How to Be the Best Kisser | Kissing Tips

How to Be the Best Kisser | Kissing Tips

Speaker 1: The same thing that makes a great
kisser makes a best friend. They listen and they pay attention to what you need. So when
two people have the most perfect kiss ever, it’s because they are really like a mirror
image of one another. There’s complete reciprocity. They open their mouths at the same time. They
have just the right amount of tongue at the same time. And you can achieve that by paying
attention to your partner. So if you go into a kiss with, like, this
agenda to just, like, thrust your tongue on down there, there’s a good chance that your
partner is going to be on a different page. So ladies, you want to let the man be in the
driver’s seat on this, and let him set the pace for the kiss, and then you reciprocate
but don’t escalate. Huh? Let’s see what my boo has to say. Speaker 2: You ever watch “Hitch”? It’s about
the 90/10, right? So you go 90, let the girl go 10 to know that she wants it. Hand on the
. . . like this, right? Make sure everything’s good. Speaker 1: Mm-hmm. Speaker 2: Go 90.

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  1. how can you kiss so slow lmaoo ?! 😂

  2. oh that was a god a kiss

  3. the first time I made out was in the movies, n my hand was no where near her head. Way way lower and squeezing.

  4. Just because 2 people can kiss great together doesnt mean the mean for each other.Just means they both know what there doing.Theres and art to it like dancing.You have to want to be good at it like a passion.

  5. velmi náučné ďakujem

  6. Is anyone watching this video alone in the silence and privacy of your bedroom in the middle of the night and single 😂😂

  7. Ummm ok anyone else single here 😂😜😉😢😂

  8. These videos r just an excuse for them to make out

  9. I had my first kiss and my first makeout the same night and it was perfect tbh. Now I’m just tryna get batter

  10. I feel awkward-ish when i just stare and they make

  11. Might get laid tomorrow with my hook up partner. Need all the tips I can get to be outstanding lol

  12. What do u do with the Extra saliva? U eat it?

  13. Ugh we get it. Get a room 1:05

  14. ladies that water your mouth down with saliva .. no GOOD ladies you know who you are . big turn OFF !

  15. I'm just here because I had my first kiss today and we didn't knew how to kiss.

  16. I've kissed my fair share of guys that made my lips and chin wet.. Not the best experience… I have my honey bun now and I think we're pretty decent kissers.. But hey.. Practice makes perfect 😉

  17. Isn’t tongue kiss called french kiss? I’m really slow hha

  18. What if there’s 2 ladies

  19. how to kiss smoothly for 18+ only
    click on the link

  20. Anyone else inlove with the impossible?

  21. why am i watching this

  22. this is incredibly homophobic. why not say partner, and include f/f couples or m/m couples? crappy video

  23. ooh my gosh..i'm so glad your video actually helped.thanks

  24. did anyone here like,,, not have a bad first kiss lmao

  25. So you eat the other person?

  26. Good because I'm gonna need to learn how to kiss and I've already started to practice with my plushie and i think I'm a pretty good kisser

    I need to learn because ima kiss my boy friend soon at school

    Remmeber girls if you gonna kiss a boy make sure you use flavorered Chapstick and roll it around in your mouth a bit and boom there you go u gonna have the best kiss ever and i hope I do.

  27. Rule no.1: get a girlfriend

  28. Why does anyone need to learn how to kiss 😂?
    Like seriously it’s like this
    Step 1.kiss
    Step 2 done

  29. Dood do you know this girl….

  30. im here cause I was kissing already and she said that I was kissing good but Im not sure about that :{

  31. Am I the only one that can never kiss like this w their boyfriend/girlfriend cuz like I start kissing like that with my boyfriend and he gets SUPER turned on everything gets super escalated to the point of me getting on top of him and us just grinding

  32. Time to clean up my history

  33. I will get to the top through hardwork

  34. Who’s watching this before a date?

  35. Anyone else still confused

  36. I don’t like how much she talks. She spent half the video talking when they keep be making out.

  37. I am single. I want a guy. I want to kiss.

  38. Omg I kiss my boyfriend and I feel like I'm a really bad kisser-

  39. Yeah that's true wat did they put when kissing and using tounges

  40. I’m here cause me and my bf are now on “stage 2” which is kissing so I’m nervous

  41. 제시카님의 말을 듣고 왔따!

  42. wow i made out with my computer screen

  43. Em I the only one whose first kiss was actually hella good? I lead the kiss like I was born to do it and I was only 7

  44. 0:35

    Mm in this world thats sexist

  45. This might be wierd but I love it when guys use their tongue.

  46. Best learning ever which can achieve you everything even in learning,,, 😂😂

  47. Damn, now I wish I would have had a sister so I can practice with somebody….

  48. I made out with two girls tonight, thanks for the tips

  49. How are you supposed to "let the man lead" when you're Lesbians? Not woke at all 1/10

  50. This isn’t teaching you this is just ishdjsdhd

  51. watches and is single thinks to herself “my future boyfriend is so lucky”

  52. Fellow Virgins UNITE!!!!!!!

  53. can this apply to all relationships,including friends with benefits relationships?

  54. Why am I watching this?
    Im single

  55. Worst waste 2 min of my lofe

  56. No I always go 90 it’s a habit lol 😂

  57. and i still don't know how to kiss.

  58. To slow, like actually. 😂

  59. im not single… my boyfriend just indirectly told me im a bad kisser… :/

  60. I had a pretty good first kiss today she just wants to like do it more so I wanna get good

  61. 1:04 to end of video: watching thru my fingers

  62. 11 million people they are virginity…

  63. Just found out from another girl that the girl I kissed (who liked me) stopped liking me cause I was an inexperienced kisser. Welp gonna be forever alone….

  64. that guy just looks so awkward

  65. hanging out w/ a guy tomorrow and i plan on kissing him yall im so nervous wtfff

  66. Omg this is so cute I can’t even

  67. Omg im about to have my first kiss

  68. Is she still dating him and i felt soo uncomfortable 😓

  69. Ok. Who else got wet watching the kiss part?

  70. I'm feeling warm🔥🔥

  71. I love James Franco movies.

  72. ഇത് കാണുമ്പോൾ മൂത്രം ഒഴിക്കാൻ മുട്ടുന്നു

  73. this is so hetero

  74. That’s why my kisser is literally my best friend

  75. I just do exactly the opposite

  76. I don’t get it

  77. Face it, we are all lonesome and watching this video for no reason

  78. Omg that actually works

  79. Why ami watching this it not like im dating someone

  80. 6year old,”Ewwwwwww now she’s pregnant”

  81. I AM the best kisser in the whole wide world

  82. 0:35 snickers in Lesbian

  83. Are they dating?

  84. Me at 6: watching this on sisters iPod bc i was curious

    Me at 13: watching this for research

  85. so i went from ,how to french kiss‘ to ,how to be the best kisser‘ … lets hope it helped a little 😅

  86. Ok dude we got it lol

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