer, paper towels, left over candles and some Kleenex. And an egg holder 🙂 Let’s get started! We need to have an empty egg shell, so I’m puncturing the bottom of the egg with a small
needle, poking around to break the yolk and then making a hole in the top of the egg with
the bigger needle. Blow the bottom hole until the egg is completely empty. Rinse the egg
shell with water on the outside as well as on the inside. Put all your left over candles
in your smallest pot. Now get the bigger pot, fill it with a little bit of water and put
it on the stove until it boils. Now put your smaller pot inside your big pot so that the
hot water will start melting your candles. Keep stirring until your candles are completely
melted. Because these are left over candles, obviously they’ve been burning and they have
all kinds of impurities in them. So we’re going to fix that so that we have nice and
clean wax! Remove the top of a Kleenex, put inside of your strainer and pour your wax
through. Wiggle your strainer around a little bit so that the wax keeps moving. The impurities
will be in your Kleenex and what’s left in your pot is beautiful and clean wax. Throw away the Kleenex. I will show you the easiest way to clean your dirty pot and strainer.
Get a hair dryer or a hot air gun, heat up the wax inside the pot and remove with paper
towels. For the strainer, place paper towels underneath it, heat and let the wax melt onto
the paper towels. This is a very easy way to do this. Using a hot air gun is much faster,
as you can see here, but please be careful not to set anything on fire. Now that the
wax has cooled a little bit, I’m pouring mine into the smaller pot again, just because it’s
an easier one to pour with. Cut off a piece of candle wick and place into your wax so
that it can harden. This will make it easier to insert into the egg. Put the waxed candle
wick through your egg shell. Put a piece of tape onto the bottom wick so that it stays in place. And then cover the bottom of your egg shell with the play dough. This will prevent
leakage when you’re pouring in your wax. Be very careful with this step, because the egg
shell is really fragile and it can break easily. An optional step is to roll a little funnel
out of paper. This will make it easier to pour in the wax. My top hole was a little
bit too small to fit in my funnel. If that happens to you, just do as I do, make it a
little bigger, but be careful not to drop any egg shell inside of the egg. Now you can
carefully pour your wax into the funnel and that way it will get into your egg shell. Keep pouring until it spills over and then remove the funnel. When wax cools, it shrinks,
leaving a hole in the top of your egg. Remelt your left over wax and fill the hole. Let
it cool and then continue to repeat these steps until the hole is completely filled
and no longer shrinks. When the wax is completely hardened, you can start peeling the egg! This
will reveal your beautiful egg candle. This is a really fun part guys! [laughs] Oh, and
don’t forget to rub off the membrane, you will see a little bit of white on the candle,
that’s the membrane of the egg. So just rub it off and then it will be all nice and beautiful! Now trim your wick to the desired length and also cut it in the bottom. All finished! The second candle also uses an egg shell, but this one is actually a LOT easier, because
you only use half of the shell. For this egg shell votive candle you’ll need the same materials
as before, a hot glue gun and a wick that has a metal plate in the bottom. Break the
top part of your egg with a knife. Pour the inside of the egg into a bowl and start peeling
off the egg shell until you get your desired shape. Remove the membrane off the egg and rinse well. Using a hot glue gun, put some glue on the metal part of your wick and place inside the egg shell. Now fill the egg shell with your wax. Make sure your wick is -kind of-
centered, by using a needle or a stick. Let harden and that’s all you need to do! Beautiful, right?! Of course, you can also make an egg shaped candle using a candle mold. This is
less messy, it’s quicker and it’s also easier. So I’m going to show you how to use one of
these egg shaped candle molds. You will need the same materials for melting the wax, an
egg shaped candle mold, some tape and a stick. Place your wick inside the mold and put it
through the hole. Tie your wick around the stick and rest it in the slits of the mold. Then pull the wick tight and keep in place with tape. Use more tape to completely seal
the hole. Then cut the wick. Place the mold on a stable surface with the open part facing up. Now pour a little bit of your wax and check if it spills in the bottom. If it doesn’t
spill, continue to pour your wax slowly. If it does spill, wait until the wax left inside
of the mold hardens and covers the hole that way. And make sure your wax isn’t too hot
when you try pouring it in again. Just as with the first candle, you need to refill
the bottom because the wax shrinks and it will leave a hole. Once it’s all hardened,
you can remove the mold. Remove the stick and the tape first. The easiest way to get
the mold off is by twisting each part seperately. If you would like the candle to be able to
stand on a flat surface, turn on your stove, place a piece of aluminum foil on it and melt
the bottom. To clean your mold, just use dish soap and water. There are many ways to make
candles and I only showed you a few basic ones in this video. But I might make more,
showing different effects and waxes in the future! I hope this video was helpful to you
and if you make some of these candles for Easter, I would love to see them! If you have
any questions, leave them in the comment box below. I will reply to them. And of course,
I would love for you to give this video a thumbs up and please subscribe if you’re not
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