Giant Cinnamon Roll

Giant Cinnamon Roll

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  1. Managed to rescue the footage! (I used a programme called Recuva if anyone is interested)…. Anyhow, for more giant food why not have a Barrathon and watch the giant food playlist …. or if you fancy tackling this, i've written up the recipe here

  2. You’re always so happy n positive ! You light up my days ❤️

  3. 19:34 FBI open up

  4. Just to be clear – the 2 days off school is not a legal obligation, just the maximum days a child should have off for certain illness before questions are asked.

  5. Would have been easier to both assemble and extract with a spring form wouldn't it? Still.. that (or a somewhat smaller one) would be amazing in lieu of a more traditional cake.

  6. Oh no.. the egg wash!?

  7. A Giant Twirl!

    Love your videos Barry you excel every week 🙂

  8. Have you ever done a recipe when you have used velvet chicken, which is a term used to keep meet juicy within Chinese cooking. Please do a recipe on this subject and would this technique work as well for popcorn chicken?

  9. 10:05 how the hell are they like carpet?

  10. You sounded like Pooh Bear when you took the cinnamon roll out of the oven. Cute!

  11. Takes bite "Aaah, it's like a baby!"
    Me: 😱

  12. Shouldn't your t-shirt say "Keep calm and Barry on"?

  13. I must damit that I desperately miss those mini food videos you used to make a long while ago ._.
    But of course I like these videos as well, and that cinnamon roll looks super tasty :3

  14. Well that made me hungry

  15. You should to face your fear and make a giant pork pie or make a giant twix!!

  16. That's crazy that kids are required 2 days off school if you're sick, in America kids have to go to school sick all the time because you can't be excused without a doctors note, and you still fall behind with tests and homework! I one time went in and I was so sick I was falling asleep in class and could barely breathe and just ended up in my sweatshirt with a whole box of tissues in the back row! It was horrible! I'm glad they actually care about the kids there!

  17. mandatory 2 days off?! Why is the US so terrible?!

  18. barry can you do another 30min meal but from another chef?

  19. @Barry Lewis That looks like a Cake-a-Roll:14.5 inches😲!

  20. Barry you are just so adorable , I bet your kids and wife have a blast with you ,, so cute and you make me laugh , watched a bunch of your episodes during recovering from a medical procedure and well it got me through with a smile , thank you for your awesome videos and BTW I watched the one where you thought you lost this footage , so awesome that you found it .thumbs up

  21. You should do a draw my life like if you agree

  22. UK has a better legal system than the US

  23. Giant chocolate orange.

  24. "all about portion control"

    peeks at giant roll

    ArE yOu SuRe AbOuT tHaT?

  25. Damn did that ever make me hungry.

  26. I don't know why but Barry reminds me sooo much of Eddie Redmayne…

  27. Can you make and send one please?! Love your videos!!

  28. Hi barry where on earth did u get the attachment on ur vacuume for the dogs i so need 1 having a barryathon today yay loving ur vids ty for doing them xx

  29. This video hurts me 😬
    Overworking, overflouring, overproofing, under proofing, rolling too thin, crowding the pan, KNOCKING THE AIR OUT WHILE PROOFING, LOW OVEN TEMPS, I'M GONNA CRYY BARRY. It had so much potential 😢
    Low oven temps is like the worst thing you can do yo a yeasted dough. Enough beginning heat and moisture can salvage almost anything but very few can survive low temps and not become inedible doughy bricks

  30. diabetes has entered the chat

  31. he always puts his hands like this ww ww the w,s are his hands

  32. Great job making this!! I myself have lost a lot of "footage" before but oh well .. the perks of making youtube videos !!
    Happy Cinnamon Rolls baking! your work is well appreciated 🙂


  33. A giant apple turnover or a giant egg custard with a tonne of nutmeg

  34. Thank you for these lovely videos. You seem genuinely lovely.

  35. I had no idea that you had rebranded yourself!

  36. Omg that dough is so fluffy

  37. The pug getting vacuumed was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

  38. All I keep imagining is inviting people for brunch and saying "I've made a cinnamon roll" and then you pull that beast out! looks amazing Barry.

