How to decorate candles with paint

How to decorate candles with paint

Hey everyone! In this weeks craft video I’m gonna show you 3 ways to decorate candles with paint. It’s fun to do and
they make great gifts too! Of course you’re going to need candles. The first candle we’re going to make is a marbled candle. You’ll need a container that’s big enough to fit your candle in, marble paint, a toothpick, rubber gloves and some water. Grab your candle and if you’d like to, you can cover the
wick with some tape, if you don’t want paint to go on it. Fill your container about half way with water and put on your rubber gloves. Shake the paints before use. Add the first color to your water. Make sure you spread it out so that it will cover the entire length of your candle.
Add a few drops of a second color here and there. Keep adding more colors until you have the color scheme you’re going for. [music] Carefully drag the toothpick through your colors until you get the marble effect effect you would like to see on your
candle. [music] Grab your candle and slowly roll it through the paint.
As you can see, the candle picks up the paint and there’s hardly
any paint left on the water. In my case the container wasn’t big enough to cover my candle completely in one go. That’s absolutely fine, you can do it in
multiple steps. You can add new paint on top of what’s still left in your water, or you can clean the water up first by going through it with a Q-tip,
which is what I’m doing here. Add new paints to the water, create a design with your toothpick and roll the uncovered part of your candle in it. [music] Repeat these steps to cover the top part of your candle as well. [music] Let dry and try not to touch it until it is completely dry, as the paint can be pretty sticky while it’s drying and touching that
can ruin your design. Once it’s dry you can light it and enjoy your beautiful marbled candle! [music] The second candle we’re going to make is a chalkboard candle. You’ll need chalkboard paint, painter’s tape and a makeup sponge or paintbrush. Add some shapes to your candle with painter’s tape. I’m going to add two geometrical shapes. [music] Shake and stir your chalkboard paint well, dab your makeup sponge into it and dab it onto your candle. The painter’s tape is just to
get a clean edge. I prefer using a makeup sponge over a brush, because
it applies the paint nice and evenly. [music] Let the paint dry and add another layer. [music] Once that’s dry, remove the painter’s tape.
If some of the edges aren’t perfectly clean, carefully scratch
them with your nail to clean them up. Add two layers of chalkboard paint to the
top of your candle. Since my design is very simple, I’m gonna use the tip of my sponge as a stamp and stamp some rectangles onto the candle. Once that’s dry you can use a chalkboard marker to write or draw onto your candle! This is so fun and cute, don’t you think so? [music] The third candle we’re going to make is a 3D effect candle. All you’ll need is 3D liner, aka puffy paint. I’m going to make my candle very colorful, so I’m using 10 colors. Shake your 3D liner paints before use.
Draw directly onto your candle and make the design you want. I’m doing random things here with all of my colors, because I’m going for fun and colors. But adding just one color and an intricate
design, like a henna pattern for example, would be very beautiful as well. You’ll need to stop a few times to let what you’ve done so far dry for a little while, as otherwise you’ll probably touch wet bits and ruin your design. You could also place your candle onto a manual sculpture wheel or lazy suzan. That way you wouldn’t have to hold
the candle. [music] Let it dry for at least a couple of hours before handling it. The 3D paint will stay raised and gives a lovely effect! [music] I hope you enjoyed these fun and easy ways to decorate candles! If you did, please click the like button. Also, don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell! Thank you so much for watching!

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  1. Info on the materials needed and where you can get them is in the description box. 😄

  2. Clever, crafty, and cute. Just like you.

  3. Very nice! I particularly like the chalkboard one. Simple yet very classy and I really like that you can put a personal message on it. Of course I like the other ones very much too but I would hesitate more to light them since they take so much time to make 🙂

  4. Can you use any paints for painting on candles? I wont be lighting mine I just sculpted something out of it but want to paint it..

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