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so I’m starting off with some almond milk you can use cashew milk whatever
kind of plant-based milk that you like and putting that into a bowl and then
I’m going to be adding in a couple teaspoons of apple cider vinegar which
helps to regulate your blood sugar levels and it’s also great for
metabolism but the combo of the big a vinegar with the milk kind of makes it
almost like a buttermilk which is great for this recipe so it really makes these
cinnamon buns or rolls whatever you call them some almond flour which has lots of
protein and vitamin E as well as some coconut sugar which is my sugar of
choice because it is an unrefined sugar and I’m pretty sure it’s one of the only
unrefined granular sugars out there some baking soda which is basically just
gonna help it rise along with some baking powder and I’m using the aluminum
free one this is just my favorite one some Himalayan salt which balances your
pH and has lots of essential minerals in it so Dan thumb gum which helps bind
gluten free flours so as long as you’re using a gluten-free flour you want to
use anthem’ gum if you’re using regular flour and you don’t need to a little bit
of vanilla extract is going in to our wet ingredients of our milk and our
vinegar along with some coconut oil which is a great healthy fat it actually
helps you burn fat so it’s one of the key good fats you mix that together and
then I’m making a little well in my dry ingredients and we’re going to be
pouring in our wet into the center and then just folding it together to kind of
make a cinnamon roll slash and bun dough this comes together really well I’m
really easy you could definitely make these in advance and then freeze them
and then just bake them off like in the morning if you want what I like to do
for like Christmas morning is I’ll make a batch of cinnamon rolls the night
before I’m either in the fridge or if I do like
a week before in the freezer and then you can just bake them the morning of
which is super yummy so as you guys can see the dough comes together we’re
really nice and quickly and then I’m going to be laying that out on my
countertop with a little bit of flour on the bottom so I’m using tapioca here on
the bottom just so it doesn’t stick and kind of kneading out the dough a bit and
then you’re going to be adding in a little bit of flour on the top just to
make sure that you don’t sick you don’t want this to stick to your counter and
then it’s gonna be a mess and then I’m using my a marble rolling pin I love
this rolling pin guys I think like the Star Wars spatula this is gonna be like
another thing it’s the marble rolling pin or at least like I want it to be a
thing so I’m being careful to roll it out with almond flour dough because it’s
not like a normal typical hour it’s a bit more challenging to roll and to work
with so just be patient with it and then I’m putting a little bit of vegan butter
just in little splotches so that when it melts it keeps them really nice and
moist you can also if you want melt it and brush it over but I find this is
just easier and it’s kind of just small amounts within the whole cinnamon rolls
that kind of melt and keep it nice and moist and then I’m gonna be adding in of
course some organic cinnamon so I’m really not precise about this I just go
ahead and sprinkle as much as are as little as I’d like on the top of that so
do all depends on how cinnamony you like your cinnamon buns and then I’m
sprinkling in just a little bit of coconut sugar again my favorite cuz it’s
autumn or fine it’s like one of the best sweeteners if you’re gonna be using a
sweetener that’s out there for you so I’m trying to putting a little bit on
the top I don’t really measure it to be honest
so you do you as little or as much as you like or if you want you can totally
omit this but then they won’t be sweet at all now this is where I was saying
the almond flour gets a little bit tricky because it’s tricky to make
grain-free cinnamon buns so you just be careful when you roll it and then kind
of squish it together as you keep doing it as you can see like it’ll break but
then just kind of squish and mold it together and then it’s really easy once
you got your log to kind of cut it and then I’m putting that into a greased
baking little sheet I’m using a round one but you can use square as long as
there’s about half an inch to an inch room for them to kind of grow and mold
together you will be fine just arrange those as we like I did I
think it was about eight eight or nine one two three four five six seven eight
oh I think I did them at ten so I got ten cinnamon rolls out of this recipe
cuz I know a lot of you guys ask how many I get at my recipes and then while
those are baking I’m gonna make it the frosting or the icing so I’m using
coconut butter here which is similar to coconut oil but a little bit different
because it’s more white if that makes sense it’s like not yeah it’s just like
the more of the this meat of it that makes sense and a little bit of almond
milk and I’m gonna blend that up and it tastes so decadent and then I just
spread them on the cinnamon rolls while they are warm so that it kind of like
melts into it and gets all gooey go on top and it covers it completely if you
don’t have coconut butter and you want to do a normal icing you can go ahead
and do that but this is the only thing I found that would give you that kind of
white icing that was like look like I say but that was actually healthy that
was that coconut butter but if you have other suggestions let me know so that I
can tell people down below but this is how they turned out they are amazing
guys they are so good I was just like oh my god when I started eating so I really
wanted to share this recipe with you guys and it’s perfect for the holidays
so I hope you enjoyed it if you make them a be sure to tag me I love it
seeing when you guys make the recipes and these ones are super yummy everyone
and your family love them and they’re perfect for honestly anymore and not
just during the holidays but any time so don’t forget to subscribe and I will see
you guys in my next video bye guys

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