Festive Apple Candle Holders | At Home With P. Allen Smith

Festive Apple Candle Holders | At Home With P. Allen Smith

You know, you can use apples for a lot more
than just eating. You know, I’m always looking for interesting ways to display ordinary things,
like candles on a table for a party. So it’s the fall of the year. What’s plentiful out
there? Certainly apples. You can find them at a farmer’s market, a farm stand, you can
go to the orchard, or you can just pick them up at in the grocery store. What I doing here
is I’m actually making some little apple candle holders for a festive table decoration. These
are really easy to make and let me just show you. It’s as simple as taking an apple that,
well, you wanna make sure that apple will sit by itself and sit upright so it doesn’t
roll around on the table, for obvious reasons. This one is doing a sterling job. And I have
one here that I’ve just placed a votive candle on the top and I used a pen just to go around
and score the exact diameter of it. And you can see that circle there. Now it’s just a
matter of taking a little paring knife and cutting directly into the apple, straight
in like this. And cutting very carefully around the edge. And then you can take a melon baller,
which has a sharp edge, and you can just take out that core of the apple. See how simple
this is? You get a nice, clean cut edge with this melon baller. Okay, then it’s just a
matter of sort of sizing the candle. It’s better not to make it too large in the beginning,
because you can always cut it out but you can’t put it back in there. Alright, so there
we go. And you can see, that fits just about right with just a little pressure. What I
like to do to keep the edges of the apple from shriveling, because we’ve cut into it
it’s likely to dehydrate, and it will discolor as we know apples will, you can take just
a little bit of lemon juice, like this, and apply it to the flesh of the apple like that.
And that’ll keep it from discoloring, at least for your party. Now the other thing that I’ve
done with pumpkins and acorn squash and things like that that I’ve cut, you can actually
take a little petroleum jelly or Vaseline and rub right around the edge, and that will
seal this off and keep it from loosing moisture and shriveling around the edge. Just another
little tip. You see, this sits in just like that, and then you can light it and let some
of the candle wax drip around the edges, like I have here, to sort of seal that gap, if
there is one, between the candle and the apple itself. Now, you can see, I have an arrangement
here that the colors work beautifully with this. Now just imagine these lining a table
all lighted with these beautiful arrangements. You can make a magical table setting. Now,
if you like this idea, share it with a friend. I’d love to hear your comments on it. And
if you’ve done anything like this with other sorts of fruits and vegetables. And make sure
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  2. nice idea but i think playing around with food is not good what will u do with all these apples after wards ? throw them away?

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  7. love it very creative and beautiful thanks.

  8. I'm doing these for my wedding… but I'm making them a week in advance. Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep them from turning brown and mushy for that long?

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