How long Barbi newborn out from mom’s chest | Why mom don’t allow baby outdoor | Monkey Daily 2327

How long Barbi newborn out from mom’s chest | Why mom don’t allow baby outdoor | Monkey Daily 2327

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  1. Once Mom Blakie releases baby Barbie there must be someone who kidnaps 😎

  2. This infant Longtail is fine and healthy. The infant is exhibiting (normal)l minor milestone developmental delayed behavior due to a traumatic birth (Reference first videos showing facial & ocular bruising consistent w/ fetal distress during birth; most likely Cephalopelvic Disproportion/CPD (got stuck).

    Additionally, the infant’s size could indicate she was 1 to 2 weeks premature. These incidents combined with the mother’s constant stress, fear and continual avoidance of people at the temple (watch the videos, she constantly moves away and displays fear and aggression signs all day, every day ) from camera people and tourists. She’s scared to death as a first time mom and she’s more scared to put her infant down near ANY human OR other non-human primate/monkey outside of her adult-peer social group.

    She exhibits constant sighs of severe stress/anxiety which lowers her milk production, her stress causes stress and anxiety for the infant, AND because she is stressed, baby is not producing enough cortisol (all because taking videos for profit is more important to these people than the macaques) . The infant will walk aby day now. The more mom and baby are left alone and not followed around by a camera, the more the infant’s health will improve, mom’s milk production will increase, and baby will walk. The monkey exploiters just need to leave them alone for a few days is all…

  3. I bet when Barbi starts eating solid food she'll put her down then.Bet that!

  4. Was Blackie a kidnapper before getting pregnant and having the infant? The way she holds and runs with the baby def reminds me of a KN

  5. Barbi's spikey mango hairdo has got to be annoying for her. She's reminding me of high school in the late 90's… Too much gel. At some point Blackie will hv to put her down, I hope.

  6. She is a very young mom!! And she kinda seems like she does not know what to do at all!!!

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