  39. Barry! Have you thought about making a giant mochi ball???? I would like to see that!

  40. I'm surprised your pug had the patience to let you hoover him.

  41. You did make normal size when you made some with the girls ages ago along with mini pizza rolls didn't you?

  42. WAIT! YOU LEGALLY CAN HAVE 2 DAYS OFF SCHOOL?!? As someone from the uk I did not know this.

  43. Looks Yummy. Good for a big party.

  44. That one piece you cut out is probably your recommended daily intake

  45. This video should have an 18+ rating it's naughty 😍
    Also loved Boston getting Hoovered super cute!!

  46. Barry whats going on with ur hair😀😀😀

  47. Hi Barry. Please can you make… an Easter egg sized Cadbury creme egg… filled with the creme thank you 🙂

  48. Schools here in the USA need to implement that 2 day law they don’t care if your even sick they’ll end up taking you to court for missing to much school and school nurses don’t even send kids home when they’re sick most times if the schools even have nurses because budget cuts most public schools don’t anymore sickness runs through schools here like a plague we should take some pointers from you all in the UK 🇬🇧

  49. I know it’s hard on parents to have children home, if you work outside the house. It truly keeps the spread of sick germs. In USA. We only have keep the out 24 hrs after a fever has gone. I think the children could use an extra day to rest but that’s just hard to do

  50. I'm glad you found this video! The last time I checked you had lost it. My gosh it does look soooo 😋 yummy.

  51. puff pastry for cinnamon rolls? no, I don't like that at all … I much prefer your home made version 😀 that's proper dough, puff pastry is unsuitable

  52. By putting icing on top and having no cardamom in the dough, you've just offended every scandinavian alive

  53. 10:14 and 14:28 are the cutest things i've ever seen in my life

  54. 🤤 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  55. Did you find Mr. Luke Warm yet??

  56. Amazing! I'm from Sweden and I think it could be really fun if you tried baking cinnamon buns the way that we do here in Sweden. Its a bit different and I have always wanted to know if it tastes any different😊

  57. Next up: Barry makes a fire hose!

  58. If you use puff pastry instead of the yeast dough, you will get a Danish instead of a Cinnamon Roll – entirely different… Yum though… 😋

  59. hearing that you've never made cinnamon rolls before makes me fell better, tbh. I took all the cooking classes that I could whilst in school, I'm 20 years old, about to graduate after two years of Culinary Arts, and am going to start Baking and Pastry Arts in the fall, and yet I still haven't made cinnamon rolls. Any time they made them in school or college, I always ended missing it for some reason…

  60. To bad you didn't say ( It's ALIVE )

  61. Proper fancies his ability in the kitchen, do me a favour and climb out your own arse!

  62. next time u do one of thease bar ile be round in 10 mins lol

  63. it tastes like a baby…wait, im not eating a baby but you know what i mean

  64. 71 dislikes from upset diabetics

  65. Hey batty can you make a huge veggie might and cheese roll

  66. you should call the Crazy Britain.

  67. 19:34
    Barry: it’s like a baby, well I’m not eating my baby.
    Me: oh, I’m not supposed to do that

  68. He looks like Liam Gallagher

  69. I like these videos but sometimes the prep and assembly of the food is so messy it makes me not want to watch. Keep doing what you're doing. I got hooked watching gadget videos and really like to see the giant foods just would like to see the prep a little neater

  70. I know this was posted ages ago but it’s sad I can’t eat this because I’m allergic to sugar

  71. anyone else's heart break when he cut a big wedge out instead of unwinding it?

  72. every time he pushes the top down my soul dies a little bit…

  73. Giant Mr Kipling Angel Cake maybe?

  74. The eating sounds he makes tho

  75. Honestly, this is probably the first giant food video I might actually try, this seems like it would be great for a family gathering.

  76. you are supposed to smear the icing when its fresh out of the oven otherwise it doesnt set properly

  77. You should have over a million subscribers

  78. I have done something similar but rather than make the huge roll i squiged small sized ones into a similar sized pan (springform) as an alternative to a birthday cake for my elderly mother to take to her exercise class. Rather than having to cut it they could just pull a roll off.

  79. Go Barry you slap dem buns

    Then clean up your mess

  80. Top tip: use a pizza cutter to cut lengths of dough

    Edit: also I second the comment regarding replacing clingfilm with wax paper. Get em from Lakeland 😉

  81. Yummmmy! The only thing that would make it better is to fill it with pecans. My mom always puts them in her cinnamon rolls and there’s nothing better.

  82. with that hair cut i thought it was a flash back video from when you started – love your vids pal keep up the giant food and overall great channel

  83. has any Luke Warms replied to this yet? lol

  84. blackhead scrub dude. blackhead scrub.

  85. I've been watching your videos for three days now and can't believe how do you manage to keep your weight.

  86. There's a diner in San Antonio, Texas, that has 3lb (1.4kg) cinnamon rolls.

  87. ‘Cinnamon in the turns’ is what some call it in Norway 😂 Love your enthusiasm!

  88. You need to have Chloe in your videos more she is cute as hell

  89. Why ?
    Oh why did you smack it and pressed on it's top part so much, just let it rise

  90. Maybe I will have a cute daughter like Chloe 😍

  91. Giant molteaser xD don’t know if I spell it right

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