How to French Kiss | Kissing Tips

How to French Kiss | Kissing Tips

French kissing, despite what the name might
imply is not necessarily all about giving someone all the tongue you got. That’s great
for sex, but not tongue exactly. Feelings, you want to give them all the feelings you
have. Anyway, French kissing is a little bit about moderation and working up to a nice
big frenchy frenchy tonguey kiss. So when you first go to French kiss someone,
you don’t want to just shove that tongue up in there. You want to build up to it, because
like I always say the definition of pleasure is not getting what you want right away. So
you want to build up a delicious little crescendo and then enjoy the fruits of your labor. So ladies, let the man be in the driver’s
seat when you guys kiss. Don’t just shove your tongue up in there. And even if that’s
what he does, don’t feel like you have to like sword fight him in your mouth. You can
take a more submissive approach and hopefully he’ll get the hint. Let’s see. So if you guys are wondering exactly when
to introduce the tongue in the whole kissing scenario, here’s my advice: when lips meet
lips, count to four, so one, two, three, four, then open your mouth and count to another
like one, two, three, four, and then move the tongue. So it’s a bunch of four counts.
If you guys are dancers and you know how that works, sort of have in your head, it doesn’t
have to be right on beat. This isn’t who wants to be America’s Next dance, I don’t know.
But just sort of like count in your head so that you don’t thrust your tongue into someone’s
mouth too soon. Do yourself a favor, don’t count out loud.
That is weird. No. You don’t want to do like one, two, three,
four. Because it’s hard to kiss and count. Yeah. I tried it, so many times. So we’re going
to demonstrate and you’re going to watch my fingers and you’re going to see the actual
counts of when this happens, and this is just is just a rough guide for you guys. See, that took quite a few four counts before
we were like in frenchy territory. Yeah, it’s not about getting in there quickly.
It’s about slowly… It’s about the journey. … slow… It’s about the journey.

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