FourSevens Paladin/Knight Flashlight Overview

Tyler here with GPKnives and today we have
the FourSevens Paladin. This was designed in collaboration with Paul Kim, former Senior
Vice President of Engineering at Surefire and current designer at PK Design Labs. This
is a titanium version of a full production version called the Knight which we are also
going to show in this video. The Paladin is a limited run and this is the PVD coated Blue
Titanium Paladin. This light has several features that make it stand out amongst other lights
in its class. The various modes can be accessed either via a tail cap press for momentary
on or through a twist of the tail cap for constant on. The twist of the tail cap is
also how the auxiliary modes are accessed and these modes include strobe, SOS, medium
output, becon high, and becon low. The Paladin has two basic output modes: a high output
mode of 450 Lumens and a low output mode of 25 Lumens. A quick run down on the specification
for the Paladin. It runs on one CR123A, it has a lenght of 2.4″, a body diameter of .78″,
with a head diameter of .9″. The weight without batteries come in at 1.29 oz. It has a low
output of 25 Lumens with a 30 hour run time and high output of 450 Lumens with a 2 hour
run time. And the LED on this is the Cree XM-L2. We have the raw titanium here on the
right and the Blue PVD coated titanium here on the left and there is also the FourSeven’s
Knight, that is K-N-I-G-H-T, and this is an aluminum bodied version of the Paladin and
this will be a regular production version. It has the same specifications with the exception
of the weight and it comes in at .95 oz. with out batteries. Here you can see it with the
attached bezel. Normally if it is not attached to the head of the flashlight it is installed
for storage on the body of the flashlight and you can see that right here and to switch
it out you simply remove the head, remove the forward bezel, and reattach it to maintain
the clip on the light. If you like what you’ve seen today and you’d like to see more please
subscribe to our Youtube Channel Feed and like the video below. Again that is the Knight
and the Paladin, designed by Paul Kim and produced by FourSevens. Check it out now at Thanks for watching and stay sharp! Closed captioning provided by Tyler
at GPKnives.

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