How to Fix a Carburetor. High Revving Carb/Engine. VW Golf Mk2.

How to Fix a Carburetor. High Revving Carb/Engine. VW Golf Mk2.

The revs on this mk2 Golf have gone a bit potty! It now idles at around 2500 to 3000 revs! Now we believe this is a problem caused by the waxstat which is part of the carburetor and also if we turn the engine off it overruns for a little while too but our main problem is the over revs these do drop when you just put it under load, as I’m taking off there but when i get round the corner if i take my feet off the pedals you will see it heads back up towards 3000 revs! I will just show you my feet are off the pedals there the car is driving itself along! As you can see I have now removed the carburetor from the car when you first remove it if you turn it upside down you will find that fuel pours out all over the place because there is fuel held inside this unit and if I just show you around the back most of the hose pipes were on here which I have taken off and as you can see they were perishing and some of them have indeed split or they’re broken. I will replace those with some universal pipework I have taken many photos and I have taken a video as well also so that I will know how it goes back on there. Now the problem we had with the car was the car was revving up to 2500 and 3000 revs on its own but even when you switched the engine off there was an overrun where the car wouldn’t shut off for a moment We think the overrun was caused by this, the 3/4 point unit and if you tried moving this at all it was very stiff but now it’s off we’ve put some lubricant in and around here and now when you press it it’s much freer the movement on it and a good force pushing back up so hopefully that will solve the overrun but the revs, what we have done, it seems to be, (going off what we’ve read on the internet) it seems to be all down to the waxstat unit which we have removed here and this when we removed it was very stiff so what we did we put it in boiling water we left it in there (that’s cooled down now though) and then we’ve now found that you can now press this down and it moves of its own free accord and in fact, you can actually pull it out and it’s just a pin as you can see there. So now hopefully that that’s got free movement on it when we put that back, but we will clean these other parts up first now all it does is, that pin pushes on this pin here which moves a pin inside there so it’s actually hollow it just pushes the pin at the back and then moves all these flaps so we have given these butterfly flaps a good clean out with some carb cleaner and hopefully when we put it all back together with the new vacuum pipes and with these parts hopefully now working that should solve all our problems but we won’t know until it’s back on the car. As you can see the vacuum pipes have now been replaced on the carburetor This pipe connects here to the bottom carburetor here The vacuum reservoir, the tube on that one splits, and goes to the top here and to this pipe here which connects to the inlet manifold. On the rear of the carburetor the one off this unit goes into the carburetor these three at the top, one there, one on the top of the unit, this unit, and the 1 nearest to us on this unit those are connected together and then if you look at the small red washers one here, a bit dirty, one here, and one at the bottom here those are connected together then the two yellow washers those are connected via this tube here and then the one that goes on here goes to the air box and before we put it in we must remember to insert this bolt at the back just so that it goes underneath and then we can put the other two bolts in and fit our accelerator cable afterwards and that’s the carburetor back in place and that’s the air box with the vacuum pipes back on the car now so we’ll just have to see how the car runs with the carburetor done!? The car seems to be running very well indeed now. I did have to increase the fast idle as the tickover was running down as low as 4/or 500 but now as you can see it’s near normal and everything else appears to be working too. Thanks. Bye!

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  1. Dude this is a great little clip! I had all these problems with mine 3 months ago. This video would have saved me a lot of time and headache LOL. Took ages to get my head round the Pooburg carb. Little buggers to care for but better the devil you know coz when they do work they are really good.

  2. Hi my 1.3 is won't idle at all now. The aa said it was an earth problem it worked for a bit with a wire straight from the battery. But now it won't run after a long journey.. Is it a crack or a mount problem any advice. Thanks.

  3. The Mk2 Astras were also fitted with the Pierburg carb. These are good when they are functioning properly but they were known to be troublesome. You could always try doing a Weber conversion, although this might mean sacrificing the auto choke for a manual one. But it would solve carb issues.

  4. Hi, I have golf 92 1.3 engine with Pierburg Carb. 
    and when i push the gas pedal it runs great, But after releasing it the engine just turns off. 
    i cleaned the carb, replaced enginiton wires and stuff, what could it be? 
    sometimes it works great. but other day just dies .

  5. Great video, can you tell me what type of vacum hose to get for this carb? Is there a particular size i should get when looking for some?

  6. I just did this on my own Golf without problems thanks to your video. So thank you mate 🙂

  7. Hi mate. Could you tell me what way the non return valves should go on the carb. I have them so the black side is facing the green vacuum ball. Is this correct and do both of them face same way?

  8. what size vacum pipe is in?

  9. Hello, ive got a 1.6 Driver and its got high revving problems and it does push itself along when i take my foot off the pedals, got a new carb kit on it and the mechanic said it was also the wacstat, but i would have to take the carb to a specialist to sort out.. ? looks too complicated to do it myself and it sounds expensive for a specialist to sort it out!, any ideas on what to do?, Thanks!

  10. Hi, I've got a Scirocco Mk2, it runs fine for about 30 mins but then sometimes on idle the car just stalls, keeping foot on throttle stops this happening. After it stalls I can't start it for ~15 minutes. Think mine could be a similar problem? Cheers

  11. hi i have the same problem with golf 2 1.3 which has the 2E3
    what could be wrong

  12. What's the pipe at 5:37 connected to air box?

  13. How can I fit the caburator on n vw beetle 1976 model

  14. i had the same problem and there is much better option. throw it away and buy a weber. more hp, more mpg and sounds better. peirburgs are w*** 🙂

  15. hi guys can someone please help me I have a mk1 vw golf 1.8 carburettor when I start it cold it doesn't rev up and sounds like a mis fire. when its warm up its fine when it's idling its droping to down like flat spot

  16. which model is the carb exactly and what year is the car? wanna know if mines a Pierburg 2E3

  17. Been struggling with my car for ages never thought this would be the problem great video helped me so much😊

  18. I have a carburator and its so well tunned, that sometimes i forget i have a carburator. Your idle is smooth, as it should be.

  19. Your good at fixing at setting up carbs. I couldn't get the air/mixture right on my rc nitro car.

  20. Were you overheating ?

  21. my problem is that the revs go up and down or the car cuts off

  22. I had the same problem, and couldn’t get the Peirburg running right, so went for the Weber conversion only to find their was a split in the rubber that’s in the washer/spacer between the inlet manifold and carb. Check that before anything, sucking in air making it race constantly.

  23. What type of engine is that a 1.6 or 1.8

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