[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] [EP 457-2] | Be a Watergun, and Turn Off the Candle Light. (ENG SUB)

[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] [EP 457-2] | Be a Watergun, and Turn Off the Candle Light. (ENG SUB)

It’s called Water and Fire Quiz. (Water and Fire Quiz) You’ll be split into teams of 2
and playing simultaneously. They’ll be
multiple-choice questions. The team that knows the answer
must say, “answer”. Afterwards, they’ll come up front
and make their choice. In five seconds,
they must use a water gun… to fill their teammate’s mouth. His or her teammates
must extinguish… as many candles as the number
of the multiple choice answer. (If the answer is number 5,
they need to extinguish 5 candles.) (They need to collect the water
in their mouths…) (and extinguish the candles.) What kind of game is this? – With the water in our mouths?
– How? For example, if the answer
is number three… My gosh. This is so hard. – I have a big mouth.
– He does. You should collect the water. Having a lot of water in your mouth
isn’t necessarily good. Why is he picking on me today? – Why?
– Dung Perry, it’s not necessarily good, okay? You’ll be partnering up. If you get it right,
you’ll both receive a dollar each. Really? If you get it wrong or fail
to extinguish the candles, a dollar will be deducted
from both of you. We’ll lose money. – We get deducted.
– Yes. I hope I don’t partner up
with Se Chan. If you become my partner,
we’re going to lose. (Here) What? Hey. (Just take this spoon.) What are you doing? You just handed him a spoon. You don’t know how this works. He just handed it to him. The yellow looks good on you. My gosh. You don’t know who your partner is. Mix them up. Make it interesting. I should be anticipating. I want to feel anxious. Okay. (After mixing the spoons,
he hands him one.) How did you do it? – It must be the same one.
– Let’s do it again. – It’s the same one.
– How? – Hey.
– He’s good. He has quick fingers. – Hey, mix them up.
– Fine. – Someone else can pick first.
– All right. (They pick out their spoons
fair and square.) I got white. – Okay.
– Okay! Great. All right. If you know the answer, tell us. – Okay.
– Then you can extinguish the fire. Here is the first question. Which of these choices is not
mentioned by Jeong Yakyong… – In Namyangju…
– as a way to spend the summer… according to his book “Eight Tips
on How to Spend the Summer”? – This is hard.
– It is. Number one, shooting arrows
in a pine tree forest. Number two,
swinging under a zelkova tree. Number three, playing pitch-pot
alone at an empty gazebo. Number four, eating hot food. Number five, listening to the sounds
of cicadas in a forest in the east. Number six, playing baduk
on a bamboo mat. – Answer.
– We said it first. Kwang Soo. (Kwang Soo and Ji Hyo
get a chance to answer.) – Do this.
– Okay. – What’s your answer?
– We choose… – Number 2!
– Number 2? – I think that’s right.
– Which is? – What?
– What is it? (They don’t know.) – Number one.
– Come out. – Which is?
– Number one. – Pitching under a pine tree.
– Under the pine tree… Come out. They don’t remember it. A dollar has been deducted. – Answer!
– Okay. – Which one is it?
– Number three. Should I do it? – And what is it?
– Which is? Playing pitch-pot
alone at an empty gazebo. Okay. – What should I do?
– Do it slowly. From this far away? Isn’t this too far? Get ready. You’re given
five seconds. Ready, set, go. (She shoots the gun.) (In Ah is drenched from the start.) – Serena!
– She has a big mouth. – 1, 2, 3.
– My gosh. Why do you have
such a big mouth? – Three candles.
– She has a lot of water. (She needs to extinguish 3 candles.) (Will she be able to do it?) She has a lot of water. (She spits it out.) (However, she doesn’t
extinguish any of them.) – That was close.
– Answer. – Answer.
– Answer. – Are you okay?
– Yes. It’s not easy. (Kwang Soo and Ji Hyo try again.) Number three. Pitching in an empty gazebo. (She’s confident.) – Pitching?
– Pitching? What are you doing? Come on! (He explodes.) (She’s embarrassed.) – We got it wrong last time.
– This is hilarious. Are you talking about a helmet? What are you doing? Can we please play the game? You said that before. I was in a hurry. – That’s the wrong answer.
– Okay. – I was in a hurry.
– Come on. How could you say
that we were wrong right away? – The answer is number 3.
– Number 3. Playing pitch-pot
alone at an empty gazebo. (He’s focused.) I’ll start from… I’m sorry. – Hey.
– I’m sorry! (He accidentally shoots…) (at Jong Kook’s pants.) I’m sorry! (He makes a mistake.) – I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.
– That was intentional. – That was, right?
– I miscalculated. Hey, don’t do that. Hold on. It’s embarrassing to watch.
Can you lower your shirt more? (It’s embarrassing to watch.
