FourSevens Bolt Action Mini Flashlight Overview

FourSevens Bolt Action Mini Flashlight Overview

Tyler here with GPKnives and today we have
the new FourSevens Mini Bolt. This is a Fellhoelter and FourSevens collaboration and it is a smaller
version of the original bolt action pen that was also a collaboration between Fellhoelter
and FourSevens. It has a similar functionality with a momentary on with a press of the bolt
and then constant on with the catch for the bolt. A similar construction with stainless
steel pocket clip and an all aluminum body. There are several operational configurations
on this particular flashlight and it comes in configuration one which is just high. So
if you press this it goes on high. I currently have it set up in configuration 5 which give
you all the mode operations. So here you see we have the low output, medium output, high
output, strobe. We have the SOS and there is a high becon and low becon. So that is
configuration 5. Of the 5 configurations you’ve got Configuration 1 being just High. Second
Configuration is High-Low, Third Configuration is High-Strobe, Fourth Configuration is Low-Medium-High-and-Strobe,
and the Fifth Configuration, which is the current one, give you all the mode options.
Setting up the various Configurations involves a “momentary on” 15 times. After pressing
the bolt 15 times you get the mode option selection. It is going to blink the number
of times for the mode you are on and as you can see I have now switched this back to mode
one or Configuration 1 where it is just high on weather momentary or continuous. A quick
run down on the specification on the Mini Bolt. It runs on 1 AAA Battery, it has a length
of 4.98″, a diameter of .51″ and a weight of 1.13 oz. The output is going to be 5 Lumens
at Low, 20 Lumens at Medium, and 100 Lumens at High, and it has a maximum run time of
20 Hours at 5 Lumens, and 1 Hour at 100 Lumens. Here we have it with the FourSevens Atom for
a little size comparison. And now for a quick comparison of the two light outputs, we have
the Atom here which is also a 100 Lumen Max output and here is the Mini Bolt. As you can
see the Mini Bolt and the Atom have a very similar output. The Mini Bolt has a little
bit warmer LED and it also has a little tighter of a beam. The Atom has a little bit wider
of a throw between the two lights. The Mini Bolt uses a Cree XP-L Led and the Atom uses
an XP-G2 Led. If you like what you’ve seen today and you’d like to see more please subscribe
to our Youtube Channel Feed and like the video below. Again that is the Mini Bolt from FourSevens
in collaboration with Brian Fellhoelter. Check it out now at Thanks for watching
and stay sharp! Closed captioning provided by Tyler at GPKnives.

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  1. Just had this delivered. Did not come set up in configuration 1. Tried to follow the manual but that didn't help me at all. Anyone else having this issue?

  2. Bolt Action smmfh wtf

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