How to Clean Beeswax Part 2 – The Bush Bee Man

How to Clean Beeswax Part 2 – The Bush Bee Man

– Tidy some shit up. (camera man chuckles) (footsteps crunch on gravel) You think, just you know,
when you’re busy in summer you think like oh when I get to winter I’ll have some spare time because there won’t be so much going on. But then it’s so cold and miserable it’s hard to get motivated. But, anyway believe it or not I even been trying to tidy
this shit up in this shed a little bit. I figure if I start at
the front at both sides and work my way back
maybe I could get some sensible order before the winter’s over. Well anyway, everybody will
find out how I go shortly. I’m just going to burn some
of this crap out of here and I’ll be right back. Oh hi kids daddy’s tidying
up would you believe? I know that’s hard to believe. Now there’s a dangerous thing
to do in your spare time kids. (bird chirps) It would help if me paper wasn’t so dry. Wet. It really gets damp this
time of the year doesn’t it? (bird chirps) Come on you bloody wick. Are we ready? (chuckles) Woo! And we’re off! (short laugh) While we’re out here in the field I’ll show you the slum gum or the top shit that came off the top of our saucepan. Which you didn’t get
to see because it dark and you’ve got to tip
it out when it’s hot. So that would have been worth seeing but we were out here with a
torch in the freezing cold. So anyway, come on over here
and check this shit out. (many bees buzzing) (footsteps on dirt) Goodness me aye? So for all you beekeepers that have actually done
this whole cleaning up the wax thing. You’ll
know about this muck that comes out and you normally end up with a heap of wax still stuck in it. But this project you
hardly end up with any. So I thought I’d just show you how slum gum heap of muck.
Cause if you have a look there’s hardly any wax left in there. So anybody out there who
has actually ever cleaned up this blooming bee wax
and brood frames and crap. They’ll know that in the
slum gum you end up with quite a bit of wax unless
you’ve got a fancy ass wax extracting machine. Which I don’t happen to
have. And I’m pretty sure if you’re an amateur bee keeper you don’t happen to
have one of them either. This is quite effective. So you can see there’s hardly
any wax left in here at all. As a matter of fact if
you got really motivated you could probably scowl through there and pick the pollen sacs up. Which is, that’s not going to happen. But where’s one from before? (speaking to self quietly) Make it sexy. Even the one before I had the mesh bottom worked out pretty good. There’s a little bit of wax
in here that you can see. But if you want to get
some more wax out your pot and you don’t want to have
hot wax down your boot when you tip the shit
through a bag strainer or whatever else happens. Or get in the shit for
fucking up your wife’s spaghetti strainer. This is a good option. We’re going to just do
a rerun of this wax bit. And then we’ll be tickety-boo
to go to make some lip balm and candles and… Hell, I’ll tell you what though I had a girl the other day that made this crazy ass shaving cream. And so you should, we should try that out ’cause that’s pretty awesome. Even I can have a crack at that and it turned out pretty well. Well, under supervision
of my superior wife who’s into all the stuff. And we made this up,
well I guess we made it but I would like to claim
some responsibility. Anyway, it’s really awesome and we’re going to have a look at it. So but first of all we’ve
got the finish this wax off and then we’re like the
Karate Kid, wax off, wax out. And then it springs out. (taps on pot) So part two of the excitement. This is one we did and
I just tipped it through and I tried to strain
it off and you end up with the muck settling out. And it didn’t really settle out very good. Sorry, we thought we’d have a comparison between that because
normally you have to chip all that shit off. As you’d know. Which you’re suppose to do when it’s warm but anyway there wasn’t anybody here to do it when it was
warm so it’s cold now. So now we’ll see if we can
get our next version out of this pot. And this is the one we did. So as you can see. Hang
on we’ll get the sauce pan out the way because that’s
still full of the water. (grunts) There’s still a bit of muck on the bottom. But we’re going to get
rid of that in a minute. But if you compare it to the other option. And you have a look through
how clean it is here and I’ll turn them around like cakes. I reckon if I was to make a judgment call I’d say I reckon I’ve done
a pretty bloody good job of cleaning that wax. And I didn’t even get
anything in me boots. So (laughs) I was pretty impressed. Oh dear. I probably could
even wash the bloody spaghetti strainer and take it back inside and get away with it. I think I through that in the bin ’cause it was such a disgrace. But anyway so we’re just going to clean this off a little bit. And we’re gonna… We’ll I think we’re
gonna wash our sauce pan. So (laughs) we’ll wash
