How to cheaply add a flashlight/torch to a pistol crossbow.

How to cheaply add a flashlight/torch to a pistol crossbow.

hi guys i was doing some building last night and I made up thing I thought was quite cool so i just wanted to show you guys and see if you might like it basically i had added a light to a crossbow a light onto a crossbow on a flick switch so basically you don’t have to turn a light on your carry a lite in your second hand or anything just click it and it works and it didn’t cost me that much do it basically just got light from Poundland made it look all tactical and I gotta switch off another toy and i’ll show you how to do that right now alright guys so basically built this already and this is my third time filming this case something is going wrong but basically this is a poundland flashlight LED flashlight and what you do is you pop off this rubber cap off the back of it and you see better and it’s two wires in there and basically I sodered the two connectors one wire to each connector in there and it once you pop the switch out with a little flathead screwdriver is something you get these little crappy pieces that just fall apart anyway so don’t worry about that that’s rubbish now you don’t need it the only thing you want to look at is that too flat metal pins on either side it’s a flat piece ill put a picture now and it has a hole in it so you have a black or another cable and wrap it around in the hole wrap around itself gonna put another piece same again through the hole wrap around itself and i soldered these two side of the wire to the connector each one and then I put a hole in the cap here and then it goes right back on again quick and easy because it’s only poundland that would be too tough of a our parts take apart so that’s all in there and the push-button bit goes right back in it no problems right now you have two connectors the batteries are really inside if you want to make sure everything still works while you’re working with this other why you put all together and end up not working to be really frustrating now the switch I got for this is a little clicks switch that i got from another toy off pound land and I made some other stuff with it but you can go to maplin and buy them they only cost like a pound if that just a little clicking switch ill add on a picture to that to you can see it there and now what you do is you could add tape like I did before this one if you wanted to or you can just wrap it arm I’m going to pause the video a minute i’m gonna tape it up now another parts come loose and then we’ll put a wires together and then i’ll show you how to add it onto a crossbow right now depending upon which kind of crossbow type you have will have to mod the underneath of the crossbow now this one is built to have arrows like a click alarm on the crossbow itself so you just pull them out loaded up and shoot the other crossbow I had have a few of these is this one here and basically this one only has a little flat Ridge here you can see that so yeah had a flat Ridge and why did was I cut basically a space on it so that it fit here to here and that’s the one that’s right underneath the front the crossbow so won’t be in the way or anything and like that so I just to the dremel to it shave it down now so what you’re going to do with them with a glue that to that that’s the next part so the worst part was taking apart the flashlight now it’s just all the cosmetic stuff i’ll show you let’s get to start now so i’m going to put a bead of hot glue here just up to here just enough to hold it in place and I got crazy because this is just to show you guys and let’s do the second one built now so i’m going to put that on there make sure it’s right in the middle and this glue sets really quick on it looks about right now it’s on there like that so now because i’m right handed i’m just going to curve the wires around and then find a spot over here where I’m going to put the button right so I’m just going to wrap the wire around the other switch so a red wire one side and the black wire on the other make sure that works that those fine i’m just going to put a little bit soldering on it not now no expert this so good to me good right then we’ll put back to the glue here and i’m going to use just a little dab a little bit of glue there right so now you have the working light for your pistol crossbow it works quite well so the hardest part is just do a quick recap here basically all you had to do was take apart this flashlight here and that is really easy to do right this button here which you can now see clear moved light around all you had to do was get a flat tool which is here and pop this off the flashlight the back of it and then you have these little spare parts here which is just a little push button and a metal plate in a spring those parts you don’t need the only part actually was important was getting off another toy or something or you been getting any kind of cheap our push button or clicker you know all his connection to attach the wires to the bits that are in here one yeh really simple back to here and that’s it really so just want to share with you guys so if that’s a bit painful but i did make this three times now the first time I made it on my own second time I made it and some reason it didn’t record right and it’s the third time now I just want to get across you guys are people on a budget so what I want to make something nice Casey lot of these kind of things sold on a cheap website even on ebay for like 12 15 quid where you can make it find the three yourself and I’ve been fun so my next project would be possibly removing the sights on here and maybe putting in a laser with a laser on here soon so you have a flashlight and then you have a laser which i think would be really cool but I’m yeah let me know if you like this please like share subscribe also check out survival dad’s video he’s doing a review on a similar if not same pistol crossbow so yeah I’m trying to show love here to other youtubers and our hope you guys like this and I think slap

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  1. Hope you guys enjoy this. Took me a few times. Just trying to make a helpful simple project.

  2. great idea! I'll be doing this, following your instructions soon 🙂 thanks for the shoutout mate! James.

  3. Nice Mod Joe think i found one of the laser sights for my pistol cross bow from china for a few £'s but i will definitely be adding the torch atb wes

  4. Nice idea mate love how cheap and easy it is to do

  5. I did not realize those glue gun were that good

  6. Good addition Joe.
    ATB Del

  7. Cool thx…can you subscribe to my channel now thx 🙂

  8. cool but you might wanna get a brighter one man looks kinda dull light awesome job

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