Fall craft with dried leaves

Fall craft with dried leaves

Hi, this is Joelle Meijer. How about creating a composition with dried
leaves to celebrate the Fall. For this project, you will need dried leaves
from trees and shrubs. To find out how to dry leaves, see my other
video on the subject. Start by protecting the table that you will
work on. I used a piece of cardboard wrapped in an
old towel. Put a sheet of wax paper on the towel. Place dried leaves of different shapes and
different colours on the wax paper. Then put another sheet of waxed paper over
the leaves. Cover with a cloth and iron it all with a
warm iron. For younger children, this step requires adult
supervision. The wax will melt and seal the dried leaves
in place between two sheets of waxed paper. What if you can not get waxed paper? Take a sheet of tracing paper and arrange
the dried leaves to your liking. Then take a block of paraffin and scrape shavings
of paraffin with a kitchen knife. Place another sheet of tracing paper over
the leaves and cover everything with a layer of cloth. Start ironing without pressing too much to
let the wax melt slowly. Proceed as with the wax paper to seal the
dried leaves between the two sheets of tracing paper. Finally, for a nice presentation, glue a construction
paper frame around your composition. Showcase the projects on windows to bring
out the colours of the dried leaves. To access the printable document with the
list of materials and step by step instructions, click on the link
below the video.

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