How to Glaze Pottery : Clay Pottery Color & Waxing Tips

How to Glaze Pottery : Clay Pottery Color & Waxing Tips

So before you start glazing your pieces, you
want to gather together everything that you’re going to glaze. I would normally have a whole
table full here, but for purposes of demonstration, I’ve just got a few items. And if you have
a whole bunch of items to glaze at once, it’s really important to label what color you intend
for your items to be. So what I do, my colors all have names. For example, if I want to
do this bowl in Dawn, I’m going to write DN on the bottom of that bowl. I’ve written it
in a graphite pencil and this will burn completely off in the glaze firing. You won’t see any
evidence of that when this is done. But it will help me after I wax, to separate my pots
on the table into the different colors so that I can do all of one color at one time
before I move on to the next color. Now the waxing is incredibly important, so you need
to have a hot wax pan or you can use wax resist, which comes in a bottle. Either is fine, however,
hot wax is a lot easier to use. You do want to have a window or a door open because you
do need ventilation. And in order to keep this wax at a lower melting temperature, it’s
just regular paraffin wax, add a little bit of baby oil to it and that will lower the
melting point and make it easier to spread.

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