Golden Torch 2018 – Award For Favorite Professor

Golden Torch 2018 – Award For Favorite Professor

2018 Golden Torch Award We asked our students to nominate their favorite professors. My name is Anthony Roman and I’m nominating Doctor Isaacson, Tom Isaacson. Hi, my name is Kelsey Alung, I want to nominate Carl Johnson because he is my favorite professor, he’s very passionate about his students very passionate about his job, he’s compassionate to his students, he’s just a nice guy all around. I’m Mark Solinkski. My favorite professor is Evan Lucas. I’m Noah Bauer. I’d like to nominate Gabriel Brown for my favorite professor Hello, my name is Guy Schuul. And I nominate Tracy Wacom for the best professor in the entire world for making every student feel safe and inspiring all those that are willing to be inspired. Maddie Isch. I want to nominate Doctor Kasaw because he’s just a really smart professor He really cares about the students and always pushes you to be better. Hi I’m Anna Worman I nominate Lee Recker because he makes chemistry easy to understand and he relates to his students. After listening to all of your responses We are excited to announce the winner For the second year in a row 2018 Golden Torch Receipient Dr. Lee Roecker In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week 2018, we thank all of the wonderful professors at NMU.

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