this up, put these back, run it through again and then
we should be pretty right. We going to in the next
process, we’re going to put in our wicked ass little wax machine. And it should be all
tickety-boo for the wife. And she won’t be out here
all what’s this blooming, sticky, mucky stuff. She’ll
be all very impressed. And you’ll be very
impressed because you’ll get to use some of the products. (water splashes) (gas burner ignites) (footsteps crunch on gravel) (birds chirp) ♪ Oh fuckin oh ♪ Didn’t you see that?! Again! (birds chirp) It’s hard to get good help. (birds sing in background) The truth is there’s
not much left (laughs) the rest is done. Ah well
the rest is already charcoal. – [Adolescent Boy] What was that for Dad? – Oh that was my blooming
stick to tilt the box up. When I was about to tilt the pot up to get the last of the wax out. Jolly heck I’m not much
of a Karate Kid a I? It’s the truth. (water splashes) All right. Okay. Now, we want to take that out
down to the outside area somewhere or other and chip that muck off instead of it all being on my floor. You might see something
a little bit more intense than a five tool. Perhaps I’ll go and
find me self a tomahawk. But anyway we’ll have
a crack at this first. So we’ll see what sort of
trouble we can get into. Don’t want to get too aggressive anyway because that’s why we’ve got
to put it back through again. (pants) Whew, I think I need to go to the gym. Work bench just fell to bits. My gosh. Come on. Think I’m going to have
to put a handle on this. This is not really ideal. But anyway I’m only doing these couple so it doesn’t really matter. Hopefully, the next one
will be a bit easier. I reckon that’ll do
for the first clean up. Then we’ll put her back through again. Where are we going to put that? Over there. Anyway this might be a bit
better this one, hopefully. Ah, purpose built work bench. Well I definitely reckon
that’s a marked improvement. Ha, ha, ha, marked improvement. – [Adolescent Boy] Lame. – Ha, Ha, ha. (chuckles) (birds chirp) So anyway I reckon that looks pretty good. Alright. Hopefully we’ll get rid of all these bits. The next bit we’ll strain it through. And we should be all good. Ow. Alright. Just doing the washing up. Ah golly gosh. I suppose we don’t have to wash that shit because that’s very going
to get covered in muck the next time in aren’t they? We’ll wash them when we’re finished. We’re going to do another load yet anyway. Ah the things we do so you
can watch us on this journey. (chuckles) That looks like it
needs a cleaning anyway. I was chipping this crap out
in the pitch black darkness. (chuckles) That was a bit of
entertainment the other night. Oh the lovely wife come out
and held the torch for me which was good. All wrapped up
she was freezing bloody cold. Oh well. Anyway, at least
she was committed to get her human stuff for her
products. Which is good. (water splashes) Isn’t water miraculur stuff? Like the water is
absolutely filthy and it’s still absorbing more filth. It’s pretty cool really. Now that’ll work. Hey now it’s jolly hot. While that’s just doing its thing I’m going to go and see if I
can find some paper towels. Because I have been
known to use a tea towel and there’s great excitement
because there’s no way to get them clean afterwards. (footsteps on gravel) So if you’re into bee keeping
and you’re cleaning shit up don’t take your wife’s tea towels. Because it does not make
for happy relationships. Just buy her all the paper towels. Lightening up we’ll turn that heat off. We won’t need that anymore. Turn that around a bit. (water pours) It’s warm. Feel like I’m in a sauna. Maybe we could advertise that, sauna. (chuckles) Anyway that’s nearly clean.
Don’t have to get too crazy. It’s looking pretty good but
the rag’s getting jolly hot. These hands are a miraculous
invention aren’t they? Just a bit sensitive to heat. – [Adolescent Son]
Including a radiator cap. – Oh would you stop bringing that up? I’m trying to forget that sort of crap. If I wasn’t live on YouTube you could just move on with your life. Couldn’t ya? But no, you
see when it’s recorded. Now everybody has made a few mistakes along their life’s journey. Surly I can’t be the only stupid idiot out there in the world. There’s seven, what is
it seven billion of us? Isn’t it or something?
There’s got to be one other bloke out there that’s
done something dumb. (laughs) Gosh, but not everybody’s
been recorded being stupid have they? So anyway it is what it is. Okay, let’s go and tip
this crap into the garden. Oh man. Bring that rag along with you. Oh crap that’s hot. Woo shit Man how quick it sets. Hot ow Crazy hot. It seemed like a good idea. How’s that song go? ♪ seemed
like a good idea at the time ♪ I don’t know the Who
sung that. But hang on it’s not a Who’s song was it? (laughs) Who sung it? (mumbles) ♪ It’s early in the
morning ow fuck (laughs) ♪ ♪ It’s early in the morning ♪ (laughs) The bloke’s not
really functioning just yet. I’ve had a bit of coffee but… Now nearly there. Up, up, around we go. Don’t break the tap.
