How to fold Pinky separately from Ring finger

How to fold Pinky separately from Ring finger

Learning tricks in slots 12 and 23 is not
that easy, but achievable, but learning them in 34 is impossible! You are supposed to move Pinky and Ring finger
separately, but it seems that they have some bond, which just doesn’t allow them to move
separately! Such a huge pain in the ass, right? Wrong, if you watch this video and follow
a few main simple practical things to develop your Pinky. Because this is where all the problems of
this slot are. Ring finger is fine, Pinky is the weakest
link. Hello, spinners! You are on Pen Stock, channel about Pen Spinning,
and today I will show you, how I developed Pinky to be able to nicely perform tricks
with it. Pinky is undeveloped, because it is the last
finger of your hand. Notice, how often you use it in normal life. 9 times out of 10 you don’t, you use only
Thumb, Index and Middle, less frequently – Ring finger, and in most cases you use Pinky, when
you grab something, when you need the whole your fist. It makes Pinky the least developed and trained
finger. Throughout your life it gets used to move,
only, when you need your fist and it never moves separately. So there is no surprise you have hard times
trying to move it apart of other fingers and especially of your Ring finger. But in Pen Spinning you need all your fingers
to be as independent, as possible. More independent they are – better your
style looks. Of course, it is not going to be fast and
easy, don’t think you can wean your Pinky to be so needy within one weekend. It is going to take some time, but, hey, we
are not in a hurry. Pen Spinning is more of a marathon rather
than sprint. But first – a tiny announcement, we’ve
got a subreddit, named penspin for you, guys, to show your skills in there, don’t forget
to join it to keep in touch with other pen spinners. So, first of all, you should understand, that
your Pinky is not weak, as muscles, which move our fingers are here, in the arm, not
in fingers, the whole matter is more about dexterity and flexibility of your fingers,
so don’t try to train your fingers – Pinky or others, applying strength. I recommend you to do warming and stretching
several times a day. You can find a small program on my channel
– there is a special video about warming up your hands – link in the description and
in the card. Warming and stretching before Pen Spinning
session is a powerful and very underestimated practice, which really helps. Any activity requires you to warm up. You don’t just jump in a sport gym and begin
to pump iron right out of the gate. You make your muscles prepared for exercises. The same goes for Pen Spinning as well, so
don’t neglect them, pick a few exercises from that video and do them at least once
per day, it wouldn’t take you long – 3-5 minutes and you already feel the difference. Second – as we need to wean Pinky to move
together with other fingers, just show him, how to move independently. Hold your fingers and move Pinky alone. When you are comfortable with that – release
Index and move Pinky, trying to keep Index still. After that you can release Middle finger and
move Pinky, keeping both fingers still. After that – yes, you can release Ring finger
and try to move Pinky. Don’t get upset, if it doesn’t work from
the start – as every other element, especially in Pen Spinning, it will come with practice. Another exercise looks like this – you need
to make your fingers move separately. In particular – Pinky, as this video is
dedicated to this finger. Hold your fingers and move Pinky aside, after
some time begin to try to move it aside without holding other fingers. In fact, it would be better to be able to
move each finger separately of others – you can practice this movement from time to time. First you develop your Index, then, when you
can do it somehow, you begin to move Index and Middle aside of Ring and Pinky, and finally
– we move Pinky aside from other fingers alone. The best way to develop your Pinky is – actually
using it. Learn tricks in slot 34, pay more attention
on them, than on other slots, as they need much more attention. The first good trick for developing Pinky
is FingerPass. Yes, the first fundamental, easy and hard
at the same time. Doing it in slots 34 and 23 continuously makes
your Pinky move, keeping Ring still at the same time. But the best beginner trick for developing
of Pinky, to my mind, is Double Charge 34-23, or/and Double Charge Reverse 34-23. If you don’t know, how to do it – learn,
it is not just a good looking trick, which you can do continuously. In fact, just knowing this only trick will
make you a God of Pen Spinning in front of your friends – not Charge continuous, which
is pretty useless by its own – no, Double Charge is the king. I am going to make a video tutorial for this
trick real soon, so you could know the best way to master it. Why I like it so much, when it comes to Pinky’s
development – it makes this finger move actively, while you have to keep Ring straight. So it contains pretty much everything you
need to develop Pinky. At the same time you learn to move your pen
mod in circles and the best thing – it is simple. Double Charge is much easier to learn, than
Ring Around or Reverse, for example. Which is my second favorite trick for training
Pinky. It develops a bit another movement – Double
Charge is good to teach your Pinky bend, Around – teaches it to move up and down. To be able to do Ring Around you have to move
Pinky fast, while other fingers stay still. Keeping on doing these 2 trick only will dramatically
increase your Pinky’s dexterity, but I’d recommend you not to stop on them. Make this finger work, make it feel useful
and after some time you will find yourself doing tricks with a great style. Notice, that JEBers, for example, are famous
for their style, and a big part of it is formed by their ability to move fingers independently. You know, how to Shadow in 12 and 23? – great! But why not mastering it in 34 to make it
with even more confidence in this slot? I think, you’ve got the point, if so, if
you found this video helpful – let me know about that in the comment section or just
leaving a like. My name is Alex Suhov, may the style be with
you, bye!

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