Flashlight Review: Sunwayman G25C 1000 lumens with full lumen and runtime tests.

Flashlight Review: Sunwayman G25C 1000 lumens with full lumen and runtime tests.

So for a while, flashlight manufacturers
have ignored people who like strobe modes. OK just kidding, nearly every
flashlight has a strobe mode. They can be used from everything to: dance parties, to I don’t know…tactical things? To soce… sauce… Oh Sorry- S.O.S.- oh I think I read that wrong. Sunwayman continues the grand tradition of offering strobe modes on flashlights by
giving the strobe mode its own button. With the new G25C. So you’re probably like- “Strobes are useful and all and it’s normally all I use when walking around at night,
because of it’s calming effect. But what about those odd times when I just need
regular light? Well Sunwayman hasn’t forgotten about the minority of people
who use flashlights for just solid constant output. They designed a
two-button compact flashlight with three regular modes too. Like most flashlights now this one is covered in Type III anodization, has a smooth reflector, tempered
glass lens, and uses a cool tinted XML2 emitter. It runs off a single 18650 battery or two cr123a size batteries, if you like
throwing batteries away. It has four main modes I’ve included Sunwayman’s claims
and my estimated levels for each mode. My ratings should be taken with a grain of
salt because it’s a DIY lumen measuring device. First is low which is a
manufacturer rated 16 lumens for 80 hours. Mid, which is a 150 lumen output for six
hours. And high which starts at 1000 lumens and steps down to 400 lumens after
three minutes- although I did not find that to be the case in my testing. Oh and that 4th mode is strobe. So
let’s test some of those run times. Again I said high mode did not behave like Sunwayman claims it does. It starts out bright and slowly creeps down before dimming
dramatically and ending at about one hour and 14 minutes. It kind of gradually dimmed the whole time. Mid runs constantly for about 3 hours and 15 minutes. I used a Sanyo UR18650F
2600 mah battery for the tests. Sunwayman gave the G25C three operating modes just because they could. Tactical, outdoor, and daily. All modes are operated off of two buttons, one big and raised the other is flush and small. So it’s
super easy to tell the difference in the dark. Provided you have a sense of touch. The main thing to remember is that the big button is the power button and the small
button changes modes and activates strobe. SSSSTTTOOOOBBBEE… The little button from off is always momentary strobe. When the light is on the little button cycles modes or you can hold it to
activate constant strobe. I guess, so you don’t have to keep your finger on it? To change these groups you will need to hold both buttons down, loosen the head and tighten it quickly. It’s as awkward as it sounds. It’ll give you one blink for Tactical, two for
Outdoor, and three for Daily. Group one is tactical, has only two modes- strobe and high with no mode memory. “Grup t- group du”- Group 2 is outdoor-
has three modes: strobe of course, low and high. There is no mode memory it always turns on in high. And finally group 3 is Daily Group. It is the one I like, and the one the G25C is set to from the factory. The little button from off gives you a momentary strobe-
big button turns it on and off, then the little button cycles between low, mid, and
high, then low, mid, high, etc. A long press of the little button- the strobe stays on- just like I said earlier. STTTRRRROBE, NICE! A quick press of the little button gets you back to whatever mode you were in before you went “full strobe.” And everyday mode
has mode memory. So when you turn it on and off it remembers the last mode you were in. And while it technically isn’t momentary it can be turned on and off very quickly
without changing modes, just by pressing the big button. I feel like one operating
group would have been sufficient. Sorry that was boring I probably should have added
a cat meme or Donald Trump reference because I guess the internet likes those things right now. Ok so how about some beam shot comparisons. Otherwise known as
flashlight porn. The Sunwayman is a small light, the reflector is a bit smaller in diameter so it isn’t considered a thrower. But here’s a few
other lights in the same size category that show you the difference. In each shot
you’ll see my estimated maximum output figures, so you have a relative
number at least to go with a picture. First we’ll do it tests on the creepy
shed at 75 feet then some trees at a distance of about 250 feet. My
measurements here are done with a cheap Lux meter and are modeled after
the FL1 standard. The figures I’m estimating are: the Candela, lumen output on the highest mode of each light, and the throw distance in meters. The FL1 standard I found is pretty generous on how far the beam is rated to go but I’m doing it just like the manufacturers do- sort of. By the way on my lumens figures are calibrated using a Fenix light. My
number should be used as an estimate only but the figures, do provide an
insight into how each they performed in relation to one another. You’ll notice the G25C does the worst in a basic throw test. Which is because it has the
smallest reflector. Hey. HEY, wake up! Alright so how about a few other things. The light is tiny and it comes with the clip, a spare o-ring, and a
lanyard- SUPRISE! It’s easy to operate- which is a plus. It tail stands, even with the switches on
the tail cap. Because of a few bevels. Make sure it’s on a flat surface because it’s
not super duper stable. It has a bit of uninteresting knurling on the center, so it
gives you some added grip. Cool, now I can check off the “talk about knurling box” on the flashlight review chart. It isn’t a whole lot bigger in diameter than my EDC convoy s5 and
it’s actually shorter because of a smaller reflector. And the electronic switches
save a little bit of length. Since it is an electronic switch, loosen the tail when not in use to prevent accidental activation. Ok what about one or two final opinions before I cut this shit short. Things that I don’t like: I wish it came in a neutral wire or warm
white option I wish all flashlights did. Also there’s no moonlight mode. Armytek is awesome because they usually feature these as options or features on most lights that they release. Listen up, Sunwayman. So how about things I like. Well it’s EDC
sized for a larger pockets and it’s simple to operate. It seemed cool even
though it’s not that interesting. I guess it could have acted like a dick- but it didn’t. Alright, so thanks for watching and subscribe to my channel if you like
reviews and videos about EDC stuff like: knives, flashlights, headlamps, all with
bizarre jokes. Even if you don’t like any of those things subscribe anyway because I have a really good personality. Sunwayman G25C Review. Opinions, Editing, Narration, Camera, Writing, and Color by M.Hanlen. Shot on the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera. Edited in Final Cut Pro 7 & Graded in Apple Color. visit: for more information.

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