How to make beeswax cotton food wrap with either an iron or oven

How to make beeswax cotton food wrap with either an iron or oven

Hi I’m Aannsha Jones and today we’re
going to make out of this blouse we’re going to make a wax material cover, so
instead of using cling wrap which goes into the environment into landfills and
doesn’t break down we’re going to use cotton or some other material – this is
cotton – and pure beeswax. Pure beeswax is wonderful because it does have
antibacterial properties and it’s soft enough that when it gets warm you can
mold it around an object like this bowl and it will hold its shape. So basically
instead of using cling wrap to cover something that’s in this bowl I can just
use this and then you can just straighten it out again. And if you want to cover something smaller you can. So here’s a beautiful blouse. ‘Cause, I don’t know what happened when it was in the washing machine: it got chewed up! Look at that! I was a bit disappointed because I’ve spent time actually sewing
nice little buttons on there. It was a nice little blouse. Anyway – great
cotton, nice pattern for a piece of waxed cloth. So I’ve marked out a nice
big square so that if I have a big block of cheese or something I can actually
cover the whole thing. So all I have to do now is cut it out. You can either cut
squares or you can cut out circles. I guess you can cut any shape you want really!
It doesn’t have to be perfect because really the edges aren’t going to be the part
that actually covers the food. One of the reasons why I am making this now is
because my husband Barry and I are going to be living on board a boat and we’re actually selling our house and if you’ve watched my other videos you’ll see that
I’m currently going through the renovations. But living aboard a boat
means that we have to be as environmentally aware as we can be and
do what we can. So here’s the square that I’ve cut out and all we have to do now is put it on to a tray with some baking paper Now you see this is too big for this but
that’s going to be okay. All I’m going to do next is grate some of this
beeswax onto the cloth enough that when it melts it will soak through all of the
cloth. Now for the little square that I made, this took 10 grams
so you can see where I’ve grated off this area now this was originally a 140
gram bar so you can see it’s going to make a few of these different sized wraps. Because it’s pure beeswax it’s not toxic so I’m just going to use my ordinary grater. Hot soapy water we’ll get this completely clean and the beeswax is not toxic so I don’t have a problem with using my ordinary kitchen grater. Now you can if you want to increase the
antibacterial and antiviral content of the actual waxed material you can put a
little bit of coconut oil on here as well which will get added into the mix. Some people add the oil to help it become slightly more malleable but I found that
by using a nice thin material it doesn’t need an oil to make it more easily
“bendable” … I’m definitely going to voice this over! Laughs So I’m going to roll this over and pop it in the oven for a few minutes. It’s all covered. All right so let’s hang it up to dry. It’s already going stiff, see. So here is some cheese. And that will prevent the cheese from drying out. Isn’t that great? So two pieces of baking paper, a piece of material. Now this is actually going to fit inside of the tin. I am still using a baking tray because I just want to protect my surface. And then you get
yourself a grater and then just basically grate enough so that when
it’s melted it will soak into all of the material. Let’s see how we go with this. So I’ve got my iron set to Wool, so it’s not really
very hot just hot enough to melt the wax. Just lightly run over it until all the wax is melted. Now it’s already starting to harden. It’s winter here so it’s cooling very quickly but I can see there’s some wax left over on the edge. So you can just come scrape that and put it where you need it. You can actually use the iron to push out the wax around the material which is really
helpful. So that’s it. I can see through the baking sheet that the material’s all
coated and I’m going to peel it off before it sticks to the baking paper and
there you have it! So the next thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to turn
this sleeve into a tube like this. I’m just going to cut it above just where the cuff is. It’s a rough cut. I can trim it again once it’s been waxed. And then I’m
going to cut it just underneath the arm here. Now obviously because this is a new
blouse, it’s really clean. If you had a blouse and it looked as if the arm
area was discoloured, then you could cut it further down but you’d still have
a reasonable sized little bag. Now this is one of those blouses that has a button and a tie with it so I’m just going to take this off and snip this bit off … I’m now going to lay it flat on here and
what I’m going to do is I’m just going to pile on a whole heap of wax and
then I’ll fold it over. Cover it with your baking paper and give it a good iron. You can see it – see how it’s melting and liquefies so you can push it with the
iron where you want it to go, see? I just like the idea of – “aah” (hot) recycling material as well, so it’s just something else that doesn’t go into landfill and just trim
the edges off. So there you have it a rectangular
pocket and a circle. Pop this in here … keep it fresh. If you’ve enjoyed watching
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watching – until next time! over and out

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