HaikeLite HT35 Zoomable Led Flashlight – Best Value 2019

HaikeLite HT35 Zoomable Led Flashlight – Best Value 2019

Hello my friends. Nice to meet you again Today I share with you my new flashlight HaikeLite HT35 This is the box of the product. HaikeLite’s box is extremely simple. This is inside the box. The HaikeLite HT35 is fairly guarded No impact-resistant foam like some other brands. HaikeLite saves up to the maximum cost Inside the box is not much 2 Orings User manuals The manual is also minimalistic Dedicate Belt. Very beautiful dedicate belt HaikeLite HT35 strap is very soft and good quality. The strap is very solid There is a latch for attaching the strap. I really like HaikeLite’s bundled strap Now we will look at the HaikeLite HT35 flashlight Good anodizing Each line on HaikeLite HT35 is very powerful Very deep radiator slot The dominant design is circular but very powerful The most special feature is the lens system of the lamp HaikeLite HT35 uses led XHP35 HD There are 2 versions: CW and NW Lumens: Max output is 2300 lumens Range: 1000meters At the end of the clip, I tested HaikeLite HT35. Our flashlight is capable of projecting up to 1000m as announced. Lens: AR coating & Waterproof Coating Glass Lens The HaikeLite HT35 lens is a very large glass globe Perhaps by this point the HaikeLite HT35 is the only zoom flashlight with a brightness of up to 2300 lumens HaikeLite HT35 has 3 brightness levels: 2300LM,700LM,250LM Time used by the manufacturer announced is Runtime: 2300 lumens – 2.5h Runtime: 700 lumens – 8.5h Runtime: 250 lumens – 32h Running time depends a lot on your battery. The screw to tie the strap. We can remove it and attach it to the tripod When removing screw the flashlight it looks better, isn’t it? The lens of HaikeLite HT35 is very beautiful. The tactical ring is quite sure. It doesn’t seem to be removed. Switch Type: Reverse tail cap switch A slightly hard tail switch HaikeLite HT35 weighs about 600g HaikeLite HT35 has a very thick shell Therefore, it is easy to understand when HaikeLite HT35 weight is up to 600g The threaded pipes is made very beautiful The threaded pipes is lubricated Tail cap switch looks quite similar to the convoy HaikeLite HT35 uses 2 26650 batteries Or 2 18650 batteries But HaikeLite does not donate the fitting for use with the 18650 battery I use a transfer tube when I buy Convoy L2 To use 18650 battery you will need a little creativity. You should use a small magnet to make better contact between the two batteries If you use a flat top battery, you don’t need to do this We will explore the user interface of HaikeLite HT35 Full click to turn on To switch between the brightness levels, we will press half the switch 750 lumens 2300 lumens 250 lumens Full click again to turn off HaikeLite HT35 has a memory level function Sometimes your job needs a fixed brightness level. The last bright level memory feature is quite useful A special feature of HaikeLite HT35 is the zoom function Now I will re-mark the location to see the zoom capability of HaikeLite HT35 The zoom mechanism of HaikeLite HT35 works very well A great distance makes the HaikeLite HT35 have a great zoom mode. Beam very focused Very wide beam Extremely interesting Here I will compare HaikeLite HT35 with Convoy L2 When zooming farthest HaikeLite HT35 is quite similar in size to Convoy L2 HaikeLite HT35’s head is slightly larger than Convoy L2 HaikeLite HT35 and Convoy L2 are both longrange flashlights When collecting short maximum HaikeLite HT35 is shorter than Convoy L2 Bigger head, deeper heat dissipation. HaikeLite HT35 will be cooler than Convoy L2 2 extremely powerful flashlights It is difficult to find a flashlight capable of replacing HaikeLite HT35 HaikeLite HT35 is the most valuable zoom flashlight. When you pay only $ 38 for HaikeLite HT35 You can buy HaikeLite HT35 on Banggood or Gearbest. I have a link and a discount code right below. If you know a flashlight better than HaikeLite HT35 please share it with everyone. Thank you for watching the clip Wish you find a lamp that suits your needs. See you in the next clip.

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  1. WHY a focusable light?

    There are sometimes when you require a flashlight that can see far away and other times when you need to illuminate a large space. For instance, would you like a light you can take camping that will light up your entire campsite as well as a dark wooded trail? If you could carry just one versatile light that could adjust between spotlight and floodlight, would that be helpful? Yes!

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