How to Make 5 Emergency Candles – Life Hacks

How to Make 5 Emergency Candles – Life Hacks

Today I’m going to show you how to make my 5 favorite emergency candles. 1) Start by taking a lump of Edam
cheese and peeling off the wax coating. Next take a strip of newspaper and roll it into a
thin tight roll. We’ll use this as a wick. Then tear off a strip of the cheese wax,
put the wick in at one end and tightly roll up the wax until you have something which looks like this. Light it up, and there we have our first finished candle. 2) Start by taking a block of butter, and using
a sharp knife, cut off a piece like this. Then using a thin screwdriver, poke a hole down the middle. Next push in a short length of cotton
string to act as a wick. And finally wipe the top of the wick with
some butter to help it light. As it burns the butter will start to melt
and pool around the bottom of the candle. 3) Take a can of tuna in sunflower oil and using
a thin screwdriver, poke a hole through the top. Be careful not to slip and don’t go through the other side. Next take a short length of cotton string, and poke
it through the hole and into the can. Use a pair of scissors to cut off any excess,
then go ahead and light it up. Surprisingly this doesn’t really smell, and you can still
eat the tuna once you’ve finished. 4) Take a wax colouring crayon and simply light up the end. It might take a little while to get going,
but once it’s started, it will burn well. This may give off toxic fumes and should only be done outside. 5) And finally here’s my favorite. Take an orange, and using a sharp knife, carefully cut through
the skin in a circle around the centre. Then gently use your thumbs to ease the peel off the
fruit until you have something which looks like this. Make sure you have the centre piece here because
that’s going to be our wick. Next take some olive oil, and pour it into the orange. Make
sure to soak the wick with some, but don’t cover it. Then light it up. It might take a little while to get started,
but once its going, it should last a long time. And if you want to you can float it in a bowl of
water and use it as a centre piece on a table. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this video, if you want to see more, Click on the links on the right hand side, or
take a look at my YouTube channel page. These candles should only be used outside in a well ventilated area
where nothing else can catch fire should anything go wrong. Have fun, stay safe and as always, thanks for watching.

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  72. Well, these are great ideas, but it depends on the situation and accessibility of the items. I survived a war which lasted 4 years and I can tell you from experience what people used in that time. The easiest and most reliable candle to make was to take a transparent glass cup so that more light shines through, but any cup, can or small container can be used. Fill it with any oil you can find, but most commonly it was vegetable oil from the humanitarian aid program, you take a shoelace from any shoe or any piece of cloth from anything and put in the cup so that 90% is soaked while only a small piece hangs out which you light up. And here's a tip, the shorter the wick, the longer it will last. If you make it super short it will last for days on end, but it will not be as light, but in total darkness your eyes adjust anyways and only a tiny light source is enough to see.

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