H20 Instant Water Candle Kit

H20 Instant Water Candle Kit

Turn ordinary glass containers
into elegant home accents with Water Candles. Simply fill a vase, jar,
or other wide mouth glass vessel with water. Stir in some of the coloring
until the desired shade is reached. Add just a bit of
cooking oil until you’ve got a layer on top of the water
about a quarter inch thick. Now insert the wick into
the hole in the clear base. Submerge the assembled base just
below the surface of the oil, leaving the wick exposed. Finally, light the candle
and enjoy the ambiance. Take it one step further
and fill your vessel with flowers, stones, or other
kinds of decorative ornaments. Because the floating
base is clear, it’s virtually invisible,
creating the beautiful illusion of a floating flame. As a household
source, cooking oil is safe, slow burning,
and easily replenishable. The do it yourself
water candle gift includes three floating
bases, 18 wicks, and a small bag of
coloring powder. Water Candles– buy
them now at Because we love to
entertain, here’s a super cool trick that
works with any candle. With a lighter ready,
blow out a lit candle. Use the lighter to
ignite the rising smoke and watch the candle
become re-lit. Let’s watch that
again– awesome.

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  1. try I was thinking about that john Clyde or no food coloring

  2. The ending was so cool good job vat19!

  3. Why not make a glow in the dark one?

  4. We can do it at home for free cx

  5. But does it have a bottle opener

  6. not really a water candle. its more or less putting a piece of plastic and wick in oil, which you can do without having to spend the money

  7. I love vat 19🤗

  8. But can it run Crysis?

    I mean you can do it by yourself and its wayyyy cheaper than this and making it with your effort is more "personnalley" better.. Rite?

  10. Definitely buying this

  11. They just show you how to make one then expect you to buy one
    That makes no sense!

  12. Made my own! just by using a plastic sheet i cut it out and then cut a wick from a tea light candle then i pierced a hole in the center of the sheet I inserted the wick in the plastic sheet my candle had that metal thing at the bottom so that helped the wick to stay and then i filled my vase with water and added oil the oil sank to the bottom but then came back in droplets however it took a few minutes for the oil to mix when the oil and water were separated from each other i carefully placed my plastic sheet on the surface and let it float for about 2 minutes just to make sure it wont sink then i very carefully lit my candle wick i turned the lights of however i did not color my water instead i placed some stones and rock potpourri in the vase and the final result was just AMAZING! the candle burned fro up to 10 minutes until i blew it off

  13. In my country you can get that in a church because it's used for when someone dies..

  14. If you have 3 floating bases why would you need 18 wicks Ohhhhh so you can use them all over agin I get it

  15. This is gong to be a diy

  16. What if you use a hula tumbler

  17. Why would I buy this when you told me how to make it. DIY up in here.

  18. This is really waxible.


  19. so cool !!! I wont one !!!!!

  20. I just made this with clear plastic,wick from a candle, and cooking oil

  21. Can I put spit ball in it ?

  22. Καντήλι λέγεται

  23. Cool tutorial , bad product

  24. Untill you accidently bump it over and burn your whole house fucking house with your family in it.

  25. Can't you just make this at home for much less?

  26. Can you add essential oils for a better smelling candle?

  27. what happens if you put spitballs in the water

  28. Lol. Buddhist uses for prayer altar xD

  29. that last bit freaked me out

  30. This type of candle is sold all over Sri Lanka

  31. This was so cool !!!!

  32. Can you put a bath fizzy in the candle?

  33. What is a vaise?!?!!?!!!

  34. I'm picturing Redford being like " uh huh vat19 I dont need no 'Diy water candle set' "

  35. It's lit literally

  36. I am so satisfied watching this

  37. I thought it was a candle that looked like water

  38. This is «lightening my day»

  39. Could I use Das Boot??

  40. you can make this at home

  41. i heard water candles atract monsters.
    only some would understand this

  42. When i watch this i thought this is a DIY

  43. When i watch this i thought this is a DIY video

  44. You can buy that in Europe

  45. Guess you can say this is "lit" hahah!!

  46. Lol can you use soda?

  47. 4$ for some pieces of plastic?! really??!!

  48. So you're using oil as a fire base, and on top of water? Sounds slightly dangerous

  49. Why buy one? you can just venture to the dungeon.
    (If you know what side of the world it's on)
    And also, who would want double the enemy spawn rate in their house?

  50. This is available in indonesian restaurants

  51. if you want to save money
    use string and clear plastic

  52. 1:19 Because smoke and fire burn each other lol

  53. umm i can do this by cutting a piece of plastic and doing the oil and water then if i want to, i can color the water and then do the same (just saying) nice product thougj

  54. I’m gonna pull a Redford and make this myself.

  55. Replace the powder with cocaine

  56. Im gonna put a pool on fire

  57. Or you can you know. Do it yourself

  58. Never thought I would be mad about getting ads before an ad.

  59. in indonesia there many candle who like that lol

  60. Um we actually don't need this kit we have food coloring and just cut the thing from a candle and jut get clear plastic and cut and done

  61. Seems like a good idea, but you could do it yourself

  62. Wow, who would buy thisl?

  63. Lol could you use it on a fish tank>

  64. Why would i spend $4 on that thing when i can just cut out a plastic film and just place a wick of a candle. Simple.

  65. I could literally make this for less than you are advertising it

  66. They should’ve said lit at the end instead of awesome

  67. How long exactly would this last?

  68. Obviously we don’t need to buy that we can just do it ourselves

  69. Can't I just put cooking oil

  70. At first i thought theyre teaching us how to do these … These are easy to do..

  71. Did he say stop tea bagging

  72. I know that trick

  73. What is the smell

  74. This video is super Lit

  75. Why have 18 wicks when I have 3 bases??

  76. I made this at home yesterday

  77. #lit 360 NOSCOPE

  78. Do u need to color it?

  79. why on your discontinued products do you turn off comments?

  80. Wait, what are they selling?

  81. I can literary make this myself for like 2$

  82. My aunt used this at her wedding and it was so beautiful! I recommend

  83. Why not make your own?

  84. ok, I’ll be sure to put these in all my mob grinders

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