FMA LA5/PEQ UHP IR Laser/Infrared Flashlight Lens Cap [NVG Test]

FMA LA5/PEQ UHP IR Laser/Infrared Flashlight Lens Cap [NVG Test]

[Music] hi everyone during my last news him up I finally did chance to properly test the iron laser and light of the FMA la-5 UHP and back which I reviewed some time ago without being able to evaluate the dysfunctions I was extremely impressed by they started later on they think is quite powerful I was able to reach miles away with the laser still getting a clear well-defined laser dots I mean for the price is actually pretty good deal if you play with night-vision goggles of course the ire laser is invisible in any other way aiming with night-vision goggles on is actually quite hard the IR laser will definitely give it yet or at least a reference point I’m pointing the laser for these buildings which are at least three miles away and it’s actually quite better than the camera tells so if you guys got some nbg this is definitely product a good recommended otherwise I still prefer the FMA antic 15 with green laser which is definitely more powerful than this one on the end not about the a flashlight cap on this back unit I’m sorry but it’s pretty much useless alright thanks for watching guys follow me on Facebook and Instagram as well take care and until next time stay safe out there

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  1. is it possible to zero the ir dot? it was not possible with the old one, because the angle of ajustment for the elevation was to narrow.

  2. Which NVG's do you use?

  3. Anyone that drops the cash for night vision should be able to easily afford a real Steiner dbal or even the Insight peq15c civilian model. I have an IR peq15 replica on my kwa lm4 just for looks.

  4. Awesome! Thanks for the video brotha!

  5. With so many FMA peq 15's out there what's the specific model number on this one? : I.e. "TB0066" etc

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