Fox News Host Torches Juan Williams, Leaves Him Speechless

Fox News host Dagen McDowell shredded her
liberal co host Juan Williams on “The Five” this week and it was brutal. Williams was selling the idea that investigation
into the Russia hoax investigators was based on revenge and not needed. Dana Perino asked if it wasn’t a good thing
for the people to see what the origins of what the investigation were. “Right but that’s not what is going on. What is going on is an investigation of the
investigators as punishment coming from an administration that is overwhelming political,”
Williams said. “They are distracting from the real news
this with silliness. We will soon he transcripts of what Michael
Flynn’s lawyers said to Trump’s lawyers.” “Listening to Bill Barr he has no reason
to do anything. He says, let’s not talk about the spying. I know I said that earlier.” “What about what happened between the time
Trump was elected and the time he takes office. Let’s look at the FBI intelligence agencies
talking to Trump and Trump Tower.” “Did they leak something? He just changes the game time and again. That’s why when you look at the Fox News
poll that came out yesterday, it says 45% of Americans believe that Barr is covering
up for Trump and not being transparent.” “They give him a negative rating for how
he handled the Mueller report. 44% say they don’t approve of what he has
done with the Mueller report,” he said. But McDowell was having none of it as she
tore into a shell shocked Williams who sat there stone faced with nothing to say. “They are trying to discredit (Barr) because
they are worried, people who worked in the Obama Administration and the FBI and CIA,
and the intelligence community they are worried. Whether it is Brennan or Comey or even subordinates
of them. “They are worried about what Bill Barr and
John Durham and the inspector general will find. It is not silliness Juan if there was corruption. “It is not silliness if there was an abuse
of power. And you know why Hillary Clinton is quiet
about this? It is because the DNC and the Hillary Clinton
campaign paid for that dossier. “The whole Mueller report discredits big
element that were in that dossier. I want to point this out. Jim Comey looked at Bret Baier last year and
said ‘I can’t say I know that the Steele dossier was paid for by the Clinton campaign.’” “He was running the FBI, they got a warrant
on an American citizen to spy on him and he didn’t know that? That’s hog wash and balderdash and mmhmm
and we all know it.” “I also read that poll, Juan. Here’s what people said. A majority. 58% think it’s at least somewhat likely
the FBI broke the law when it started investigation the Trump campaign.” “The millions of Americans who don’t trust
what went on in intelligence and the FBI under the Obama administration, they deserve answers.” “And there is nothing wrong with a thorough
look at it because it disrupts democracy in this country. There is nothing wrong with a thorough look
at it,” she said. Williams suggested that McDowell “pick up
a newspaper” to learn about how the investigation into the campaign of the president began. “The press who lied to us for three years?” McDowell screamed. “Liars. All of them,” she said as Williams looked
like he got punched in the face.

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