Hazelnut Cinnamon Apple Strudel or Rolls Roasted Nut Mixture

Hazelnut Cinnamon Apple Strudel  or Rolls Roasted Nut Mixture

Hi. Hello. Apple Strudel prep time today. Okay. So, we are making the filling for the apple strudel, and this is my personal recipe. I have a little crock pot here. I just take a pound of butter, put it in here, and set this, warm it. I usually warm it in the microwave. Okay. Just for a couple of minutes, to get it liquid, maybe three minutes, right. Yeah. So, quickly, I’ll just put it in here. Yeah, in a minute, okay. What the other thing we do is we have some hazelnuts here. Boy, they are really expensive. Yeah. Yeah, they are. Must be a bad… must have been a bad…. So, but the best filling for apple strudel is made with hazelnuts. Yeah. And better than hazelnuts are roasted hazelnuts. Okay. So at least take a good portion of hazelnuts like this. Mm hm. And put them in the oven, and roast them. You will smell right away when they are roasted. Okay. As soon as you smell them, take them out. Okay, so they go in our convection oven
here. Yeah. Okay, and about 325, 350 in a regular oven. For roughly how long? Just until you smell them? Seven, eight minutes? Okay. About that. Maybe ten, but ten is taking a chance. Okay. You don’t want to burn your hazelnuts, because then you have to start all over again, and they are very expensive, so. Okay. Okay? Ha ha ha! We’re out of the oven now. Yeah. So, what many people do is take them, take these hazelnuts, put them in a towel, and kind of rub the skin off. I don’t do that because there is a lot of flavour in the skin, and I like to have that in my apple strudel. Especially now that it’s singed right? Yeah. It’s, you want to have this roasted hazelnut flavour. Yeah. It’s just so much better, right? They look a lot different. So, they go in the food processor, and they will be ground fine now. With the skin on. With the skin on. Perfect. And then we’ll see each other again. Okay. This is like a mad scientist’s workshop. Ha ha ha! This is actually quite a nice lemon squeezer. Okay, so here we are, all we do is put it together. We have about a pound of butter here, melted. Add this. Now, I have to say I cheated a little bit at the end because I figured I don’t have enough hazelnuts, so I put about a handful of almonds in with the hazelnuts, to stretch them a little. Okay. Yeah. And almonds are a lot cheaper, right, but you still have the fantastic flavour of the hazelnuts right. And this is about equal amounts of icing sugar, so we’ll just put this in here now. And blend it together, right. And what you like to, what you want to do here is add a few drops of almond extract, okay. And the juice of a lemon, to cut the greasy taste from the butter. You know, the lemon kind of gives it a fresh taste, and it goes good with the apples, for the apple strudel. Mm hm. And here we are. So that’s what you spread on your strudel? Spread on my puff pastry, which I use for strudel, and then I slice the apples on top, put some yellow raisins, and some cinnamon, roll it up, and bake the strudel. I think we have some strudel movies already, right. Okay, yeah. Okay, this one I always keep, and it lasts me for a couple of weeks probably, here in the B and B. Okay. Yeah, and then I make fresh. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. [email protected]

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