Otherwise it will be ruined. Grab it. All sorts of
trouble in your household. My own special pot. I
am totally responsible. Ow ah that’s still hot. Dammit. (chuckles) This is when it is a good
idea to have your wife’s tea towel because you
can grab a hold of shit. (chuckles) Hang on. (grunts) Anyway that’s looking
pretty good I reckon. (pants) Ow (footsteps on gravel) (grunts) This getting old is no fun. (water splashes) What do they call that round two? (chuckles) I guess they call it round two. Like Mike Tyson. Poor old Mike Tyson. He bit
someone’s ear off didn’t he? I haven’t actually done this before. So (laughs) let’s see where we get on. So my plan is we’ll pop the
wax in. Melt it back down. Run it through a bit of a
strainer and then we should get rid of all this other excitement. (upbeat acoustic banjo) (several banjos soft countryside tune) Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. Look at that. It’s a
big pot full of hot wax. Maybe if you were
Medieval they used to pour that in your boot didn’t they? Hot wax in a boot or something? God that would have hurt. It’s amazing how human
beings can dream up, you know, torturing the crap
out of each other isn’t it? It’s crazy stuff. You wouldn’t catch a couple
of wild dogs pouring wax on each other would you? Mind you they probably couldn’t
melt it in the first place. Anyway we’ll just strain off a little bit of the water first. (water splashes) You should be able to see
when the wax is starting to come into the pot. Which it, just I think it’s. Cheats way to do it is to just
let it settle for a minute and see whether it forms on the top. And if you’re really brave you
can put your finger in there and get some wax on your finger. Which I think I might have gone more than I should already. We’ll just chuck that away.
And then we’ll strain the rest. And then we’ll be into it. We’re going to have water
and wax in this first bit. But that doesn’t really
matter for this bit. Because we’re, within
the water and the wax will settle out anyway. That ought to strain out all that muck. Which is my plan anyway. So hopefully we get that settle out. We want well this saucepan should be okay. We’ll fill up these two saucepans. I’ve got a flat dish in here somewhere for the later on bit. Fingers crossed it doesn’t run over. Otherwise that will be fun. I think it looks a little bit like beeswax coming your way. Anyway we’ll get that out of the way. That can go over there for a minute. My lovely big saucepan full of wax. At least these ones
like to warm up anyway. Not like the factory pots where you’ve got to cut it out. That’s a bit entertaining. Ah that’ll be all right. Now we’ve got to get the blockage. We’re going to get blocked up. We’ve got a big worm in there somewhere. Oh does that mean I have to go find my patented poking stick. Look at that, that’s
nearly pure wax in there. That’s pretty good I reckon. Oh pretty chunks of that. Should we take our bend off? Now that our special
tilting stick is gone awry. Or kind of turned into ash really. (chuckles) We have to find a
different piece of stuff. Whilst at least I didn’t burn my paddle. So that was something. (water drips) So that looks pretty
clean to me doesn’t it? We’ll just go and throw
our bit of muck out and this little bit of shrapnel. (water drips) Fucking hell (laughs) That was good wasn’t it? (chuckles) Tip the last bit through
that and we’ll be all good. Now it looks pretty bloody
spectacular. (chuckles) So we’ll just let this little
festival of wax cool down and turn itself solidified
and stage three. And next thing you know it’ll
be like beautiful beeswax. It’s doing such a good
job maybe I’ll have to charge the wife for this stuff. Yeah like that’ll happen. I’ll be like I think it’s still a one way street. I think I owe her more
than she owes me already. Anyway it’s all good. Anyway there you go that’s
how you make some clean wax without getting it in your boot. So give it a crack. ♪ Light instrumental rock ♪ Have a look at that aye? It almost looks like a
great big lump of cheese or something. But anyway how
bloody good’s that come up? I reckon we might be on to something here. With a bit of wax festival.
And a little bit of stuff on the bottom that I’m just scratching off while it’s nice and still a bit warm. Well there you go. I
might have to paint this. This is kind of cool. Not
sure if you can put a painting in a hole in the bottom
of a pot but anyway. I reckon that’s pretty impressive
so I’m glad you came along and had a look at it. There you have it. Looks pretty
bloody good to me I reckon. (bees buzz)

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