How To Build A Beehive Part 3

How To Build A Beehive Part 3

These are wooden frames On which is fixed a foundation sheet of beeswax for the bees to start building combs. Do you buy these sheets? I do Ok I buy the sheets but they are made from my beeswax I buy the foundation sheets but I bring my own melted wax to the manufacturer That is, I use a boiler to melt the beeswax that I recycle from my beehives What I melt is generally the frames of beehive bodies when a beehive didn’t work out or turned into a drone colony I do not waste the wax, I melt it and recycle it I see. Also I replace the frames after two years I melt them and replace them with new ones I recycle the caps when we uncap the frames to extract honey we recycle the caps which is made of beeswax But it is my own beeswax Once it’s melted, I bring the blocks of wax to the manufacturer who will melt it into foundation sheets so I get back my own beeswax which is clean, sanitized, perfect. The frames of a beehive body are not for us. They are for the bees. We do not harvest honey from the bodies. It is for them Moreover, the frames are different, bigger They are way bigger, yes Compared with a frame of “super” which is the wooden box we layer on top of the hive body, you can see that it is really smaller. It is in those frames that bees will store honey. That is what we harvest That’s the barn Ah yes! This is what we harvest If we compare side by side The frame we harvest And the frames for the bees That’s right There is the beehive body with a super Thank you very much, father and son!

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