How to Glaze Pottery : Removing Wax from Clay Pottery

How to Glaze Pottery : Removing Wax from Clay Pottery

Okay, if you ever get wax where you don’t
want it, unfortunately there’s only one, quick way to remove it. The slow way is to send
this entire piece back through the bisk kiln. The wax will burn completely off and you’ll
have a fresh start. But if you want to do it in the same day, you’ve got to take a thin,
metal rib. You want to hold this in your hand so that it has a curved edge, and you want
to hold it pretty tightly. But you want to be careful when you start scraping, not to
push it into your palm because you can cut yourself if you’re not careful. So you take
this curved edge and you literally cut some of the bisk ware away, because this wax has
permeated the top layer of this bisk ware, bisk ware. So this is the only way to get
it off. It sounds horrible. It’s like fingernails on a chalk board, but it works. And then,
once you’ve gotten all the wax, which you can usually see the wax pretty well. It will
usually be darker than the rest of your bisk. Once you’ve gotten all that off, you can just
take a little piece of sand paper and smooth over the area were you’ve scraped so that
you’re not left with lines gouged through your piece.

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  1. have you ever tried using a blow torch to go over the wax instead. i have had good results with that.

  2. sandpaper will also work

  3. A blow torch is easier and much faster.

  4. Thank you!! I got a little on the inside of a tea cup & was anticipating a gap in the glaze, which I definitely don't want. I'm so glad to know I can fix it!

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