How to Make a LED Flashlight using Bottle and Sketch pen at Home

How to Make a LED Flashlight using Bottle and Sketch pen at Home

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  1. Where is the resistor for the LED?

  2. In the thumbnail the plastic top look like a lime 😳

  3. what is that silver sheet called

  4. Each clip is fantastic

  5. sen herşeyi yapabiliyon

  6. Alternatively titled "How to make something really cool out of crap you have and a few electrical objects"

    What you do is like some crazy epic awesome stuff, keep it up!

  7. I'm looking for something that needs no wires

  8. 🈸🈂🈹🈯

  9. Does it need to be green

  10. make 100 vids i want you to

  11. which metal was that?

  12. you are so good when I get my own room it's gonna be filled with the you're making vaccum robot flashlight and especially the projector

  13. Clicked the vid cuz it i thought it said "fleshlight",well i wasn't disappointed.

  14. wow you so cool but , you Must be cant make a Lamp Sword

  15. There is a toe or a thumb chilling in the left corner XD

  16. which glue do you use

  17. Which glue did u use????

  18. hey what country were u live Navin Khambhala??

  19. I like how you can hear the noise in the background and the presenter is not talking.

  20. your great scientist ….ur vedios are awesome….

  21. awesome invention your hoverboard is marvelous

  22. استمر مبدع

  23. manso es la linterna

  24. wow….very good navin

  25. can u make a glue gun

  26. How long does that glue last and do the things you build stay together for a long time?

  27. türker toplansında görelim jdpyıuqwr

  28. sir can u pls specify all the materials required to make this?

  29. Bhaiya ap konsa glue use karte ho

  30. what is the silver thing

  31. where do you get the glue

  32. I'm Super kmmom mk

  33. how to connect mobile for television

  34. I did this for my school project. Thanks!

  35. How much money did this cost

  36. Saw it trough till the end, and this is your idea of an "attractive homemade LED flash light"?
    . . . . . REALLY?!

  37. Can you make a crossbow?

  38. What watts of fluorescent did you use sir?

  39. नवीन जी नमस्कार , आपका वीडियो बहुत अच्छा है । मैं अपने बेटे की स्कूल एक्टिविटी के लिए इसे बनाना चाह रहा हूँ । आपने इसे बनाते समय जो adhesive use किया है वह क्या है ? market में किस नाम से मिल जायेगा । दूसरा switch के लिए एल्युमीनियम शीट use की है वह कितनी मोटाई की है ? धन्यवाद ।

  40. what card did u use 😢😢😢😢😢

  41. What material is used on spiral binding to touch the cell?

  42. what a great idea u have😇😇😇😇👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 👏 👏

  43. some thoughts for your next flashlight project, use some LiIon cells, those you can recycle from a laptop battery or use old cell phone ones add a diode and there you go! rechargeable flashlight! also remember that LEDs need resistors and to make the aluminum foil brighter you can paste stripes to avoid wrinkles.

  44. this all were nice it help me in school projects

  45. mare flashlight tho chali hi nahi

  46. please mention the parts

  47. What's your method answer please.

  48. esse canal é BR ou gringo?

  49. which sheet you had used

  50. Hyyy this is Very good for us
    My name is Katyayini Sharma

  51. Sir which glue you have used??

  52. только аннглийская аудитория?

  53. Pls the alternative for sketch pen?

  54. Is that an aluminum foil? it is thick! do you have a link for it?

  55. So wonderfull work

  56. make a video in which
    you make a drone

  57. Great work… It helped in my sister's physics experiment

  58. It helped me a lot making my school project thank you so much

  59. I not have this things only

  60. what are the items you use?

  61. what glue did you use?

  62. Bro, what was the material needed…Please answer ASAP …i need to do my school project

  63. Can you give me the name of ingredients

  64. I want to do this for school project..thank you for gave me an idea…

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