How to Kiss during 7 Minutes in Heaven | Kissing Tips

How to Kiss during 7 Minutes in Heaven | Kissing Tips

Speaker 1: If you been chosen for 7 minutes
in heaven you fall into 1 or 2 categories, the girls who want to experience all those
minutes in heaven and the girls who don’t. If you don’t here’s how you survive that long
disgusting purgatory in someone’s family closet. You keep them talking, I know right? So, who
would vote for Mitt Romney in this election? That’s so weird and you know what’s even weirder? Speaker 2: What? Speaker 1: How. Speaker 2: How much I wanna kiss you? Speaker 1: No. Speaker 2: No. Speaker 1: I haven’t got my flu shot and there’s
just like. Speaker 2: You could just go to CVS and get
it. Speaker 1: No. Speaker 2: I just want a kiss Can I kiss you? Speaker 1: But that hasn’t happened yet. Well,
you know what? I respect you so much, I just I do. I respect you so much. Speaker 2: I respect you as well. Speaker 1: That we should not do the things
that we’re thinking about doing and we should, we should tell people. Speaker 2: I don’t respect you that much. Speaker 1: So girls if you actually don’t
wanna make out with the person your in 7 minutes in alleged heaven with, feel free to proposition
him to make up whatever it is that’s going on. Try to tell him to say that ” oh, it was
awesome” and that is all that needs to be said. And if you don’t wanna do that, if you
don’t wanna lie to yourself the person that you were in the closet with. You do not have
to. When you grow up you will learn that no one can pressure you into hooking up or even
pretending that you hooked up. So be yourself, be strong, and be independent. And if someone
doesn’t like how you behave, 7 minutes in heaven tell them to F off because in the long
run your going to be in heaven for a lot longer.

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  1. Oh now I now y the girl is stalling

  2. "Oh i don't respect you that much" lol CX

  3. That respect thing was soo funny XD

  4. He's such a puppy!!!

  5. "tell them to f off because in the long run your gonna be in heaven for fora lot longer" luv it

  6. Why the f**j would u play 7mins in heaven when u don't even do it. Those pussys are whiners and immediately need to get home to their parents

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  9. "I don't respect you that much." LOL

  10. Wow you actully helped me!

  11. **How to NOT kiss when playing 7 minutes in heaven**

  12. She was obviously making out befor this was filmed… Look just above her mouth it's all red

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  17. just say i have herpes lol

  18. I don't know that game…

  19. 7 minutes in heaven means playing on your bed with yer mate 😉

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  25. He is sooooooooo HOT!!! :O

  26. If you did this you'd be called a frigid weirdo

  27. How he smirks when she says "tell them to eff off" soo hott ^.^

  28. this fucking saved my life

  29. Or you can not play the game? =D

  30. I dont respect you that much hahahaha

  31. lmao "I don't respect you that much"

  32. Or you could beat him up? If he doesn't "f-off" and your locked in a closet what are you supposed to do? Knee him? Taser him? Pepper spray? Seriously what are you supposed to do?! Knock him out!!???!!!?!?!

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    It's sad how you don't know how to spell

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  39. 7 minutes in heaven? I think I heard about that game being played 20 years ago. Now'a days kids are just fucking. Seriously. Tackle that.

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  48. Am I the only one go has no idea what seven minutes in heaven is?

  49. This is really bad advice. If you dont wanna make out with anyone then dont agree to play the game. The whole point is to at least kiss (if not more) in the closet. If you arent looking to do anything with anyone your ruining the game for everyone else by playing.

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  57. How did I end up on this side of Youtube? Oh well, I'm a teenager there is a teen party at the end of the school year. The "game" plan is Spin The Bottle, Truth or Dare and Seven Minutes In Heaven.

  58. Girl don't kiss me

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  76. I HaVnT Got My FlU ShOt

  77. Non of these videos really worked for me but you just do it in the moment don’t worry and just don’t do it to get it over with the time will come

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