Emergency Heaters: Flower Pot / Tea Light, Beer Can & more!

Emergency Heaters: Flower Pot / Tea Light, Beer Can & more!

Alright today on Repairs101 I�m going to
go over some of the options that exist for when the power is out and your heat is off.
You know, not very long ago every dwelling had a fireplace or hearth for cooking, heating
or both. Once iron and steel were developed open fireplaces fell out of fashion because
they have a tendency to spit hot embers out while people are sleeping and houses burned
to the ground. People died. It was a serious problem.
Nowadays fire is generally kept safe and secure inside fireproof steel boxes where neither
cats nor basketballs can upset them and unleash the horrific power of fire.
Every year people die from carbon monoxide poisoning and asphyxiation because of improperly
exhausted emergency heaters. An open flame is extremely dangerous and not
advisable unless every precaution is taken to control and monitor the flame.
We�re told that propane, butane, kerosene, alcohol, olive oil and paraffin are all safe
for indoor use � given adequate ventilation. These beer can stoves, pop can stoves, soda
can stoves, penny can stoves whatever you like to call them – they are awesome little
devices but they are best used outdoors; as you can see this one got out of control very
quickly. Now the internet is full of flower pot heater
DIY�s and pre-fabricated earthenware heaters but the bottom line is that they will only
generate as much heat as you give them fuel for.
I ran this experiment several times and I just kept adding more and more candles because
I wasn�t satisfied with the amount of heat that it was giving off.
Here�s what happens when you get a dozen or so together after about an hour and a half
has elapsed. Not enough heat to warm the room but plenty enough fire to burn the house down.
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  1. Barking red dog, haha 🙂

  2. oh great, another use of those little candels my wife buys At hobby Lobby lolol, great vid

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  4. Good and useful advices!!!

  5. health and safety nutjob

  6. Do not use a 2 pie tin heater mine caught flash fire and the flames leaped up and had to be put out with a fire extinguisher!

  7. Just curious, are you a Mason?

  8. So just make several single candle pot heaters

  9. My problem with flower-pot heaters is that once I put the flower pots over the lighted candles, within minutes the candles go out. Can anyone suggest a solution or point out something I maybe doing wrong? Thanks.

  10. All about what we can't do but nothing about what will work. I like to hear about solution also.

  11. I use a candle nightlights/flowerpot heater in my shed. Preheating the flowerpot with an empty tealight foil holder filled with meths or bioethanol first, to get it up to temperature, before introducing your candles, and you can maintain a comfortable warmth with three or four tealights without risking wax flash

  12. Its supposed to act like a storage heater. More metal, rod and nuts etc to store heat. Like a storage heater which has bricks inside , it takes a while to heat up. Only for.power cuts or supplementary heating. K

  13. Why not put an alcohol can heater under the flower pot?

  14. Agree. But if you only use 4 tea lights it will be enought to keep you alive. That is why in the most of videos people shows you always see 4 tea lights .

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