Can you lower your shirt more?) Hey! – You jerk!
– I mean… – What have you done?
– I didn’t know. I didn’t know that would happen. – Just wet all around it.
– Wet all around it. – Do that.
– Okay, mind your own business. – Jong Kook.
– Mind your own business. – Use this to dry it.
– Hey! (Use this fire.) – Use this.
– It’ll burn it! – It’ll burn it!
– My gosh, So Min. What if my pants burn? Don’t do that! They shouldn’t burn. It’ll burn the pants, not dry them. Ready, – set, go.
– Goodness. (Spraying) Oh, no! They’re stable. They’re good. (Now, he needs
to extinguish 3 candles.) You shot
his nose intentionally, right? Extinguish them one by one. (Suddenly,) – Two of them got extinguished.
– Hold on. (2 of the candles are extinguished.) – They’re extinguished.
– What? Nice! I did that. – You just need to extinguish one.
– That’s right. Aim. (If he extinguishes more than one,
they’ll fail.) – Aim.
– Aim. (What?) Aim. – A bit more.
– What is that? – My gosh.
– What is that? – What is that?
– He did it! (He’s a human water gun.) (What is that?) (He extinguishes 3 candles.) My gosh, Jong Kook! (He makes anything possible.) (What is going on?) (Why does he have a water gun
in his mouth?) How is this possible? – All right.
– All right. You chose number three. Gosh, we’re wrong. (It wasn’t number 3.) What he did was so cool. It was amazing. I used to do that
back in middle school. He used to be a gangster. – Answer!
– Eating hot food. Number four. – Okay. You may start.
– Serena and Annie. – Go.
– Here I go. – Goodness.
– Here I go. (Staggering) – It’s really strong.
– Hey. (She moisturizes her skin
for her comeback.) Do you really have to do this to her
when she’s making a comeback? – She collected a lot of water.
– She did. – Extinguish 4 candles.
– 4 candles. – Four candles.
– I don’t know if she can do it. (Murmuring) (What? Did she get four of them?) (The candles catch fire again.) (She lacks power.) – Answer!
– Answer! Answer! Number four! – Answer!
– Answer! Answer! Number five! – Which is?
– Eating hot food. (She claims number 5 is
“eating hot food”.) (“Eating hot food” is number 4.) Answer! She just did that one! What’s her deal? – What’s wrong with you?
– You said number five. – Come on.
– You said it was number five. – It’s number five.
– Ji Hyo, you’re hilarious. Kwang Soo’s team
hasn’t had the chance to do it. I want to get wet too! – Hey.
– Come on. You’re so dry. We haven’t had the chance. (I want to play
with the water gun too.) (Kwang Soo and Ji Hyo
attempt again.) – Answer!
– Answer! – Number four!
– Yes, Ji Hyo and Kwang Soo? – Which one?
– You should answer. – Number 4.
– Number 4. – Eating…
– Eating… Hold on. I’m sorry. (He stops her from talking.) Eating hot food. – Okay.
– Okay. – Finally.
– It’s his first try. I know. Finally. (This is
what he’s been waiting for.) (I’ll aim well.) Go. (She begins shooting.) (What’s going on?) Oh, no. (I’ll help you.) (Is this how it works?) – Collect the water!
– Oh, no! (The water pressure is remarkable.) – Look at him.
– Don’t swallow! – Look at him.
– Don’t swallow it! He swallowed it. Don’t throw up. – He drank a lot.
– He’s Groot. – Go, Groot.
– Do what Jong Kook did. (Is this the only way they can win?) (Wriggling) – He can’t aim.
– It’s working. – He can’t aim.
– He can’t. (The water goes everywhere.) (The candles are burning strong.) – Where is it coming from?
– It’s not working. – Why does it come out like this?
– Answer! – How is that possible?
– Answer! (The water avoids the candles.) Ji Hyo should do it. – Answer.
– Answer. – Go first.
– Eating… – Number 4.
– Number 4. – Eating hot food.
– Eating hot food. I don’t even know
if this is the right answer. – It could be wrong.
– It could be. – Right.
– I think… (Jong Kook is the shooter
this time.) Look at that skill. You look like a catfish. (Se Chan’s mouth is just
the right fit for this game.) – Done?
– He’s a fresh water catfish. – Good.
– I’ve seen a fish like that before. (He’s going to aim for the last 2.) Left first? Good. Then the right? All right.
I understood everything. (Spitting) (Did he get all 4?) (They reignite.) It’s okay. Stay calm. – You’re aiming too low.
– Let’s do it. Okay! (He extinguishes 2 of them.) (I still have more water.) Okay. Just repeat what you did. Do the same thing. (This is his 3rd attempt.) – There’s more.
– There is? – How much more does he have?
– Good. Does your body produce water? – Good. Go stronger.
– Does your body produce water? (What?) You did it! (He extinguishes 4 candles.) – I still have more left.
– Let’s see if this is right. – Let’s find out.
– You chose number four. Is it right? (They get it right.) Jong Kook! (It was the right answer.) (Their cooperation
has become a success.) – Jong Kook.
– We did it. Good job.

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