Gear – Thrunite TR15 Flashlight [ENG subs]

Gear – Thrunite TR15 Flashlight [ENG subs]

Hi everyone, welcome to the Lair today I’ll talk about a flash-light first time I’m doing this it comes from Thrunite contraction of through night the company has been created in 2009 by David Chen based in Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China they’ve got a website and also a shop on Amazon that’s convenient because there are warehouses in the USA Canada, Japan, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain and of course in PRC Thrunite’s thing is to issue a new product every 2 months or so and today I’ll show you the TN15 Thrunite contacted me and asked what kind of product interested me in fact I knew Thrunite only because of Jérôme The French videos he’s been doing this for months now I was interested in something that airsoft players could use either by hand or attached to a BB-rifle through a Picatinny ring something great would be to have a remote switch and a good battery stamina so they sent me the TN15, let’s have a look at the content of the box each product comes with a users’ manual there are 3 warranties the first one lasts 30 days if there’s a problem you can send the torch back, they’ll replace it for free but if you just don’t like it you’ll have to pay for shipment there’s also a 24-month warranty, you pay the shipping but they replace or repair the torch for free and finally there’s a limited lifetime warranty here you pay for replacement parts and shipping everything is well protected in a plastic foam shell now some magic! many things in the box notice that the flash-light is protected by a soft plastic bag so the lens isn’t scratched some of you may be thinking “wow, it’s big, how do I put this on my gun?” its length is 25cm but the body is 2.5cm in diameter so you can use it with a ring if you want to carry it on your belt there’s a cordura-made pouch a Velcro + clip system very handy for professionals it is not heavy, 380gramms with the batteries they give you a lanyard that you can attach to the lower part of the torch it looks sturdy, a kind of para-cord and you can adjust it to your wrist there’s also a bunch of O-rings the TN15 is 1.5metre water resistant that’s the IPX8 requirement, I don’t know about that it is supposed to resist a 2-metre fall so if you fall in game or at work, it shouldn’t break the body is made out of anodized T6 aluminium it is a very nice item the lens is very sharp and clean there’s no setting ring here, no need to set the focus there’s also two spare switch caps and of course, the remote switch it is quite long no problem to use it with a long gun the TN15 was developed for hunting and search and rescue missions the LED is a CREE XM-L2 I’m totally ignorant about LEDs, I’m sorry and there’s an embedded cooling technology because this kind of torch produces heat there are 6 different modes I’ll let you read the specs… turbo mode is for the strobe and self defence when you flash someone with 975 lumens, that’s quite violent you can use 18650 batteries or CR123A batteries unscrew the bottom part to insert batteries notice the O-ring here + is towards the front let’s switch it ON wow, it’s blinding this is firefly mode the top switch selects the mode 19 lumens 266 lumens 652 lumens 975 lumens and if I keep pushing the switch it triggers strobe mode be careful about epileptic people it may not render properly on the screen because of the refreshing rate when you switch OFF the light, it keeps the last mode in memory you won’t have to go through the whole thing again and again I talked about the length of the TN15 before if it is too long for you you can shorten it and switch to a single battery flash-light (well, 2 CR123A) now it is 18.5cm it is a cool feature let’s try the remote switch I forgot to mention that with the classic switch, you don’t have to push it all the way a single press will allow a quick lighting the remote switch uses only the push-to-light feature there are 3 buttons but they all work the same way of course you can still change mode the memory won’t keep the strobe mode it avoids starting directly in strobe mode and startling everyone in the team the price is 65.95€ on Thrunite Amazon shop well, this is not an “alibaba-5$-flash-light” but i think the TN15 is a product of quality, durable and sturdy it is Thrunite’s philosophy : keeping their customers happy of course I don’t own any Picatinny ring so I can’t show the torch on a gun if I can find one before the end of the video I’ll show you… the manual specifies that it can be mounted without problem on a shotgun the beam is supposed to light up to 515 metres something I’d like to say is that we play more and more on CQB, at night, or even night CQB so everybody has a flash-light and some people use 4000-lumen torches and they don’t care flashing your head with their anti-aircraft-defense floodlights! I’d like to remind you that this kind of flash-light can damage your retina even if you stare at it for a short amount of time just like lasers, if you’ve got a mode allowing you to see where you’re walking at night, use it use your brain before flashing someone’s eyes… this kind of item is an offensive and defensive item for professionals they use it to prevent the enemy from firing at them, or to rescue people they can also use it as a blunt weapon we players don’t use….your…..brain! don’t throw 1000 lumens at your friend’s face if he suffers eye damage, you’ll be the one in trouble I’m done with that I’m pleased with the finish of the TN15 I was used to cheap products or overpriced Surefire torches Thrunite gives us the middle range with a sturdy, not expensive and reliable product it is still to test over time I’ll see you soon in the Lair xoxo

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  1. bravo pour le petit commentaire sur la sécurité
    ( je pratique le paintball et il y à la même maladie de lumeningite aigue à croire que c'est est celui qui à la plus grosse qui gagne)

  2. salut ding, super review par contre personnellement je conseillerais plus les lampes olight en airsoft

  3. Slt Ding! Comme a ton habitude la vidéo est très agréable, je voudrais te conseiller la prochaine fois que tu fais une review de lampe de faire un petit test pour montrer comment est concentré le faisceau en milieu extérieur et en intérieur en donnant ton impression à ce sujet (même ce n'est pas de la part d'un expert). L'exemple qui me concerne : je cherche particulièrement des lampes qui ont une concentration du faisceau importante pour avoir une plus grande portée car je joue tout le temps en extérieur.

  4. merci ding pour cette excellente review ,encore un bel objet et bien équipé merci de ton éclairage comme on est pas des lumières en plus elle était facile celle là à bientôt

  5. Super vidéo.
    Excellente lampe, comme toutes celles de la marque, chacune avec un usage différent.
    Merci pour le lien vers ma chaine 😉

  6. Pas mal cette lampe. Manquerai peut être un peu d'information sur la taille du faisceau, savoir si c'est un faisceau large ou resserré. Parce qu'à puissance égale ça n'à pas du tout le même rendu. Maintenant aucune idée de comment tu pourrais faire ressortir ça en vidéo. Dans la même gamme de prix et de puissance tu as effectivement olight (comme dit dans un des commentaires plus bas) mais aussi Fénix. Du très très bon matos bien robuste. Plus de 5 ans que je bosse de nuit avec une Fenix TK15 et jamais eu d'emmerde, pourtant elle en à vu….

  7. Bonjour Dingo, je viens de débuter l’airsoft et ta chaîne est parfaite. Elle est très instructive est super sympa, bref j'adore.
    En plus je te trouve très drôle que tu fais des petites blagues.
    Franchement, j'essai de toutes le regarder, il y en a beaucoup, cela m'occupe et c'est super.

    Continue, tu fais du super boulot, bravo.

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